Facebook Group Metrics To Improve group engagement

Track These Facebook Group Metrics To Improve Your Group’s Engagement In 2021

If you wish to know about the top metrics to track to understand the health of your Facebook group, this article is all that you need. 

A Facebook group is so much like a human body. The minute you stop taking care of either of them, they will stop functioning and ultimately become dead. 

Hence, it is necessary to keep checking on your health and that of your Facebook group. 

For the latter, you obviously need to track the right set of metrics. But before I begin to tell you about them, I would like to show you how my Facebook group health report looks.

group health latest

In one single snapshot, I can show the quality and value that my community is creating for its members to any brand and make them want to collaborate with me.

If you observe, this is very different from the Facebook group insights dashboard. Well, we prepared it on Convosight keeping in mind the actual and real metrics that will matter for you and your Facebook group.

But, hang on… If you are thinking why you should listen to me, here’s because…

I have a fair understanding of building and growing communities using the right metrics 🙂

I have spent the last 5 years of my life building a community of moms which is now 1.5 million (engagement 1300%) strong. I am currently the Mommy in Chief 😛 of Convosight, a platform where we work with 5000+ Facebook Group owners, helping them grow and engage their Facebook groups in the right way.

And, I am now also running an active Facebook group called Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Groups (engagement 1700%) where group owners like you actively discuss what Facebook group metrics they should be looking at to check the health of their community.

Also, the way I have defined these metrics is so that I can understand clearly, where the problem is and what do I need to work on 🙂

So, let’s dive right into understanding all the Facebook group metrics and Convosight metrics that actually matter.

Facebook Group Insights Explained

Facebook group insights tell you about the member activity, growth, and engagement of your group.

To access, go to your group, scroll down to group insights in the left panel and select any of these options.

facebook group insights

Facebook group insights: Growth

The graph below shows the member growth in your Facebook group over the last 28 days.

You can change the time period by clicking on the drop down and choosing any from the last 7 days, 28 days, 60 days, or even a custom time period.

growth Fb insights

You will see the total number of members in your group on that date (in this case 1549) and the % increase (15.6%) over the selected time period (28 days).

Besides, you can hover anywhere on the graph to know the exact member count on that particular date.

As you scroll down, you’ll see:

  1. A graph denoting daily active members (in this case 1313) over the selected time period (28 days) in your Facebook group
  2. Total number of membership requests, declined, approved, and blocked over the same time period

growth1 fb insights

When you divide the number of active members by the total number of group members and multiply by 100, you’ll get the % of active members in your group.

Here, it is 1313/1539 x 100, which is 85%.

Looking at the growth insights, you can easily understand: 

  1. The growth rate of your community
  2. % of people who are active daily in your Facebook group

Facebook group insights: Engagement 

The graph below shows the total numbers of posts done in the last 28 days in your Facebook group along with the total comments and reactions received on them and % increase or decrease.

You can change the time period by clicking on the drop down and choose any from the last 7 days, 28 days, 60 days, or even a custom time period.

engagement fb group insights

As you scroll down, you’ll see the popular days and time graph. Seeing this, you can tell the days and approximate time when your members are most active in your group.

Facebook Group Analytics

While this is a visual representation of popular days and times, Convosight tells you the exact best times for every day to post in your group. SIGN UP now to get the best times for your group.

Coming back to Facebook group insights.

When you scroll down further, you’ll see the top posts in the selected time period. Top posts are the ones that get the maximum reach and engagement (comments and reactions) in your Facebook group.

reach and engagement insights

Looking at the engagement insights, you can easily understand: 

  1. When your members are the most active
  2. The type of posts they engage with the most

Facebook Group Insights: Admins and Moderators

Facebook Group Insights: Memberships

This section tells you about:

a. The top contributors of your group


b. Age and gender of your group members


c. Top counties and cities your members hail from

top countries

IMPORTANT NOTE: If at any time your Facebook group insights are not showing, login to your Facebook account through the incognito mode from your laptop. If still you cannot see your Facebook group insights, it may be because of a technical glitch, so I’d suggest you report it to Facebook.

Now that you know all about Facebook group insights, let’s move on to know about the Convosight metrics that matter.

Track these Convosight Metrics to increase Facebook group engagement

New group health by convosight

A. Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate helps you understand how valuable your community is.

The greater the engagement rate of your group, higher is the value being created.

It is the average actions (posts + comments + reactions) done by a member per month in your Facebook group.

It is calculated as: Total posts, comments, and reactions divided by Total members

It is a function of the number of people.

In the snapshot above, the engagement rate is 102%, which means, a member does 1.02 actions per month in this Facebook group.

FYI: Facebook considers the engagement rate for any community over 80% to be super awesome!! So, if your community has an engagement rate around 80% and above, your community is headed in the right direction.

B. Activity Rate

It helps you understand how much value is being created per post in your community.

It is the average number of comments and reactions received per post per month in your Facebook group.

It is calculated as total reactions and comments divided by total posts.

It is a function of the number of posts.

In the snapshot above, the activity rate is 38, which means, a post gets 38 reactions per month in this Facebook group.

To understand about the % increase and decrease given below the numbers and the reasons why engagement rate and activity rate go down, go through this BLOG

C. Activity per post type 

To understand which type of posts are getting the maximum engagement in your Facebook group.

Navigate to the Reshare Posts tab on Convosight. You can see the total number of video, image, and plain text posts done in the Facebook group along with the activity rate of each one.

reshare posts 1

From the snapshot above, we can easily tell that image posts work the best because it has an activity rate of 49 which is better than 30 and 18 for video and text posts respectively.

D. Performance of admin posts

The Post Analytics feature of Convosight measures the % increase/ decrease in the performance of posts done through Convosight.

Please note that only admins and moderators can post through Convosight.

post analytics feature of convosight

As you can see in the above snapshot, Post Analytics tells:

  • The number of posts done through Convosight (6) in your Facebook group and what % it is of the total posts done in the last 30 days (3%)
  • Activity rate (68.5) of the posts done through Convosight and % increase (154%) as compared to the group average
  • Impact of the posts done  (4.2K interactions) and how higher or lower it is than an average post (154%)

In simple words, the post analytics tells you the delta or incremental benefit when you post in your community.

If you’d like to understand how to post on your Facebook group through Convosight’s Post Scheduler, go through this GUIDE

Last but the best part… You don’t need to download any excel from Facebook to look at these metrics. You can get them in just 2 clicks from Convosight. In fact, we send you a daily summary in your email, so that you always know what is the health of your group!

If you want a report on your Facebook group just SIGN UP on Convosight (it is completely FREE) 

It takes us about 24 hours to truly understand your group and tell you your key statistics. But trust me, THE WAIT IS WORTH IT. 🙂

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