10 Easy Ways To Monetize a Facebook Group In 2023

Monetize Your Facebook Group With These 10 Simple Ways In 2024

Have you been thinking to monetize your Facebook group for a long time now, but don’t know how to go about it?

In that case, I suggest you read this blog till the end as I have shared 10 foolproof ways (that are literally no-brainer) as how to make money from Facebook groups. 

Besides, I’ve also shared with you how some of the most successful admins are using these ways to monetize their Facebook groups.💰

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into them.

10 Ways to earn money from facebook group

10 Easy Ways to Monetize a Facebook Group

  1. Brand Partnerships
  2. Facebook Brand Collab Manager
  3. Start a business on the needs of your community
  4. Connect buyers and sellers
  5. Conduct offline or online workshops
  6. Offer paid courses
  7. Collaboration with experts, mompreneurs, and local entrepreneurs
  8. Bulk deals from companies
  9. Offer your Facebook group photo as promotion space
  10. Affiliate Marketing

One thing I’d like to make very clear is that to make money through Facebook groups in no way means compromising with the likes of your members or anyone else’s.

It should be a win-win for everyone involved because that’s how you can reap the maximum benefits.

That said, let’s have a look at the 10 ways you can earn money from your Facebook group in detail.

  • Brand Partnerships 

What better way to earn money from your Facebook group than collaborating with brands?

And, there are numerous ways to do it.

a. Through Convosight 

At Convosight, we help you connect with brands for purpose-led marketing campaigns and earn a sustainable income.

In 2020, we helped 600 Facebook groups to earn about $300,000.

We are trusted by Fortune 100 brands like Nestle, Dettol, Johnsons, Pediasure, Abbott, Motorola, Veet, to name a few.

To understand how this entire process works, check out this blog.👇🏻

How to get brand campaigns for your FB group through Convosight and earn?

b. Pitch to brands yourself

To be able to do this, you must listen to your members. See what is it they’re talking about in your Facebook group. From those discussions, figure out which brands are the most talked about and the product categories that are the most relevant. And accordingly, you must reach out to brands that are relevant for your group.

Let’s say you have a parenting community and your group members love to talk about baby foods and infant nutrition, among other things. In this case, all baby food and infant nutrition brands are relevant for your FB group.

Monetise Facebook Group

Now, if you’re wondering how you can reach out to the brands, go through this BLOG to know:

  • 4 ways you can find brands
  • 4 tips to write an effective email
  • 5 free brand collaboration templates

On a Budget Facebook groups form the largest communities across the UK. Approximately, 6% of the UK’s population is a part of these Facebook groups. They are spread across multiple domains like DIY, travel, parenting, and more.

Monetize A Facebook Group by Branding

They have an amazing monetization model where they reach out to brands themselves for collaboration. They call brands as supporting partners for their communities, have them on their cover image and they charge a subscription fee from them every month.

In return, the brands can comment on relevant questions that members may have since it’s a DIY community and members are always looking for relevant brands for DIY solutions.

Apart from that, there’s another way that they monetize, i.e. members create content for brands and then distribute it in their community.

It’s a very impressive and successful model that tells you how to make money on Facebook via your group.

C. Sponsored Posts

You must be wondering that sponsored posts are mostly seen on Facebook pages.

Well, sponsored posts have made an existence in Facebook groups too.

As we all know since the reach of posts in Facebook groups is 100% organic, brands are willing to pay per post.

They connect with relevant Facebook groups with a good engagement rate and pay them for doing a post in their group.

Unlike brand campaigns, this is sporadic and you need to have posts from different brands to ensure a recurring revenue stream.

Parenting Mom Style is one of the most trusted parenting communities in India. Akansha Bansal, the admin, has been earning through brand collaborations.

parenting mom style Ways to monetize a Facebook group

Initially, when she started out with a few thousand members, she used to do sponsored posts in her community. Like, a brand would come to her with a campaign, she would post in her group, she was paid for that post.

But today, not only has her Facebook group grown in size and value, but Akansha has created more communities and most importantly, has become a pro at pitching to brands.

She reaches out to only relevant brands, pitches them, and retains them. She is well-aware of how to make a perfect pitch and knows what to include/not to include. With her skill set, she has increased her earnings by 2000%.

If you’ve been wanting to create a pitch deck for your Facebook group, but don’t know how to get started, this article will help you get the ball rolling.👇🏻

How to create a killer pitch deck for your Facebook group? 

  • Facebook Brand Collab Manager

In the Communities Summit hosted by Facebook in October 2020, the social media giant announced a new feature for public groups, i.e. Brand Collab Manager for creators.

It’s the official marketplace of public Facebook groups and brands where admins and brands can easily discover and connect with each other.

Please note that this feature is available only for public Facebook groups with over 1000 members. Private Facebook groups are not eligible for it.

You first need to sign up to be able to access it. It does not take more than 5 minutes.

Sharing with you the Facebook group monetization requirements to quality for Brand Collab Manager.

Collab manager to monetize your Facebook group

After you sign up, you can choose to share key group health statistics with the brands so that they can decide which groups they want to partner with.

Brands get to reach authentic and engaged audiences and admins get a purpose-led and sustainable way to earn from the community and scale it up further.

This content is not ‘one size fits all’ but completely admin-dependent and thus customized for each Facebook group as the values and fundamentals of the community.

A lot of Facebook group admins have already signed up and got access to Facebook Brand Collab Manager in their groups.

facebook brand collab to make money

So. go ahead and apply for it today, if you haven’t already.

  • Start a business on the needs of your community 

All the business-driven Facebook group admins, this one’s for you!

You can go ahead, create an app for your community, and in return, members pay for any personalized recommendations/services.

That’s exactly what the bootstrapped fitness startup, FITTR ,did.

The founder Jitendra Chouksey turned his Facebook group into a profitable business.

I’ll tell you how.

Community based Facebook Group for making money


A few years back, JC (who’s a fitness freak) created a WhatsApp group to give fitness advice to friends from his inner circle. No sooner, others started to reach out to him. So, he created a Facebook group to connect fitness coaches and all the people who wanted to get their advice to stay fit.

His group is a judgement-free safe space for everyone to learn, share, transform, inspire and explore opportunities in the fitness industry.

By getting people to pay for the advice of the coaches/trainers, he started to earn from his Facebook group.

He then created an app called Fittr. People sign up and get access to a crazy amount of free valuable content. Only if they wish to seek personalised coaching, they have to pay.

His cost to acquisition to his app is zero. Thanks to his Facebook groups.

Apart from Fittr, there’s Fittr for women, Fittr for kids where members share their concerns, learn from one another, download the app, access free content, and sign up to pay if they are willing to get personalised training.

  • Connect Buyers and Sellers 

Here’s how to profit from your Facebook group via this model.

First and foremost, you identify the demand of products and services in your Facebook group by tapping into member conversations. Then you identify local businesses that offer those.

You further provide your Facebook group as a platform to sellers where they showcase their products/services. In return, you charge a monthly/quarterly/ half-yearly fee from the sellers.

People interested in buying their products, contact them, and the sellers can earn a living.

To guarantee that things run smoothly, you can verify sellers by asking for their government issued ID proofs and enter those details in your database. This limits the scope of fraud of any kind.

This way everyone is benefitted and it’s a win-win.

If you like, you can onboard sellers as per your group category. For instance, if you have a parenting community, you can encourage sellers dealing in kids’ and mommies’ stuff only to sell their products.

On the other hand, if you have a food group, you can encourage sellers dealing in kitchenware and other such stuff to sell their products in your group.

Sonia, the admin of Pula Pune Ladies (a women-only Facebook group with over 220K members) has used her Facebook group to earn by helping small sellers tap into the audience of her community.

Contact buyer and seller to earn money from Facebook group

She has created an ecosystem where:

  • Sellers register themselves
  • They showcase their products/services on specific days in the group
  • People see, purchase, and vouch for their products

In fact, she has now launched a separate app where she has all the registered sellers. Through the app, she helps them with the infrastructure of delivery and has tied up with a local partner.

There are a lot of admins who rely on this model to make money from Facebook groups. If you’d like to explore it too, this article will help you get started.

How to earn from your Facebook group by connecting buyers and sellers? A complete guide

  • Conduct offline or online workshops

Understand that you own a community because you are really good at it. And you have been able to motivate people to talk around certain topics because you yourself have a lot of knowledge on that.

And that’s what most admins are doubling down on, especially those of educational groups. The Facebook group Uppskill – Digital Marketing is the best example.

All those willing to enhance their digital marketing skills can be a part of this community. You can share news, updates, and tips and tricks in Digital Marketing. You can also ask questions and discuss ideas and learn together.


Arbab Usmani, the CEO of Uppskill, and admin of the Facebook group has been sharing all relevant information in his community, free of cost.

Alongside, he used to conduct offline workshops (before the pandemic hit) in different cities. And a large number of members of his community attended those. Not only did they pay but also travelled across cities to be a part. However, post covid, all his sessions have been online.

Talking about Fused Glass Fanatics, it is the largest glass community in the US. It is the place to be if you are looking to pursue glass modelling whether as a hobby or professionally.

fused glass fanatics
The admin regularly conducts offline workshops. In the community, he shares his masterpieces, showcases his skills and so do the other members and all of them are constantly learning from each other. He posts about his offline workshops in the community and interested people care to attend it.

Besides, the admin works with glass manufacturers. He has created a subscription plan for them in his community where these manufacturers come and showcase their products.

This way he is giving a platform to them, helping them sustain, providing value to the members and simultaneously making money from his Facebook group.

  • Offer paid courses

It’s pretty much similar to hosting workshops or webinars because the intent is to educate members around something and provide value.

Except that you create an interesting course and share it in exchange for a small fee.

If you’re doing it for the first time – initially, you can keep it free of any charges, see how the members are interacting with it, make changes if required, and finally hit the sales shelf once you’re completely ready.

Samiksha Aggarwal, the admin of Moms Magic Cooking, has created an excellent Online Culinary and Bakery course, in partnership with celebrity chefs.

It’s an attempt to hone the skills of homechefs, homebakers, and cooking/baking enthusiasts. Besides, this course prepares them for various entry level positions in the food service industry.

The course is divided into different projects and the list is as follows.

Know how to profit from facebook groups

Each of these topics are taught by different celebrity chefs and they are individually chargeable. Meaning, if you’d like to attend just one project or two from the entire course, you can pay for just those two.

Of course, there is an annual package too for those interested in the complete course!

The best part is, Samiksha comes up with exciting discounts and offers on the packages from time to time.

That said, you too can curate such brilliant courses based on what your members would love to learn, and start making money with your FB group.

  • Collaboration with experts, mompreneurs, and local entrepreneurs

This is an excellent way to profit from Facebook groups.

You need to identify experts that are relevant to your Facebook group and collaborate with them for insightful sessions in your community.

If you have a health or fitness group, you can collaborate with doctors and fitness experts respectively. Host a live session in your group and address the queries of the members. In return, you can charge from these experts. If it works out well, you can come up with monthly packages too.

Country Medicine Siddha Medicine is one of the largest vernacular Facebook groups in India with over 790K members.

The admin, Praveen, is a former visual artist who quit his job to manage his communities (health and Ayurveda) full-time, at the time when he had not even monetized.

make money with facebook groups with colobration

As of today, he is earning pretty handsomely through his communities and has been able to sustain. He partners with local businesses like medical health professionals, doctors, ayurveda practitioners who pay him a subscription fee. He has quarterly and half yearly subscription packages.

Here’s how it works.

Praveen goes through the conversations, understands members’ requirements/concerns, and curates those live sessions with the practitioners. He then goes live with each of those experts wherein they take up members’ concerns and address them.

There are 25-30 ayurveda practitioners whose businesses are thriving only via the audience of these communities.

Not only are the members and practitioners being benefited but Praveen is also monetising. Most importantly, the impact he is creating is massive!

If you’d like to learn more about his story, check out this BLOG.

How to make money from facebook group

  • Bulk Deals from companies 

This is one of the best ways to earn if you own a travel Facebook group.

DIY travel Philippines is the largest travel group in the Philippines and has over a million members. A number of airlines and travel agencies are a part of this Facebook group.

The founder actually left her job just to manage the community full-time.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Since it’s a travel focused group, people are looking to:

  • Share their experiences
  • Seek suggestions
  • Get good deals on their next travel

And that’s what the admin is doubling down on. The whole model of monetizing is volume discount.

They create sponsored posts of exciting travel deals to get the attention of their audience and earn.


Not only does it benefit the members (as they get their hands on amazing offers) but the travel companies and airlines make the most as they get to close bulk deals. Not to forget, the admin is able to make money with her Facebook group.

  • Offer your Facebook group photo as promotion space

Marketing about products/services via group posts is a standard practice.

What’s gaining momentum these days is admins offering their cover photo for product promotion.

Taking Akansha’s example once again, check out how she has shared a unique code on her group’s cover photo.

promotion on fb group to earn money

Looking at it, we can tell that she is encouraging members to use her code when buying from the brand – Made with Organic.

Members and their acquaintances would get amazing discounts, the brand would be able to expand its reach, Akansha would be able to earn and make a rapport with the brand for future promotions.

According to me, it’s a great way to profit from FB groups! As is, the group cover photo is the first thing members (both existing and new) see.

I recently asked the power admins of our FB group if they offer their cover photo for promotion.


From the poll results, I concluded:

– Around 41% admins didn’t know about it
– Around 37% admins do it as part of the brand campaigns
– Around 21% admins offer their cover photo as promotion space to small business owners other than the paid package
– Just 1% of the admins do it as part of the paid package to small business owners

Now, the call is yours to make. Whether you want to offer it to brands / small businesses / local entrepreneurs as part of the paid package or otherwise.

  •  Affiliate Marketing

In simple words, affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting others’ products and services.

You share a link with the target audience and when someone clicks on the link and completes the purchase, you get a commission.

You can choose to do affiliate marketing in your Facebook group too by promoting products of sellers or companies. But when you do, make sure you are not being promotional or salesy. It may affect your relationship with your members and they might even leave your group.

The best way to do it is by sharing an affiliate link only when you feel it’s relevant and will provide value to the members.

For example, you own a travel Facebook group and have partnered with a brand that sells hiking gear.

When a member seeks out recommendations for the best hiking gear, then you should go ahead and share the affiliate link with them.

But remember, just sharing the link won’t work. You have to provide value to them. So, tell them how this particular brand is better than others and then share the link.

That’s about it.🙌🏻

I hope you were able to gather quite a few ways to monetize your Facebook group.

So, why don’t you go ahead and start monetizing? Don’t forget to tell me which one of these worked for you!

You can share it in the comments below or in our Facebook group where thousands of admins are constantly discussing how to monetize a Facebook group and so much more.🙂

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