How To Find Brands, Pitch Your Facebook Group, And Earn Money From The Collaboration New

How To Find Brands, Pitch Your Facebook Group, And Earn Money From The Collaboration?

Collaborating with brands is the best way to earn money from your Facebook group.

But, only if it was that easy! 

Each time you think about doing it, these 3 questions instantly pop in your head: 

Where do I find brands?

How should I approach them? 

What exactly can I work on with them? 

To add to the complexity, you come across Instagram influencers with a following of just 2-3K collaborating with brands and earning. And you can’t stop wondering, ‘Howww??’ 

While most of those influencers have managed to collaborate with brands after building a one-way communication channel, you certainly can blow the minds of brands with your highly engaged Facebook group which is a two-way communication channel. And also, earn handsomely through it.🙂

And we at Convosight will help you do that.

As you read ahead, you’ll know about: 

  • The (not so) secret places where most influencers find brands to partner with 
  • The incredibly simple way to pitch your Facebook group to brands 
  • The different ways some successful community admins are providing value to their members through brand collaborations

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

The most effortless way to find brands for your Facebook group 

Is none other than searching on Facebook itself. 

Yes, you read that right! 

As that sinks in, I would like to tell you that there are so many influencer groups on Facebook that help you connect with brands. 

Just type the keyword ‘influencer groups’ in the search tab on Facebook and you’ll come across some good groups. In fact, you will even see dedicated communities for Instagram influencers (like the one I have highlighted in the image below). 

influencer groups

If you manage an Instagram community too along with your Facebook group, you must join it. 

In almost all of these groups, you will see brand managers or executives of different agencies posting their requirements on behalf of brands. Because, currently there is no way to reach out to brands directly as most of the brands hire marketing agencies to take care of their operations. 

I personally like the group Media Movements, which is one of the largest groups connecting agencies and influencers in India. I myself have been a part of it for quite some time now and I can say there are literally hundreds of postings every single day. 

Trust me, by being active in that group, you would easily stumble upon at least 20 leads in a day. Sharing a few examples from that group with you below.

a. Posting for mom bloggers, dad bloggers, or parent bloggers

media movements 1

b. Posting for food and lifestyle bloggers with a minimum audience of 2.5K

media movements 2

c. Posting for food bloggers for a barter collaboration

media movements 3

d. Posting for tech, lifestyle, travel bloggers with minimum 5K followers on Instagram, Facebook

media movements 4

e. Posting for bloggers with more than 10K followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

media movements 5

These are just a few postings from the hundreds I saw in literally 10 minutes of scrolling through this group. 

So go ahead, join some influencer groups right away, and simultaneously upskill yourself. You will have so many new opportunities coming your way. 💫

Stay with me! As I now tell you about the next step.

How to tell brands the value your Facebook group generates?

The best way to go about it is to have a DOSSIER ready. It should highlight all important details of your community and the value it generates. 

So, make sure your deck includes all this data:

    1. Growth over a period of time

member growth kids

  1. Engagement over a period of time

total engagement kids

While this data is important, it is not sufficient. This is just a wide overview. You need to drill down further as the more detailed information you have, the better you will be able to convey the value of your group. 

That’s where Convosight comes in. The most loved community management platform not only provides a detailed view of your community’s health but also showcases its actual power.   

As you add your group to Convosight and navigate to the insights, the first thing you will come across is the health dashboard. It tells how your community is doing with the 2 most important metrics, Engagement Rate and Activity Rate.

health dashboard for kids

Engagement Rate is the average actions taken by per member per month. 
In my group Kids Nutrition and Recipes (as in the image above), the engagement rate is 174% or 1.74 actions taken per member per month. 

Activity Rate is the average number of reactions and comments on a post. For my group, it is 132.

FYI: Facebook considers the engagement rate for any community over 80% to be super awesome. So, if your community has an engagement rate around 80% and above, your community is headed in the right direction.

That said, if you wish to know more about any of these metrics or others, check out my article on Track these 6 metrics to improve your Facebook group engagement

As you scroll down this dashboard, you see post type distribution and engagement per post type. These two pie charts shed light on the post formats you are using in your Facebook groups and the engagement each one attracts.

post type distribution

The above image shows that in my parenting group: 

  • 65.8% photo posts were posted that attracted 79.7% of the total engagement
  • 5.5% video posts were posted that attracted 7.4% engagement
  • 27.6% status posts were posted that attracted 12.5% engagement

Further below, the bar graph showcases conversational volume or the average number of comments received on your posts in different weeks of a month. Adjacent to that, there is the graph for member growth.

conversational volume

Right beside the Statistics tab, there is the Conversation Trends tab, the feature which tells you what your members are talking about, categorising the information in different topics and categories. 

conversation trends kids

You can use this information to see what brands will best suit your audience’s needs. Like, the top discussed topics in my community are milk, piece, food, fruit, and others such. Basis this, I know I can partner with milk and food brands. 

Towards the right is the Post Trends feature which is super awesome. It lists down all the top performing posts of your group category-wise (images, videos, and plain text posts) and gives an activity score to each one. 

example of post trends kids

When you have the activity rate and activity score of your posts, you can easily tell brands about the mind-blowing engagement your posts receive. 

For example, the top video post in my community has an activity score of 4496. When I compare it to the activity rate of 132, I can easily say that this post attracted 34 times higher engagement than an average post. 

When you give brands this level of detailed information along with telling them the power of doing a single post in your community, imagine how amazed and willing they would be to work with you!🙂

Check out more on this in my blog Why should brands partner with your Facebook group? Secret revealed inside! 

Preparing a dossier is the most important and a basic step when you plan to reach out to brands. With this, you are already more than halfway there. 

The other half can be covered by connecting with other community admins and gaining some valuable insights on how they are doing it. 

Since I’m on a mission to empower community admins like you in your journey, I created a Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins

It is a 500+ member community where admins from different walks of life are constantly sharing their learnings in community building and motivating one another.😇

As you become a part of it, you will come across so many admins of your niche who are already earning through their communities by means of brand collaboration. You can connect with them and get some wonderful insights. 

I know what you’re thinking now…What to work on with brands in your community?  

Purpose-Driven Marketing Campaigns are your best bet

These campaigns not only impact your audience, but also the brand you collaborate with and you yourself. Basically, it’s a win-win for everyone and your audience knows that you are not here to make money but to make a difference in their lives. 

And that’s exactly what we community admins strive for, isn’t it? 

Have a look at how some of the most successful community admins are impacting their Facebook group members through these campaigns. 

In collaboration with Dettol, Adit Kohli, admin of Delhi Foodiez, worked on an awareness campaign. His wife Jyoti (who’s also an admin) encouraged members to read instructions carefully at the back of a product before using it. 

Dettol Campaign during lockdown

Sheenu, admin of Super Indian Women, extends her heartfelt gratitude to Baby Destination for all the brand collaborations until now. She has partnered with brands like Nestle, Dettol, PeeSafe, Fevicreate to name a few. 

As part of Nestle’s campaign, Sheenu shared a picture of herself with her 3.5 year old to show how her kid is learning new things while staying at home. And at the same time, she is encouraging her group members to share such images and videos. 


As part of Johnson’s campaign, Jyoti Agarwala, admin of Maa2Mom, shares with her group members the six steps to bathing a baby effectively. 

Johnson's campaign

In all of these posts, you can see how members are being benefited, either by gaining knowledge or by indulging in some fun. Simultaneously, the brands are able to reach a wide audience base and the admins are earning through it. 

While your Facebook group is just one way to make a difference in the lives of people and earn through brand collaboration, you can opt for other ways too. Like having your own Youtube channel and a blog simultaneously. 

Because brands look to promote their products on these 3 channels. And when you have a presence on all of them, imagine how generously you will be able to earn!🙂 

Check out this posting for Youtubers with minimum 10K subscribers on Media Movements group. 

media movements 5

Here’s another one where a health and nutrition brand is looking to connect with vloggers. 

media movements 6

If you are not well-versed with creating video content, this is a great opportunity to upskill yourself. 

And the best part is that you already have a highly engaged audience by means of your Facebook group. And when you start creating some intriguing videos on Youtube and share them in your group, your members will likely show some love, helping your channel grow. 

On the other hand, you must learn blogging and churn out some amazing content pieces around what your members are talking about. And when you share them in your group, they will love reading it.

This will drive tremendous traffic to your website which will help in getting more SEO juice and thus, better ranking. When you show that to brands, they might want to promote their products on your website too. 

Have a look at this post from the Media Movements group where a brand is looking to collaborate with city specific bloggers whose blogs have a DA of 20+. 

media movements 8

Isn’t this an excellent way to diversify your skill set and earn through different platforms?  

Akansha Bansal, admin of Parenting Mom Style, owns a parenting website named BudingStar. Her website gets a monthly traffic of over 30K and its DA or domain authority is 33

She has collaborated with quite a lot of brands until now like Johnsons, FirstCry, The Momsco, CueMath, Dettol, Veet to name a few. In fact, she promotes their products on her website too. 

Have a look at how she talked about The MomsCo products in her blog on ‘How to choose the right baby skin care range?’

The moms co

While Akansha is just mentioning the brand products, you can even link them to the brand’s website and earn a commission when someone purchases through that link. This is called Affiliate Marketing which is yet another way of earning through a blog.

A few other ways include: 

  1. By launching online courses with brands
  2. Accepting guest articles
  3. Through banner adverts   

Wow! Isn’t it amazing how building a community on an additional platform amplifies your earning potential?

With that, I’m pretty sure you know almost everything about brand collaborations now. Be it how to find brands, pitch your Facebook group to them, and things to work on with them. Also, how Convosight can help you in it. So, SIGN UP today and see how it can do wonders for your Facebook group. 

P.S. It’s absolutely free.🙂

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