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How To Come Up With More Than 5 Highly Engaging Content Ideas For Your Facebook Group In Less Than 5 Minutes?

So, it’s that time of the week again, huh? 

When you are thinking about what to post in your Facebook group that will make the members sit up and take notice. 

It’s been hours since you’ve been staring at that computer screen, but nothing. It’s still blank. And, you cannot help but wonder: 

How to create great content everyday that engages members positively? 

How to find the right inspiration for creating posts that my Facebook group members will love?

To be honest, we’ve all been through this. Including myself. 

Back in 2017, while building my parenting communities, I literally struggled every single day to come up with something unique that my members would love. 

I always thought that to come up with new topic ideas and create great content for your Facebook groups week after week, you need a lot of inspirational sources.

But, soon after I discovered that I was wrong. (And, I was happy to be proved so)

All you need is just one source of inspiration to churn out unique and amazing content that blows the minds of your community members. 

As you read ahead: 

  1. You’ll know about the inspiration, that is needed to create highly engaging content for your Facebook group, every single time 
  2. You’ll learn about the feature that I use to come up with content ideas, not only for my Facebook groups but also for my blog posts, like this one
  3. You’ll understand how to use the feature and will be able to flesh out some great content in no time

All in all, you’ll become the pro who never seems to run out of content ideas for his/her Facebook group. 😊

 So, without wasting any minute, let’s dive right into it. 

The only inspiration you need for creating unique, high-quality content for your Facebook group is: 

Conversations of group members. 

Yes, you read that right! 

Trust me, it’s no less than a GOLDMINE

Back in the day, when I was looking for content ideas but couldn’t get anything out of my head, I decided to stop the brainstorming and respond to member queries instead. 

No sooner, I came up with 4 new content ideas and it took less than 5 minutes. Going through that chat thread seemed to have opened the gates of fresh content ideas. 

From that day on, I started looking at the top posts (from the last week and month) of my Facebook group for getting ideas out. Instantly, my mind would bring out the best it could.  

Hence, coming up with new content ideas was like a piece of cake for me. 

However, the only thing that bothered me then was the time I had to spend going through tens and hundreds of posts manually. 

Today, I have a solution for that too. And, I am thrilled to share it with you all. 

But, first I’ll shed light on how I came up with some great content ideas by looking at member conversations.

How to create great content idea just by looking at member conversations?

Sharing a post from Kids Nutrition and Recipes, one of my largest parenting communities below. 

It is one of the top video posts from the month of June where a mum (Rashmi Chaudhary) shared a video of her children eating by themselves. (The engagement is awesome, 1.4K reactions and 227 comments

post from June

And, here are some of the comments from the members on this post. 

post from June comments


As I read the comments, I observe that: 

  1. A lot of mums tell how their babies also eat themselves or have started doing so
  2. A lot of mums want to know how Rashmi encouraged the practice of self-eating in her children and from what age
  3. A lot of mums simply found the video to be cute and expressed their feelings

The last thing I observed is that a personal story which resonated with my community members resulted in very high engagement. 

This information is enough to generate content ideas for posting in my Facebook group. Sharing a few of them with you below. 

1. Competition 

Keeping in mind how mums found this video sweet, I can encourage all the other moms of my group to share videos of their children practicing self-eating. And then, maybe reward the mom whose child showcases a near to perfect eating habit. 

2. Plain text post – Question 

I can ask mommies of my group this question: 

At what age did you encourage independent eating for your kids? 

Now, this will not only be an engagement driver in my community but also prove to be an insightful source for me as I pen down my blog posts. 

3. Live session

Since moms would like some tips on ways to encourage self-eating habits, I can collaborate with an expert who can guide them. This way they will also be able to identify wrong habits of their children and rectify them. 

Moreover, I can invite a few moms to share their stories in that live session.😊

4. Blogs 

I can pen down a few articles on self-feeding for kids and share them in the group. Their topics can be: 

  1. How to encourage independent eating habits in children?
  2. The ultimate guide to self-feeding for babies and toddlers
  3. Are your kids feeding themselves the right way? 

Call it yet another attempt to help moms know everything about self-feeding and help them in their effort to develop self-feeding habits in their kids. 

Since I already have an audience who will love to read it, I will only need to post this in the comments section of this post and also as a separate post in my community. 

5. Live Quiz

After imparting all the necessary information to mommies on self-eating, it’s time to test their knowledge. 

For the same, I can conduct a live quiz ( a unique approach I have been using in my groups to increase engagement) and reward the mommies who get all answers correct in the minimum time possible. 

P.S. If you wish to know more about Live Quiz or want to get your hands on some really amazing engagement strategies for your Facebook group, check out my blog on it. 

Now, let’s take a look at another post from the same parenting community of mine. 

Below is one of the top image posts wherein a mommie shares a picture of her little girl who turned one year old and encourages moms to shower their blessings on the little one. (The engagement is superb, 7.4K reactions and 1.2K comments

how to create great content from post in groups


We all know how extremely special a day it is for the parents when their baby turns one. They are super happy, excited, and can’t stop thinking about the time their little one was born and how far he/she has come and learned in the last year. 

Hence, the reason why that mommie shared her daughter’s picture in the first place and got so many blessings from the group members.

This boils down to the fact that mommies of my group would love to see more such posts. And, here’s what I can post next in my community. 

1. Plain text post 

I can simply encourage moms to share a picture of their little ones from now on as they turn one year old.

This will be like a mandatory post for all mommies of the group and the little one will get so many blessings. 

2. Contest

In an attempt to refresh the memories of moms, I can ask them to share a picture of their little babies from their first birthday. 

Since it will be part of a contest, I can send across some gifts for the 3 kids whose pictures got maximum reactions. 

3. Plain text post – Question 

In another plain text post, I can simply ask mommies: 

What did they do to make their kids’ first birthday special?

Well, this is yet another attempt to revive their sweet, old memories. Which will also prove to be a valuable insight for my blog. 

4. Image Post 

With a similar intent as of the above plain text post, I can share a few pictures from my little munchkin’s first birthday – the decoration, cake, food, his pictures, and others such. 

And at the same time, encourage all mommies of my group to do the same. 

5. Blogs 

Now, I can use all the above information to create a few blog posts for mommies whose babies are yet to turn one. The topics for the same can be: 

  1. The best cake ideas for your baby’s first birthday
  2. Unique home decor ideas for your baby’s first birthday in a budget 
  3. First birthday party food ideas 

This is how you tap into member conversations to generate some kickass content ideas for your future posts. 

Now that you’re aware of the highly valuable repository within your community, I’ll tell you about the ways to track the top performing posts in the minimum time possible.

How to track the best performing posts of your Facebook group in no time? 

Initially, when I started using this hack, i.e. coming up with content ideas through member conversations, it consumed quite a bit of my time and efforts as I had to go through all the posts manually.

But now, I rely on the POST TRENDS feature that gives me a list of the top performing posts of my communities in no time. 

My team at Convosight worked relentlessly to come up with this wonderful feature. It lists down all the top posts (video posts, image posts, and plain text posts) of your community. 

post trends article 1

Each post has an activity score alongside it. Activity score is the sum of total reactions and total comments a post received

activity score convosight

This number helps you identify the top performing posts of your group easily. You can also see how well they are doing against your community’s average. 

If you click on the view post option, you are taken directly to the post in your Facebook group. From there, you can have a look at the comments of members and come up with content ideas. 

Or you can repost the same post in your group from there itself by clicking on the repost option. 

This way you are not only saving yourself some very precious time but also providing value to your group members. 

That’s why we proudly call Post Trends the most helpful feature designed for Facebook group admins ever. It’s no less than a true saviour and an amazing source of killer content ideas! 😎

Now that you know the secret to producing high-quality, unique content that’s super-engaging, you can invest all your saved time and efforts into something else. You can maybe go for a walk, bake a cake, or take that dance lesson you’ve been wanting to for so long. 😊 

That said, check out the Post trends feature for yourself and let me know how it helped you in the comments section below. (For those who haven’t yet used Covosight, you can sign up here.) 

I would love to hear from you all. You can drop in your comments or feel free to share your thoughts in my Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins where hundreds of community admins like you are discussing this and so much more about community building. 😊 


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