25 Highly Effective Facebook Group Engagement Ideas

25 Highly Effective Facebook Group Engagement Ideas For 2024

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Guaranteed to increase Facebook engagement immediately if used with love and passion.🙂

Quick Note: It took me several days of planning and effort to complete this article. I’ve handpicked all the best strategies that boost Facebook group engagement, keeping in mind the changing algorithm. So, you can be assured of the results. Enjoy!

I have spent the last 5 years of my life building a community of moms which is now 1.5 million strong with Facebook group engagement rate as high as 1300%.

And now, I’m on a mission to help community leaders scale and sustain their communities.:)

I started a Facebook group with the name Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins (engagement 500%) where community admins like you actively discuss Facebook engagement ideas, and so much more.

Hence, from all of this experience, I have collated the 25 best Facebook group engagement ideas that will help you generate massive value-based engagement in a short span of time.

If you care to read this content till the end, you will learn:

  1. About the tactics that generate upto 500% Facebook group engagement and are really easy to execute
  2. About some unique and never heard before tactics (the ones we implemented while growing Baby Destination)
  3. About tactics that are low-hanging yet missed by most group owners (and the best way to use them)

Most importantly, once you go through them all, you won’t have to look any further!🙂

Before diving into them, I’d like to shed light on some important things to consider.

3 Things to keep in mind when forming a Facebook group strategy 

1. Focus on providing value 

Yes, the objective is to increase Facebook engagement, but your goal should be to provide value first.

When you provide value to your group members, they will feel a sense of belonging, and would come back to your community. They might also even share about it with their friends and family, helping it grow.

There’s nothing sweeter than members thanking you for making a difference in their lives.🙂

2. Listen to your Facebook group members 

Because that’s where you get the most valuable insights from.

Understand what interests your members and what problems they are facing, and formulate your Facebook group content strategy around it.

When members will get solutions to their problems, or they get to participate in discussions that entice them, they’d definitely engage.

3. Consistency is the key 

Be consistent in your efforts.

Initially, you will have to start conversations to get members to participate. It’s only after a while that members feel comfortable and start posting in the community.

1 2

25 Facebook Group Engagement Ideas that work wonders

Let’s have a look at each one in detail.

Earlier, when I or the other admins of my group did not call out people individually in the welcome post, most of them either missed it or simply skipped through it.

But, I was surprised to see the group engagement on the same welcome posts after we started tagging members.

Facebook Group Engagement by welcoming new members

As we greeted them individually, they felt like a part of the group from day one. Have a look at the comments below.

Facebook Group Engagement Tactics that Works

So, we’ve made it a practice to always tag members now.

Facebook automatically tags all the new joiners when you hit the ‘Write Welcome Post’ option under the ‘Members’ tab.

Facebook Group Engagement tricks 2021

Now, all that’s left is to just personalize the post.

You’ve already seen in the images above how we do it in our community admins group. You can do it by asking members to tell where they’re from, what their profession, hobby is, etc.

A majority of the admins I’ve spoken to, agree that doing so makes newcomers feel valued and included.

So, make sure you’re doing it too if you want to engage your group members.

Note: If you’d like to learn how to create a welcome post on Facebook group, check out this blog 👇🏻

How to create a welcome post on Facebook group?

  • Use Facebook Live Videos 

While growing our parenting communities, we realized that people engage with live videos a lot.

In one of my groups, Make up, skin, and hair care tips, we conducted an ‘Ask The Expert’ live video session. (Just look at the engagement…741 reactions and 1300 comments!)

host live session- Facebook group live ideas

During this AMA live session, women’s concerns were not only addressed by the skin expert but also by co-members. And, this facilitates:

  • Co-creation, i.e. members engaging with each other
  • Intermixing of newcomers and existing members
  • Social relatedness (the need to be socially accepted, cared for, and cared by others)

So, I’d suggest you go live today!

You can either host a Q&A session (like we did) or teach your members to do something, talk about a product, share a personal story, or anything alike.

Feel free to check out this blog where we have shared 15 unique Facebook live ideas and also explained how you can go live in your Facebook group.👇🏻

How to go live in a Facebook group? + Best Facebook live ideas to boost engagement 

When Praveen Ganesh, a leading community entrepreneur unleashed the potential of Facebook Live videos in one of his vernacular Facebook groups, the engagement was mind blowing! (2.4K reactions, 3.1K comments, 850 shares, and 249K views) 

The video is of one of his clients who’s a Reiki healer. She went live to talk about the classes she conducts.

Live videos facebook group engagement tips praveen ganesh

FACT: Now, 2 people can go live together in a Facebook group. All you need to do is just update the Facebook application on your mobile!

Lastly, if you’re wondering – ‘How to get people to join your live?’, here are a few tips you can count on:

  • Create an announcement post regarding your live session and create a buzz around it several times before the day of the session
  • The topic of the live session must be according to your members’ requirements
  • You can even create an event for your live session after which you can invite all members individually and ensure maximum participation
  • During the session, ask questions from the members and encourage them to comment and share their concerns if any
  • You can also create guides of your live sessions around different topics and can direct members to it for specific queries
  • Play fun Facebook group games and offer rewards

I’ll tell you about a unique approach that increased the engagement of Baby Destination’s Facebook page from a couple of hundreds to 20,000 on a single post. I have been using this technique secretly for the last 18 months to keep our communities super engaged.

By far, this is one of the best Facebook group engagement games to swear by.

We conduct ‘Live Quiz’ (call it another version of KBC), which is a pre-recorded video with a set of questions and answers and a timer.

Grow Your Facebook Group With a Live Quiz

Let me tell you the scientific reason why the LIVE Quiz format worked so well for boosting engagement rate.

  • It combines live video with gamification that triggers emotions like happiness, intrigue, and excitement. That’s because our brain releases ‘dopamine’ or a feel-good drug whenever we achieve something positive.
  • It beats the Facebook algorithm as with every comment that’s posted, the reach of your post increases all the more.
  • Winner is rewarded the title of ‘Super Mom’ which is a huge recognition and again, a positive user experience. It is these positive user experiences that lead to better engagement.

If you choose to implement it in your Facebook group (which I’d definitely recommend), you can offer gifts to the winners along with recognition. This will take the game up a notch and motivate members even more.

Just mention the prize when you announce the game and your group members will be enticed to participate!

Similarly, you can come up with other fun games for your Facebook groups, and get started already!

  • Run contests that include giveaways 

During my conversation with some community admins, I came across a few unique and amazing contest ideas that they curated which captivated their group members like anything!

I believe contests are one of the best ways to create excitement in an already engaged community. Hence, I’ve shared a few ideas with you below. 🙂

Reetika, the admin of Weight loss post pregnancy, (one of the Facebook groups of Baby Destination) hosts weekly/monthly live fitness challenges wherein members go live and perform the exercises.

Contest - Amazing Facebook Group Engagement Idea

Towards the end, she evaluates the performance of each participant and gives them feedback. Upon completion of the challenge, she even shares certificates with the top performers.

This motivates the members immensely and they enjoy these benefits:

– The exercises help them stay fit – the primary reason they joined the group
– The certification and calling out makes them feel special and increases their enthusiasm for the upcoming challenges and motivates them to perform even better.

If you’d like to know about other such interesting Facebook like share comment contest ideas, check out this blog.👇🏻

Best Facebook group contest ideas proven to drive massive engagement 

  • Conduct polls  

When I was not sure of what content my members wanted to see, I decided to ask them directly.

In the Facebook group, Kids Nutrition and Recipes, I asked the moderator to conduct this poll sometime back to understand mommies of which age group of babies are a part of the group.

facebook group engagement rate by polls

Looking at the engagement. i.e. 1400 likes and 3100 comments, I would like to point out that polls are one of the best Facebook group engagement posts. No matter a new member or an existing one, everyone is likely to participate as polling requires less (or almost no) effort.

After gathering this data, we shared healthy food recipes for babies of different age groups. Here is one example.

engaging pics for facebook group

The engagement on the above post (306 reactions and 89 comments) is pretty amazing because we provided members with information that’s valuable to them. So, go ahead, implement this tactic in your FB group and see your group engagement skyrocket!

  • Facebook group engagement posts – Only use the formats that work 

Let’s admit it – not all post types (plain text, image, and video) work in our community.

It’s only important to find out which post format works the best in your community and double down your efforts on the winning content.

I utilized all my learnings from Baby Destination and put them together to create a Facebook analytics tool, namely Convosight, to solve the problems I faced while scaling my parenting communities.

The tool helped me figure out that my photos and plain text posts (which were just 20% of my content strategy) attracted 80% members. While my video posts (which were 80% of my content strategy) managed to receive around 20% engagement only.

facebook group engagement rate

Today, 45000+ Facebook group admins in over 75 countries are using Convosight to understand their group health, see which post types are performing well, and more, and boost their Facebook group engagement.

With its Post Reshare feature, they can easily look for the best performing content format of their group.  Not only this, they are also able to track the activity score (total reactions and comments) on every post and can reshare the top performing content.

reshare posts for good engagement on FB group


This is literally easy engagement, isn’t it?

SIGN UP now to try it out for your Facebook group. It’s absolutely free!🙂

Facebook Group Engagement idea

  • Post at the most engaging times 

We conducted an experiment in the FB group – Kids Nutrition and Recipes, to see how well this works.

We took 3 posts and posted them at different times, two at the suggested times which are the most engaging times while the other one, at some random time.

Here’s the difference in the engagement.

Post at Good time for better engagement

The second and third posts that were scheduled at the suggested times which was the most engaging time as per group activity got 56% and 237% higher than average engagement respectively. However, the first post that was not posted at the suggested time had 2% lower than average engagement.


For all those who’re thinking about the image, this is a screen of Convosight’s dashboard. The platform provides detailed information on the best times to post for your community and its Post Analytics feature compares how the post did in comparison to the other posts.

Have a look at the post below. An admin who used Convosight’s Post Scheduler and met the suggested times and keywords, saw a 91% increase in engagement of that post. And, she happily shares it in our Facebook group.

Post Analytics feature

If you’d like to know more about Convosight’s Post Scheduler and learn the stepwise process to post at the most engaging time in your group, refer to this article.👇🏻

How to schedule Facebook group posts?

TIP: This one’s a low-hanging fruit, so I suggest you make the best of it. If you do, you’re half way through the question – ‘how to increase engagement on Facebook?’.

  • Create Facebook group posts on what your members are talking about 

Now that you know the content format your audience loves to engage with, you need to focus on creating unique group posts that they will relate with.

And, a great way to do it is to tap into their conversations.

Convosight’s Conversation Trends feature analyses the conversations of your group members and provides a list of the trending keywords without revealing user identity that can be further used to form your content strategy.

As one of our Facebook group best practices, we use this feature in all our groups to create the most relevant content for our members. Here is an example from one of our parenting groups, Weight Loss post pregnancy. 

Conversation Trends feature

conversation trends

Since we were able to track what our members were talking about, we then created posts around the same topic in our group. No wonder, this post received thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments!

facebook engagement rate calculator

If you wish to know how you can create your Facebook group strategy and post unique content every time by just going through member conversations, this blog is your best bet.👇🏻

How to come up with over 5 highly engaging content ideas in less than 5 minutes?

  • Encourage success posts – the best engagement posts for Facebook groups

People obviously love it when they are appreciated for their achievements.

The feel-good factor is at an all time high. And they feel immensely proud of themselves which further motivates them.

Owing to this, we have admin success days in our group every Tuesday. Herein, we encourage members to share their accomplishments and acknowledge each others’ success.

The icing on the cake is that these have come to be one of the best engagement posts for Facebook groups like ours.

Admins love to share their successes and thank one another for their constant support.

admin success

  • Facebook group marketing – Allow members to promote something

If you have a Facebook group of business owners, this would work like a charm.

In our community of Facebook group admins, we have Collab Days every Friday. Members come forward, share their group links in the comments section of the post alongside mentioning the types of groups they’d like to collaborate with.

These are again one of the best engagement posts of our Facebook group.

collab day engagement article

FYI: Collaborating with other Facebook groups is an awesome way to increase engagement in your Facebook group and help it grow at the same time. To know which Facebook groups you should collaborate with, things to do after collaboration, and more, check out this blog👇🏻

The ultimate guide to collaborating with other Fb groups

A lot of admins are using their Facebook groups for marketing, helping members, and even earning through it.

Similarly, you can fix a day where you allow your Facebook group members to promote themselves or their businesses. Make sure to keep a check that they don’t go overboard and start promoting themselves unnecessarily.

  • Facebook group marketing – Collaborate with brands for purpose led campaigns 

Where Facebook group members and brands both gain from each other.

In my opinion, the best way to run purpose led marketing campaigns in any community is by targeting members with a cause that makes a difference in their lives.

With that in mind, I have collaborated with numerous brands like Veet, Dettol, Wella, Nestle, Johnsons, and Abbott to name a few.

As part of a campaign with Wella, Anjali Singh, the admin of Makeup, skin, and hair care tips, went live with Gaurav Gupta, who’s a renowned expert. They addressed all prevailing myths around hair coloring and shared why salon hair coloring is the best for a hair makeover.

The engagement is pretty good. (242 reactions and 340 comments)

purpose led campaigns

Now with this, a majority of the Facebook group members will be able to decide if they’d like to go ahead with hair coloring.

Sounds like a win-win for both brand and the community members, doesn’t it?

You too can collaborate with relevant brands for your community. Go through this article to understand how to find brands and reach out to them👇🏻

How to find brands for your Facebook group? + Brand collaboration email templates

We too help you connect with brands across categories like parenting nutrition, health and hygiene, food and beverages to name a few. To understand the what, why and how of it, refer to this article. 👇🏻

How to get brand campaigns through Convosight and earn?

  • Use Badges to help members identify whom to talk to 

While Facebook group badges aren’t new, in my opinion, they are definitely great as they:

  • Help your online tribe identify you (the group leaders basically)
  • Help you single out, recognise, and reward the top members for their outstanding contributions

From Admin and Moderators to Rising Star, Founding Member, Conversation Starter, Conversation Booster, Visual Storyteller, Link Curator, and even New Member, there are some really cool badges available.

As an admin, you can choose to enable the badges you want in your group via settings.

Have a look at the badges enabled in our Facebook group.

badges engagement article

To learn more about Facebook group badges – what they are, the complete list of Facebook group badges, how to turn on badges for your Facebook group, and more, refer to this ultimate guide.👇🏻

The complete guide to Facebook group badges – Updated 2024

  • Repost the best engagement posts of your Facebook group 

Let’s say you posted 100 posts in a month in your Facebook group and 5 out of those received crazy engagement. Now, when you repost any or all of those 5 posts that performed well in your group, your members will engage with it even more. Doing this, you are actually amplifying it on a huge scale!

That said, you probably would be thinking about the ways to do it.

Convosight helps you keep track of each and every post in your group. And, one of the admins used its Post Trends feature (that I talked about a few minutes back) to reshare the top performing post in the group. This one is an image post that all moms relate to. The engagement after resharing is really good! (380 reactions and 68 comments).

reshare post for better reach of posts on fb group

  • Track the right Facebook group engagement metrics

When I spoke to a few community admins as a part of my research for Convosight, I figured that most of them weren’t aware of the engagement metrics to track and measure success.

Which is why I’ve listed down the two most important metrics for you to check whether you’re headed in the right direction, and gauge the scope of improvement, if any.

engagement metrics to get facebook engagement

  • Engagement Rate

This one tells you how valuable your community is. Basically, greater the engagement rate of your community, higher is the value being created!

It refers to the average actions (posts + comments + reactions) done by a member per month in your Facebook group.

It is calculated as: Total posts, comments, and reactions divided by Total members

An engagement rate of 492% means that on an average, a member does 4.92 actions in your Facebook group in a month.

  • Activity Rate 

This one tells you about the value you are creating with every post in your Facebook group. Greater the activity rate, the higher is the value being created!

It is the average number of comments and reactions received per post per month in your Facebook group.

It is calculated as total reactions and comments divided by total posts.

An activity rate of 35.5 means that on an average, a post gets 35.5 reactions and comments in your group.

NOTE: These are just 2 metrics out of various others that I rely on to measure the health of my communities. If you wish to know them all (with details), feel free to check out this blog👇🏻

Track these Facebook group Metrics to improve your group’s engagement  

Facebook Group Engagement Ideas for 2021

  • Reduce SPAM immediately 

The fear of SPAM in Facebook groups is no less than a nightmare. Who knows this better than us community admins and entrepreneurs?

So, with Convosight, we decided… no more sleepless nights and constant monitoring.

Our engineering team devoted a tremendous amount of time and effort to build the Keyword Alerts feature that keeps all admins ahead of any spam.

The platform analyses the conversation of group members so it is able to pick the words you mark as spam for your group. And, when any of those are used, you instantly receive a notification. In fact, it even allows you to take action on a post then and there, from that very dashboard!

Reduce SPAM immediately

With Keyword Alerts, you can stay on top of almost everything that you care about. Check out this detailed blog to know everything about it including how it is different from Facebook’s Keyword Alerts.👇🏻

Keyword Alerts: Introducing the foolproof way to stop spam in your FB group

When your group is spam-free, you can focus on coming up with interesting ideas for your FB group and keeping your members engaged.🙌🏻

  • Experiment with Facebook’s latest group post ideas – AMA, Write a Prompt

A few months back, Facebook introduced new post types for communities to make group discussions more engaging – Write a prompt and Ask me Anything.

They have been doing the rounds since the time they came into being.

The Ask Me Anything or Host a Q&A feature encourages admins to answer their group members queries/ address their concerns in a more interactive way.

Just go to your group settings and turn on the option of ‘Host a Q&A’. 

Facebook’s latest group post ideas

Check out how Sapna Sengar, admin of Brain and Physical Development Activities for Kids, hosted a question and answer session on infant digestion.

q and a session for facebook group engagement

Members shared their concerns/queries with her, got solutions to their problems, and learnt from each others’ issues.

Write a Prompt feature, on the other hand, is my personal favourite as it drives discussion by encouraging members to share photos.

Depending on your group type and objective, you can ask members to share photos of anything like the last picture they clicked, the last meme they shared, and others such.

We used it in our Facebook group and asked members to share pictures of the different types of live sessions they’ve hosted in their groups.

start a prompt for quick facebook group engagement

It did not only make the group discussion interesting, but we were also able to gather insights, and members learnt about new live video ideas for Facebook groups.

As a bonus, we used this information in our blog and credited the respective admins, seeing which they were super happy.

Having trouble finding a new member of your group? If yes, then please read this blog to know the complete process:

How To See New Members In Facebook Group 2023?

  • Offer a Freebie and attract your Facebook group members

Nothing’s more enticing than getting a freebie right after joining a community!

A freebie can be anything – ebook, invitation to a webinar, guide, etc.

Basically, something that is of immense value to your Facebook group members.

For instance, in our Facebook group, we share the following stuff with all new members in our welcome post that we do every Tuesday:

  • Link to Monetisation Masterclass, i.e, the workshop we conduct fortnightly to educate admins how they can earn from their FB groups
  • Link of our blogs – where we impart knowledge on Facebook group engagement, growth, and monetisation
  • Tell them about Convosight and why power admins love Convosight
  • Share with them how we at Convosight can help them connect with brands for purpose-led marketing campaigns, and help them earn

Offer Freebie for facebook engagement

This is also a great Facebook group strategy to drive members to your product.

1 2

We have made it a point to call out top contributors regularly in a “Thank You” post.

Check out the example from our parenting group, Kids Nutrition and Recipes.

recognise top contributors

Now, this gesture of acknowledgment makes members feel special and encourages them to engage in the group even more.

Besides, it is also one of the simplest Facebook group engagement post ideas.

Read this blog to understand the process of knowing the top contributors of your Facebook group :

How to Find Top Contributors on Facebook Group?

  • Use Facebook group rules to tell members what they can post 

Laying down rules in your group provides clarity to members and a sense of direction as to what is expected of them in the group.

Rinku Shah, the admin of Fitness2Flash, in her group rules, clearly mentions:

  • The type of posts that are/are not expected
  • The number of hashtags that are allowed per post
  • The kind of behaviour that is not acceptable (like derogatory comments, or any sort of hate speech or bullying

Lastly, she even tells how listening to the suggestions and following the guidance of F2F trainers will help them in the long run.

fitness 2 flash rules engagement article

This way she has established boundaries and conveyed very humbly about everything one needs to follow if they wish to be a part of her community.

When you are adding rules to your Facebook group, I’d like you to please pay attention to the usage of words. You don’t want to sound rude or arrogant, so avoid using controlling words like ‘should’, ‘must’, ‘ought to’, ‘have to’, etc.

If you’d like to know more about rules including how to add rules to a Facebook group, best Facebook group rules examples, or need a Facebook group rules template to get started, refer to this ultimate guide.👇🏻

Everything you should know about Facebook group rules 

  • Create a pinned post in your Facebook group and offer awesome value

For those of you who are wondering – ‘What is a pinned post on Facebook group?’:

It is the first post that appears in your group’s news feed. It means that when any new member or existing member opens your group, the pinned post on your Facebook group is what they will see first.

pinned post

Pinned posts in Facebook groups are now called ‘Announcements’.

If you’re wondering how to pin a post in your Facebook group, you can refer to this article for the step wise process. 👇🏻

How to create a pinned post on Facebook group?

In pinned posts, you can offer anything valuable like a cheat sheet, guide, assistance of some sort or anything alike.

I have always admired Fittr, now a massive 100 crore business which started as just a Facebook group in 2013. And, I really like how they’re using their Facebook group pinned post to offer value to the members.

pinned post to increase facebook group engagement

Their pinned post talks about group rules which further drives members to the Fittr app if they wish to avail a free diet and training plan. I mean, who would not want to try that!

They even provide an option to enrol with a coach and direct members to their website.

Besides, they have also provided an email address in case members require any additional support which is again a great way to connect with them over email.

Doing this:

  • They get a chance to connect with the members personally whenever anyone downloads the app, lands on the website, or contacts them via email and at the same time grow their audience.
  • They are able to gain more trust of the audience as they provide them immense value
  • Inspire (borderline provoke) your members to interact by tagging them in comments and posts 

I remember me and my team doing this frequently in our Facebook group, Home remedies for babies and moms. In the post below, we asked moms to share one food they give their babies to boost their immunity and told them to tag one mom in their answer.

inspire users to posts

This way, we did not only create value for all the moms but at the same time generated Facebook group engagement.

You can clearly see how calling out members personally inspires them (or makes them feel kind of obligatory in a good way) to take part and interact in the group.

  • Create a core group of users who interact positively on every post so that engagement and thus its visibility is high 

As per Facebook’s algorithm, the posts that manage to get a good number of likes and comments initially tend to work very well.

So, go ahead and form a group on any messenger service (like WhatsApp). We call this group an engagement pod!

Push all your posts there and ask your squad to jump right in and show the much needed love. Or even better, just share with them your content calendar so they know in advance when to act!

  • Create recurring posts with Facebook days of the week themes 

This is a simple yet very effective way to increase engagement in Facebook groups. And also saves you the time and energy that goes into brainstorming unique content every now and then.

For instance, you have a ThrowbackThursday theme wherein you post an old picture of yours (with respect to your group topic or spirit) and encourage members to do the same. When you do that on a weekly basis, your post instantly becomes recognizable for the members and they already know what action to take.

Some tips that will come handy for creating successful recurring posts:

  • Fix 2-3 weekly posts that reflect the spirit of your community
  • Use the same background and format each week
  • You can pin that post to the top, in the announcements section

Here’s how Jyoti Agarawal, admin of Maa2Mom- Kandivali is using Facebook days of the week theme to create recurring posts that drive engagement in her community.

As part of Motivational Monday, Jyoti posted about a member of her group who’s also a social entrepreneur. She talks about how that woman has been a part of so many social events along with her other achievements to motivate all moms in the group.

Theme based posts for user engagement in fb groups

That is not all. She has other theme days too. Like WisdomWednesday and TalentThursday among others which has mentioned about in her Facebook group description too.

theme based posts in fb group

You can also use such Facebook group theme day ideas and inspire members to get more involved.

  • Host offline events  

Such events are an amazing way to bring your members together, foster a connection amongst them, strengthen your group’s mission and convey it to the members in-person, and so much more.

You can either arrange a casual meet up at a coffee shop or organise an activity that provides value to your members.

Have a look at how Mohit Mahajan, Admin of a food group, Plates2Miles, connects with members personally by organising tasting tables, in collaboration with restaurants. The main aim of this event is to provide members an ultimate dining experience. And obviously bond with them.

High-Performing Facebook Group Engagement Tactics

After the event is concluded, members share their reviews in the group. Here’s one shared by a member after her first table tasting experience (which was memorable) at China Garden restaurant.

12 High-Performing Facebook Group Engagement Tactics for food groups

facebook engaging tips for food groups

Until the Covid crisis, this was a regular event hosted by Mohit. If you like this too, you can do something along these lines once the pandemic is over.

  • Turn on Notifications

If your group is relatively small, turning on group notifications is an amazing way to stay updated with the ongoing conversations and be a part of them.

When your members see you are so active in the group, they will be encouraged to participate more.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Click on the ‘Notifications’ button right below your group’s cover photo
  • Select ‘Highlights’

I’d suggest you choose ‘All posts’ only if your group is VERY SMALL. Or, if you don’t mind being bothered every 10 minutes! 😛   

P.S. You can even ask your group members to turn on the notifications too!

turn on notifications

If you wish to know more about it, this article will come handy.👇🏻

How to turn on notifications for a Facebook group?

Parting Words

There’s one thing you must ALWAYS remember as a Community Builder :

Provide as much value as you can to your members. Rest everything will follow. 

In all of the 25 Facebook group engagement strategies mentioned above, there’s not a single one that’s not packed with value.

The beauty of these Facebook group ideas is that no matter if you’ve just created a new FB group or have one from a long time, they will work like a charm.

And in no time, you’ll see your Facebook group engagement skyrocket!

P.S. Do let me know which of these Facebook group strategies worked the best for you. Or if you have any additional questions, please share them in the comments below. I’d love to take this conversation forward! 🙂

Facebook Group Engagement Ideas for 2021

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