Facebook Group Cover Photo Size

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size 2024 + 10 Free Templates

Your Facebook group cover photo is essentially the first thing potential members notice.

It sets the tone of your Facebook group and is a key part of your branding.

So, it must be top-notch.

It’s also necessary that you pay attention to all the details – be it your Facebook group cover size, design, or anything else.

In this blog post, we’re going to look at:

Not just that, I’m also going to share with you 10 mind-blowing Facebook group cover photo templates to get the ball rolling! 🙂

So, let’s get started!

Facebook Group Cover Photo Details

The perfect Facebook Group cover photo size 2024

The ideal Facebook group cover image size for 2024 is 1640 x 856 pixels.

That said, the aspect ratio comes down to 1.91:1 ratio.

Facebook Group cover photo size 2021

Source: Facebook

This size is the one that fits both – desktop and mobile.

So, use the exact dimensions for your Fb group cover photo or you could end up having any important information cropped out!

As explained by Facebook,

“We recommend not placing important information in the gray areas, as group visitors may not see the entire image on a mobile device.”

Now that you know about the right Facebook group’s cover photo dimensions, let me tell you how some power admins are using their Facebook group banner to their advantage.

9 Best Practices for Group Cover Photos for Facebook

I recently asked the power admins of our Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins, about the things they keep in mind while designing their Facebook group cover photos, the tools they use to create it, and how often they change it.

fb cover photo

The responses were extremely insightful.

Facebook Group Cover Photo Suggestion

facebook group cover photo post comments

From here and a few other sources, I’ve collated all the things you should take care of when designing your Facebook group cover image.

  • Always use sharp, high-quality images

Needless to say, your FB group cover photo is the first touchpoint for all potential members. Hence, it must be clean, sharp, attractive, and most importantly, of high-quality.

Alongside, placement of the image and text must also be paid attention to.

This is the cover photo of one of Baby Destination’s Facebook groups, Make up, skin, and hair care tips.

Facebook Group Cover Photo for Beauty Groups

It’s extremely striking, and surely attracts the attention in a glance!

The image collage is on the left and text on the right which is an ideal flow.

And the whitespace on the right plays in the image’s favor. It makes the text more legible and the overall image to be more attractive.

  • Highlight the mission/vision of your Facebook group

The cover photo should convey your Facebook group’s mission or vision.

Simply said, it should tell what your group is about in the first instance itself.

Check out the cover photo of the public Facebook group, M2M Open Mic.

It’s a platform for people to showcase their talents, be it, poetry, singing, storytelling, or others alike.

FB group Cover Photo Example

And the Facebook cover conveys exactly that.

The visual (with a boy on left and a girl on right) signifies that it’s a gender-neutral Facebook group. And the microphone indicates an open stage where anyone can come forward and showcase their talent.

The text in the centre has the name of the group and tells about the different talents that are welcomed and appreciated in the group.

The yellow color is striking and stands against the blue color interface of Facebook which makes it really attractive.

Overall, this is a perfect cover photo and you must ensure that the cover photo for your Facebook group is along the same lines too.🙂

  • Include branding in your cover photo

When you do that, you are telling potential members about the business your Facebook group is connected with, if it is.

That said, if someone is a loyal follower of your brand, they might want to join your Facebook group too.

So, when you include your brand logo in your Facebook group cover photo, they relate with it and are highly likely to join.

Check out the cover photo of Mom’s lifestyle, beauty, and health tips, another Facebook group of Baby Destination.

mom's lifestyle, beauty, and health tipsThe logo is placed right above the text and is clearly visible.

Make sure you do the same for your Facebook group cover photo.

  • Change your group cover photo before events

Be it a product release or an important event, make it a point to change your Facebook group cover photo.

Doing this helps create a buzz in the community and members feel special as you share with them some important and amazing things.

Not just that, it serves as a reminder too!

For instance, we at Convosight introduced a daily summary for Facebook group admins on WhatsApp as well. (An important release!)

So, we changed the cover photo of our Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins, to tell members about it.

growth and monetisation for Facebook group admins

Similarly, we updated our cover photo before the monetisation workshop we conducted a few weeks back.

monetisation workshop

Likewise, you can update your cover photo and promote small sellers and their products.

The admin of Super Indian Women updated her group’s cover photo a few weeks back wherein:

  • She announced the Karvachauth contest
  • Promoted the business owner who sponsored it and her products

karvachauth contest

  • Promote brands on your Facebook group cover photo and provide value to members 

If you have collaborated with brands, you can upload a cover photo promoting them.

This not only expands the brand’s reach but also hints members about the interesting conversations, contests that might be ongoing in the community.

Hence, potential members are more likely to join your group.

Check out the cover photo for the Facebook group, Indian WomenEra.

indian women era

A simple, clean yet striking cover photo that highlights the products the brand (Clovia) deals in.

  • Showcase members’ photos in your Facebook cover

This works like a charm especially if you own a food group.

A few admins (who own a food community) I know do this to appreciate the members for their efforts and showcase their cooking talent.

Have a look at how the admin of Delhi Foodiez does it.

delhi foodiez

P.S. Doing this also gets Adit (the admin of Delhi Foodiez) some great engagement among other things. You can read his full story here.

  • Lookout for mobile and desktop view

Even if you know the right dimensions for your Facebook group cover photo, chances are that the top and bottom part of it will be cut.

So, make sure you keep that space free. That said, try and include all elements of your design in the middle.

This way your cover photo will not be affected and will look as attractive.

  • Keep in mind the thumbnail preview

You must have seen previews of Facebook groups like this when FB suggests you groups to join.

Screenshot 760

Facebook grabs these thumbnails automatically from the centre of your cover photo.

That said, when you’re designing your Facebook group banner, consider having some important element in the centre. So that when Facebook chooses your group header for preview, it’s clean and conveys the main message in a glance.

  • Pay attention to Facebook gradient on desktop 

This is an important element to consider when designing your Facebook group banner.

On desktop display, Facebook pulls one color from the sides of your cover photo and creates a gradient in the background. Like this –

Screenshot 761

If your group cover photo has too many colors in it or a color that’s different from your branding, it might look a bit off. So, I’d recommend you choose standard colors that look neat and make the overall visual balanced.

Facebook Group Cover Photo Maker

5 easy-to-use Facebook group cover photo makers

There are literally so many tools out there that can help you create a fantastic Facebook group header.

While it sounds good and all to our advantage, that also means – a lot of confusion!

To prevent you from sinking into the pool of resources and make things easier for you, I have shortlisted the 5 best Facebook group cover photo makers.

  • Canva

Canva is almost every community leader’s best friend!

It lets you create stunning group cover photos and other social media graphics without any prior design experience. Thanks to its drag and drop feature and professional layout.

Why should you use it?

  • It offers millions of images, thousands of icons and shapes, and hundreds of fonts to choose from
  • It offers advanced photo filters and photo editing tools
  • Choose a free or paid version depending on your needs (There’s even a 30-day free trial for the paid one)
  • Millions of people love it and it takes just 23 seconds to learn
  • Crello

Crello is a hassle-free design tool that lets you create outstanding social media graphics including Facebook group cover photos.

Why should you use it?

  • It offers 10,000 free design templates and 65 million stock images
  • It offers free unlimited storage and folders to organize your work alongside 11,000 free design elements
  • It’s a completely free tool unless you choose to buy additional elements
  • Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is yet another tool that lets you create some striking photos in no time.

Begin by choosing the dimensions of Facebook group cover photo and go ahead and choose a template that aligns with your personal brand.

Jazz it up a little by adding an attractive image and playing around with fonts!

Why should you use it?

  • Full access to premium templates, Adobe fonts, and more
  • Available on IOS, android, and web
  • Snappa

Snappa claims to help you create some exciting Facebook group cover photos in a snap.

Why should you use it?

  • It gives you access to 3,000,000 plus high-resolution stock-free photos
  • Has hundreds of templates to choose from
  • It also allows you to customize the graphics, templates and texts to create brand cover photos.
  • PicMonkey

This easy to use photo editing and design software claims to help you create scroll-stopping Facebook group cover photos in just a few clicks.

Why should you use it?

  • You can either add your own photo or choose from the millions available
  • Tweak exposure, touch up portraits, and add effects transform your photo editing experience
  • One-click background remover is a game-changer

Before we get to designing, let me share with you how you can change/upload your Facebook group banner. 

How to change cover photo on Facebook group?

1. From the bottom left corner in your news feed, select the group you’d like to change cover photo for.

How to change cover photo on Facebook group?

2. Your Facebook group’s home page will appear. Select ‘Edit’ button on the top of your existing Fb group cover photo.

How to change cover photo

3. A list of options will appear. Select ‘upload photo’ to choose a new cover photo from your device.

How to Edit Facebook Group Cover Pic

4. Select the desired photo, drag to reposition, and hit save.

NOTE: Only admins can change Facebook group cover photo.

Facebook Group Cover Photo Examples

10 Free Facebook Group Cover Photo Templates 

Prepared on Canva

1. Perfect for food groups

Free Facebook Group Cover Photo Template for Food Group

Edit this template here

2. Ideal for finance-related Facebook groups

Free Facebook Group Cover Photo Template for finance facebook group

Edit this template here

3. Because Christmas is just round the corner!

Facebook Group Free template for Christmas

Edit this template here

4. Welcome 2022 with an amazing contest for your members!

Facebook cover template for New Year Free

Edit this template here

5. For the beauty groups out there

Free Facebook Group Cover Photo for Beauty Pages

Edit this template here

6. Because winter is coming!

Facebook Cover Photo for Winter

Edit this template here

7. For all the travel groups out there

Free Facebook Group Cover template

Edit this template here

8. For all the mommie groups out there

Free Facebook Group Cover template

Edit this template here

9. Ideal for all baking groups

GB Group Cover Picture template for baking group

Edit this template here

10. Best for groups of dog lovers

Free Facebook Group Cover Pic for Dog Group

Edit this template here

That’s about it.

Now, you have everything to create a nail-biting cover photo, starting from the right Facebook group cover photo size to templates. So, pick one and get started now!

Do share your designs in the comments below or post them in our Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins, where thousands of power admins are talking about this and so much more about Facebook groups.🙂

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