Facebook group contest ideas

7 Best Facebook Group Contest Ideas Proven To Drive Massive Engagement In 2024

Running contests in your Facebook group is an awesome way to boost your groupā€™s engagement. šŸš€

Itā€™s also a great way to grow your online community and even build an email list.

In this article, Iā€™m going to share 7 Facebook group contest ideas you can use to experience these benefits yourself.

Not just that, Iā€™m also going to shed light on how some of the top admins have used each of these Facebook contest ideas in their groups.

FB group contest ideas
Before diving into them, Iā€™d like to share with you some interesting insights on:

What are good contest ideas for a Facebook group?Ā 

A few days back, I did a poll in our Facebook group of power admins asking what according to them are some good Facebook contest ideas.

And here are the results.

Poll for facebook group contest

  1. 55% admins believe that ā€˜Upload a photo/videoā€™ is a great Facebook group contest idea
  2. 18% admins like to host talent shows in their Facebook groups
  3. 10% admins feel live quiz is a great Facebook contest idea
  4. 7.5% admins like to host live cooking/fitness challenges in their groups
  5. 4.5% admins believe that caption it and write a one liner is a great Facebook group contest idea
  6. 3% admins prefer to host contests on their groupā€™s anniversary

List of the best Facebook group contest ideas for 2022

1. Live Quiz
2. Live Cooking Contest
3. Milestone Accomplishment Contest
4. Talent Hunt
5. Upload a photo/video Contest
6. Upliftment and Encouragement Contests
7. ‘Caption it’ Contest

Let’s dive into the details of each one.

1. Live QuizĀ 

The team of Baby Destination came up with this unique concept. It helped them increase their FB page engagement from a couple hundreds to 20,000 on a single post.

Undoubtedly, they have been using it ever since in their Facebook groups.

Just like KBC, Live Quiz has a set of pre-recorded questions, 4 answers to choose from, and a timer.

In their Facebook group, Home Remedies for Babies and Moms, the admin posted a live quiz in collaboration with Dettol. Have a look at the engagement (135 reactions and 2K comments)

Facebook Group Contest Ideas - Live Quiz

This live quiz:

  • Actively engaged members and we can say they loved participating in it (looking at the engagement)
  • Enhanced membersā€™ knowledge about the brandā€™s latest product – Dettol and Moms soap
  • Increased brand exposure and usage among members as those who participated would be inclined to use the products after learning about their effectiveness and the winners got the latest Dettol and Moms soap.

Best Suited For: ALL types of Facebook groupsĀ 

This is just one example of how Baby Destination invented and used Live Quiz. In their other FB groups, they created questions according to their niche (i.e. parenting) and group types.

You can go ahead and create questions as per your group type. No matter whatā€™s your group type, this contest idea will work like a charm. Most of all, it will provide immense value and knowledge to the members along with fun.

2. Live Cooking Contest

We all know that live sessions attract a lot of engagement in a Facebook group.

Couple that with a contest and youā€™ll be amazed to see the engagement on group posts and the excitement amongst the members.

Samiksha, the admin of Moms Magic Cooking, hosts live cooking contests in her group often.

On the heels of Independence Day, she organised ā€˜Desh ka Gauravā€™ contest wherein members went live and prepared a tricolor dish.

live cooking

These dishes were judged by renowned chefs and the winners won exciting prizes alongside being called out in the group.

Itā€™s a fantastic opportunity for home bakers and home chefs to showcase their talent and skills.

Best Suited For: COOKING, FITNESS, PARENTING, and other similar Facebook groupsĀ 

You can modify the theme according to your group type and run this contest.

For instance, if you have a fitness Facebook group, you can host live fitness challenges and reward members.

Reetika, the admin of Weight loss post pregnancy, (one of the Facebook groups of Baby Destination) hosts weekly/monthly live fitness challenges wherein members go live and perform the exercises.

FB Group Contest Suggestion

Towards the end, Reetika evaluates the performance of each participant and gives them feedback. Upon completion of the challenge, she even shares certificates with the top performers.

This motivates the members immensely and they enjoy double benefits:

  • The exercises help them stay fit – the primary reason they joined the group
  • The certification and calling out makes them feel special and increases their enthusiasm for the upcoming challenges and motivates them to perform even better

3. Milestone Accomplishment ContestĀ 

As the name tells, you can host contests in your Facebook groups on accomplishing certain milestones like your group hitting 20K, 50K or 1 lac members.

Akansha Bansal, the admin of Parenting Mom Style, hosted a mega giveaway in collaboration with brands like Mommy pure, Straw fit, Bioderma, and more when her group reached 50K members.

facebook giveaway ideas

She hosted a bunch of contests as part of the mega giveaway, one of which was:

milestone achievements

Hereā€™s what members had to do:

  • Follow the brandsā€™ (MommyPure and StrawFit) Instagram pages
  • Tag their family and friends in the comments section of the above FB group post
  • Use the images given and tag both the brands on their Instagram / Facebook stories or personal profiles (optional step)

Doing this:

  • Pumped up the excitement level in members as they stood a chance to win some amazing prizes from the brands
  • Helped brands expand their reach massively on multiple social media channels
  • Helped Akanshaā€™s group grow even further

A win-win for everyone!

Best Suited For: ALL types of Facebook groups

4. Talent HuntĀ 

Members join a Facebook group for 3 reasons: To enhance their knowledge, form meaningful connections, and be acknowledged.

With that said, organising a Talent Hunt for your members is the best way to acknowledge and bring out the best in them.

Puja Rinesh Thakur, the admin of Kids Learning with Mom, organised a Handwriting Challenge for kids wherein mommies encouraged their kids to write 6-7 lines and share the same in the group. Winners were called out and rewarded.

Competition in Facebook Group

Similarly, Puja Anand Pandey, the admin of Mommies Schooling, organises weekly and monthly contests for the kids in order to make everyday learning fun for them.

Sharing with you one of the recent ones below.

Facebook group contest ideas talent hunt

It was a weekly contest and the theme was animals. Puja listed the activities for each day of the week in the post. Based on this, mommies posted their kidsā€™ entries in the group everyday.

Facebook group contest ideastalent hunt

At the end of the week, the top performer in the contest was given a badge.

And at the end of the month, the kid with maximum badges was titled ā€˜Kid of the Monthā€™ – who is then called out in the group, given a badge, and exciting gift hampers.

Doing this:

  • Kids are constantly learning something new while being engaged in productive things
  • Pumps up the motivation and enthusiasm in both kids and mommies

Best Suited For: KIDS, PARENTING, and a few GENERAL category Facebook groupsĀ 

If you have a parenting community (mom-only, dad-only) or a region-specific Facebook group (for instance that connects Maharashtrian women from all over the world), you can easily organize talent hunts.

Ask members to showcase their talent (be it any – singing, writing, dancing, baking, cooking etc.) and reward them.

Iā€™m a witness to these contests being a massive hit in a few Facebook groups.

If you havenā€™t organised this one yet, I suggest you do it today!

Facebook Group Contest Suggestions

5. Upload a Photo/ Video ContestĀ 

Sounds interesting and pretty self-explanatory, no?

It indeed is.

Sheetal Kukreja, the admin of Bacho ka Khana Khazana, organises weekly and monthly contests in her group based on different themes.

In one such contest, she encouraged the mommies to share a picture or video of their healthy recipes made with potatoes.

Facebook group contest idea for food group

The best recipes were featured in the group which encouraged the members and uplifted their confidence. Besides, they were able to learn a lot of new recipes from each other.

In another Facebook photo contest example, Adit Kohli, the admin of Delhi Foodiez, hosted a quickish food contest in his group in collaboration with Quikish. He encouraged members to share a picture of a self-made dish they love to have while travelling using the hashtag quikish.

As part of the contest, they had to tag and invite 5 friends or family members to the group. Simultaneously, they had to follow the brandā€™s social media handles linked.

Facebook group Contest Winner Announcement

Hereā€™s what the contest helped do:

  • Members recalled their travelling moments and felt nostalgic as they are under lockdown due to the covid crisis in India
  • They were able to learn a lot of new recipes from each other
  • The brand was able to expand its reach
  • Adit was able to grow and engage his community all the more

Sharing yet another Facebook photo contest example below.

Michelle Enriquez, one of the admins of DIY Travel Philippines, tells how their partner brands run contests in their FB group.

Recently, Haya Resorts posted in the community asking members to share photos/videos of their recent stay at Haya Resort with the hashtag hayadoing. They also had to tag five friends as it increased their chances of winning.

Photo Contest in FB group community

Winners were announced on the brandā€™s FB page and they won a night stay at the resort.

  • People love to share their travel pictures on social media and thatā€™s what members did
  • Since they tagged 5 or more friends, it increased the brandsā€™ reach and also helped the group grow

Amazing, right?

Best Suited For: ALL types of Facebook groupsĀ 

6. Upliftment & Encouragement ContestsĀ 

Not all contests should be run for a material reward. Some should be hosted just for the sake of spreading happiness.

Such was Neha Ramghariaā€™s recent contest in her FB group, Indian WomenEra.

Because India is going through a catastrophic second wave of Covid and all we hear are saddening stories of losing loved ones, Neha decided to cheer up her group members and spread a little ray of positivity in their lives.

For that, she encouraged members to share their selfies with their beautiful smiles in the group.

encouragement contest

Members actively took part and they were able to keep aside their sorrows and look beyond for them a little while.

Taking another example of our own Facebook group – Every month we start a prompt in and ask members to share a snapshot of their Convosight dashboard with us. We look at their group health and give them feedback on it.

Facebook group contest ideas in encouragement contest

Not just that, we pick admins and feature their journey of community building on our platform.

encouragement contest

The members are deeply humbled and feel grateful towards us for choosing them. As is, getting featured on Convosight is yet another feather in their cap.

Check out this BLOG to read how Sarika Pramod Dhane scaled her FB group of Maharashtrian ladies to 289K members.Ā 

Best Suited For: ALL types of Facebook groupsĀ 

7. ā€˜Caption itā€™ ContestĀ 

Ask members to caption an image/ video or share a one liner in exchange for appreciation and reward!

Khushbu Priyanshu Rastogi, the admin of Moms and Babies Destination, asked members to post the benefit of aloe vera in one line and post as a separate post in the group.

caption it

Not only did members get to know the innumerable benefits of aloe vera but the three best entries won exciting prizes, and all members got participation certificates which made them happy and acknowledged.

Best Suited For: ALL types of Facebook groupsĀ 

Top Facebook contest ideas for brands

Thatā€™s about it, folks!

Hope you got some unique and mind-blowing Facebook group contest ideas. Use them to host the next contest in your group.

In case you wish to know about other ways to increase your Facebook group engagement, you can refer to this blog šŸ‘‡šŸ»

25 highly effective Facebook group engagement ideasĀ 

Feel free to share your feedback or any new ideas in the comments below. You can also write to us in our Facebook group where thousands of FB group admins are discussing this and so much more about community building.

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