Facebook Group Metrics To Improve group engagement

Track These Facebook Group Metrics And Insights To Improve Your Group’s Engagement In 2024

Do you feel overwhelmed looking at your Facebook group insights?

Do you wish there was a simple way to understand all the Facebook group metrics that are vital to track engagement?

Well, it seems like your wish has been granted already!

In this article, I’ve explained about all the Facebook metrics in detail that actually matter for your group’s engagement.

If you read it till the end, you will be able to interpret all the group metrics easily, and understand about your members and how they are engaging with the group posts.

Here’s how the article flows:

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Why should Facebook group admins rely on group insights and metrics? 

A Facebook group is so much like a human body. The minute you stop taking care of either of them, they will stop functioning and ultimately become dead.

Hence, it is necessary to keep checking on your health and that of your Facebook group.

For the latter, you obviously need the right set of engagement metrics.

That’s where Facebook group insights help. They provide a holistic understanding of how your group is growing, how your members are engaging with the content, who are engaging the most, when they are the most active, and so on.

Couple these insights with your group health data from Convosight and you’ll be able to upskill your community management game forever!

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Here’s a sneak peek into our Facebook group’s health from Convosight.

Facebook Group Insights and Metrics

If you observe, this is very different from the Facebook group insights dashboard. We prepared it keeping in mind the actual and real metrics that will matter for you and your Facebook group.

Breaking down these metrics for you below:

a. Engagement Rate It refers to the average number of actions done by a member in a month in your FB group. An ER of 436% means a member does 4.36 actions in a month in your community.

b. Activity Rate – It refers to the average reactions and comments a post receives in your FB group in a month. An AR of 32 means a post gets 32 reactions and comments on an average in your FB group.

c. Posts – It refers to the total number of posts that were posted in your community in the selected time period.

d. Conversations – It refers to the total number of conversations that happened in your community in the selected time period.

To understand why these metrics increase or decrease, feel free to go through this blog.👇🏻

How well did your FB group perform? Everything explained

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Facebook Group Detailed Insight and Metrics

Coming back to group insights on Facebook. Let’s start with how to find them.

How to access Facebook group insights? 

1. From the news feed, head over to the group you’d like to see insights for

Facebook group insights Engagement

2. In the left hand corner, you’ll see a list of options including a bunch of admin tools. Scroll down to Insights.

How to Find Insights for a Facebook group

On mobile, you can access Facebook group insights by tapping on the star icon on the top right.

Facebook group Insights tool

It will take you to admin tools and as you scroll down, you’ll see your insights data.

Facebook group Insights 2021

Now that you know how to access Facebook insights, let’s have a look at each of the group analytics on Facebook.

Facebook Group Insights Explained 

When you head to your group insights, don’t feel anxious upon seeing all these options.

Facebook group analytics

The Facebook metrics that are important for tracking your Facebook group engagement are: Growth, Engagement, and Membership. 

Let’s drill down into each of these Facebook group stats and learn how to track them for a better understanding of our respective communities.

Facebook Group Metrics for Growth

By default, the first set of Facebook group statistics are on growth.

Click on it and you will see a graph that shows the member growth in your Facebook group over the last 28 days.

You can change the time period by clicking on the drop down and choosing any from the last 7 days, 28 days, 60 days, or even a custom time period.

Page 7 Image 7

You will see the total number of members in your group on that date (in this case 1549) and the % increase (15.6%) over the selected time period (28 days).

Besides, you can hover anywhere on the graph to know the exact member count on that particular date.

As you scroll down, you’ll see:

a. A graph denoting daily active members (in this case 1313) over the selected time period (28 days) in your Facebook group

b. Total number of membership requests, declined, approved, and blocked over the same time period

Facebook Group Growth Insight and analytics

When you divide the number of active members by the total number of group members and multiply by 100, you’ll get the % of active members in your group.

Here, it is 1313/1539 x 100, which is 85%.

Looking at the growth insights, you can easily understand: 

  1. The growth rate of your community
  2. % of people who are active daily in your Facebook group

Facebook Group Engagement Metrics 

Before heading onto the engagement metrics, let me make clear-

What does engagement mean on Facebook? 

To put Facebook engagement definition simply, it is the number of actions (likes, comments, and shares) people do on your posts.

It defines how well people are connecting with your posts. Higher the Facebook engagement, the more your members relate to your posts and vice-versa.

Now, if you are thinking about – ‘What is Facebook post engagement?’, it’s nothing different.

Facebook engagement and Facebook post engagement are the same.

The engagement graph you see in Facebook insights shows the total number of posts done in the last 28 days in your Facebook group along with the total comments and reactions received on them and % increase or decrease.

You can change the time period by clicking on the drop down and choose any from the last 7 days, 28 days, 60 days, or even a custom time period.

 average engagement rate on Facebook group

How to calculate average engagement rate on Facebook? 

To calculate the engagement rate of your Facebook group, do this:

Total posts + Total comments + Total reactions / Total members 

Please note that we are talking about the total posts, comments, and reactions for 30 days.

Now if you;re thinking ‘What is a good engagement rate on Facebook’, let me shed some light on that.

For small and medium sized groups, an engagement rate of

For large groups, an engagement rate over 100% is considered to be good.

Coming back to community engagement metrics.

Next, you’ll see the popular days and time graphs. Seeing this, you can tell the days and approximate time when your members are most active in your group.

good engagement rate on Facebook

While this is a visual representation of popular days and times, Convosight tells you the exact best times for every day to post in your group, along with the best post format.

How to get good engagement rate on facebook group

SIGN UP now to get the best times for your group.

Facebook group analytics and insights

You can refer to this blog to learn more about our Post Scheduler

How to schedule FB group posts? Introducing the best post scheduler 

When you scroll down further, you’ll see the top posts in the selected time period. Top posts are the ones that get the maximum reach and engagement (comments and reactions) in your Facebook group.

Facebook Group engagement insights

Looking at the engagement insights, you can easily understand: 

  1. When your members are most active
  2. The type of posts they engage with the most

In addition to these engagement metrics in group insights, post reach is yet another Facebook metric that you should keep a tab on.

What is Post Reach and why does it matter? 

If you look at the posts in the group you’re an admin of, you’ll see ‘Post Reach’ under each of them.

Facebook Group Metrics Details

It’s an excellent metric that Facebook came up with sometime back.

Post Reach tells the number of people who saw that post at least once in your group. However, it does not guarantee that those people actually spent time reading your post.

For public groups, the number includes both members and non-members.

When you click on Post Reach or View Insights option, you’ll come across these Facebook metrics:

Facebook Group Metrics for Engagement

  1. Post Engagement – As already mentioned what is Facebook post engagement above, I’ll just reiterate. It is the number of times members engage with your post through likes, comments, shares.
  2. People Reach – It is called Post Reach which tells the number of people who saw the post at least once in your group.
  3. Active Members at the time of post – It refers to the number of people who were active in the group in the last 28 days. A member is considered to be active if they have viewed the content in the group or in the news feed.

These are basic yet vital engagement metrics to look at.

Moving forward to shed light on-

Facebook Group Membership Metrics 

This section is your answer on how to find the top contributors for your Facebook group. 

Facebook Group Membership Metrics

You can use these details to acknowledge your top contributors and thank them for their efforts and participation in the community.

It’s a great way to increase your Facebook group engagement and make your members feel valued at the same time.

We create such a post once every month (mostly in the first week) in our Facebook group.

FB Group insight and analytics

Meanwhile, you can check out this blog to know about other ways to keep your group members active and engaged.

25 highly effective Facebook group engagement ideas  

In addition to top contributors, you also get to know the age and gender details of your group members.

Facebook Group Member Details and analytics

And also the top counties and cities your members hail from.

Fb group Analytics and Insights

What to do if your Facebook group insights are not showing? 

If at any time your Facebook group insights are not showing, login to your Facebook account through the incognito mode from your laptop. If you still cannot see your Facebook group insights, it may be because of a technical glitch, so I’d suggest you report it to Facebook.

You can do that by tapping on the ‘Group Support’ option from the list of options you see on the left.

Facebook group insights are not showing

If you don’t have the ‘Groups Support’ option, go to ‘Help & Support’ by clicking on the dropdown against your name and report your issue there.

Facebook group metrics Help

That’s all about the Facebook group metrics and insights you must track.

Share with me any further insights and learnings of your community.

Drop them in the comments below or post them in our FB Group where thousands of FB groups admins are constantly talking about engagement metrics and so much more about community building. 🙂

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    For small and medium sized groups, an engagement rate of

    For large groups, an engagement rate over 100% is considered to be good.”

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