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How To Go Live In A Facebook Group? + 15 Best Facebook Live Ideas To Boost Engagement

If you want to drive tons of engagement in your Facebook group and want it to grow massively, Facebook live is undoubtedly your best bet. 

The problems? 

Knowing all the technicalities surrounding how to go live in a Facebook group. 


Coming up with unique Facebook live ideas every single time. 

TBH, it’s even harder if you’ve never done a Facebook live before. 

The mere idea of going live is enough to freak out a newbie – let alone brainstorming on how to do it, or what to do and talk about. 

Which is why I’ve created this guide and explained everything on: 

I’ve even compiled a list of 15 amazing Facebook live ideas that are guaranteed to skyrocket your group’s engagement. 

Each of these are backed by my own research and most of them were shared by admins in our Facebook group. These have worked like a charm in their communities. 

So, let’s get started!

Facebook Live Ideas Easy

How to go live in a Facebook Group? 

To go live in your Facebook group, please follow these steps. 

1. Go to your Facebook group and click ‘what’s on your mind’. In the ‘add to your post’ section, you’ll see three dots (…). Click it.

how to do facebook live

2. Select ‘Live Video’

how to do facebook live in group

3. You will then be led to the Facebook Live interface. Make sure to click ‘Allow’ on the popup. Facebook needs access to your microphone and camera so you can go live.

Try Facebook Live Ideas

4. On the upper left-hand corner, you can select whether to go live right now or to schedule your Facebook live. What you choose here is completely up to you. 

How to go live in Facebook group?

5. You are also given the option to add a title and caption to your Facebook live stream. This is optional, but there are times when this can come in handy. Especially if you have a planned or scheduled Facebook live. You would want to inform your members what the FB live is going to be all about. If it’s unplanned or a surprise Facebook live, you can get away without putting anything here. This is completely your call.

how to go live on facebook group 2021

6. Don’t forget to double-check your camera and microphone setup. Make sure you have a working mic and your camera is on. Facebook lives are raw and don’t necessarily need to have a high production value. But having a decent camera (laptop camera or webcam is fine) and making sure you are audible are basic requirements.

How to Live Stream In A Facebook Group

BONUS: If you want to have really smooth and clean audio that eliminates noise and other unnecessary sounds in your environment, I highly recommend Krisp. Krisp is an AI-powered app that kills background noise and gives you voice quality that’s almost on par with high-end microphones. You can check out its FREE plan! 

how to go live on facebook group 2021

Here’s how you can select Krisp mic on your Facebook live. 

how to go facebook live

7. Now that you’re all set, it’s time to hit ‘Go Live’.

how to go live on facebook group from computer

How to schedule a Facebook live in 2022?

To schedule a FB live in 2021, follow the exact steps mentioned in the above section except for step 4. Instead of selecting ‘Go Live Now’, choose ‘Schedule A Live Video’.

How to schedule a Facebook live 2021

This will lead you to a new interface that looks like this. 

How to schedule live on facebook group

Follow the instructions given and copy-paste the Stream Key into your preferred streaming app.

If you’re not tech savvy, I wouldn’t recommend doing scheduled Facebook live videos inside your group right off the bat. 

But if you really want to go for it, check out apps like OBS and StreamYard as these apps are some of the best ones in the industry which can help you with scheduled Facebook live videos. 

At Convosight, we currently use StreamYard and have gone live multiple times using the app.

The good thing is that these apps have a detailed guide on how to schedule a Facebook live in your group within their knowledgebase. So, you should be able to have a smooth-sailing experience with scheduled FB lives.

How to go live in multiple Facebook Groups?

If you have more than one Facebook group and you want to go live simultaneously, you can use StreamYard.

Based on my personal experience of using StreamYard, it gets the job done and can help you live stream video in  multiple Facebook groups without any hassle.

In the image below, you can see that I have two Facebook groups added as ‘destinations’ inside my StreamYard account.

How to go live in multiple groups on Facebook?

When I go live on Facebook through StreamYard, I can select both Facebook groups as destinations, and I will be able to stream video on both Facebook groups simultaneously.

To have a hassle-free experience in going live on multiple Facebook Groups, check out StreamYard. They have various pricing options depending on your needs.

Facebook live video

Facebook Live Video FAQs 

Apart from knowing how to use FB live, we understand that you have some other questions too. We have answered them below. 

How long can you live stream on Facebook? 

For any Facebook live video that’s broadcasted through your laptop or any streaming service, the time limit is eight hours. 

For any Facebook live stream done through mobile, the time limit is four hours. 

How to do Facebook live with multiple people? 

If you want to do a Facebook Live with multiple people in your Facebook Group, StreamYard allows you to do this quite easily.

Here’s an example of a Facebook Live with two people on StreamYard:

How to do Facebook live with multiple people?

As you can see, Nix and Aditya were on the ‘backstage’ of the StreamYard Facebook Live stream. They could also join in and make it a 4-person Facebook live inside our Facebook Group.

It is possible to go live in a Facebook group with multiple participants through StreamYard. It can accommodate up to 10 on-screen participants in the Facebook Live for their paid plans and a generous 6 on the free tier.

Moving on to tell you about…

15 Interactive Facebook Live Ideas that will boost your group’s engagement like crazy

1. Host a Q&A 

One of the easiest ways to get started with a Facebook live in your group is hosting a Q&A, i.e. question and answer session. 

Q&As allow you to build a strong relationship with your Facebook group members. It also saves you a lot of time and effort, since you don’t have to prepare content beforehand.

All you have to do is hit ‘Go Live’ and field questions from your community. That instant transfer of value by you straight to your members is what makes a Q&A effective.

A question asked by one person could potentially be something that other members of your community are thinking about. The Q&A then becomes an open forum of sorts where everyone can get value, even if they don’t directly ask the questions.

Create a Facebook live announcement post at least 30 mins prior to going live in your group. It’s just a good practice as your members can clear some time off their schedules and join you for the session. 

A few weeks back, Akansha Bansal hosted a question and answer live video in her group, Parenting Mom Style. She just wanted to chat with members and check up on them considering the ongoing second wave of Covid in India. 

How to host a question and answer session in facebook group live

Quite a lot of them engaged with her, went on to ask their queries and get solutions for it. 

“I’m glad I did this session as it helped me come across the day to day problems my members are facing. Post this FB live stream, I created a content strategy that would help them deal with it,” says Akansha. 

2. Surprise Facebook Live 

They say that sometimes the best plan is to have no plan at all.

Whether that’s a saying you want to believe in, when it comes to Facebook lives though, there’s some truth to that. The beauty of doing a surprise Facebook live inside your group is that sometimes people love spontaneity.

You don’t need to have a plan or a topic in mind to go live inside your Facebook group. The same way you don’t really need a reason to post that image, or ask that question—you just do.

Surprise Facebook lives inside your community can work well because the element of surprise will take into effect. Your members will be curious and check out what you have to say.

The key with doing surprise Facebook lives is to not do them often. The element of surprise will fade away if you overdo it. You’d want to keep your members excited–not knowing when the next random Facebook live will happen.

Here’s a snapshot of a sample surprise FB live stream by Tamanna Dhamija, CEO and Co-Founder of Convosight

surprise live on a facebook group

3. Play games

We already know that playing games and rewarding members at the end is an awesome engagement generator. 

When you club this with live video, imagine how excited the members would get! 

Playing games and rewarding members is one of the most fun things to do on a live stream. 

The question that lies is which game?

Sheenu Goyal, the admin of Super Indian Women, organises a fun Tambola session from time to time in her group. 

After distributing the Tambola tickets to the interested members, she goes live on the scheduled date and time. 

Winners are rewarded with either gifts or cash prizes. 

Facebook live game ideas

A few other Facebook live game ideas are:  

a. Live Quiz 

Firstly, choose a relevant topic and come up with interesting questions on it. Create a quiz on your laptop. Once done, go live and share your screen. Ask members to answer those 10-15 questions in a given time period in the comments section.
You can go ahead and reward the ones who got the maximum correct answers in the minimum time. 

4. Share your knowledge with members 

People join a community to get solutions to their problems, learn something new, and become a better version of themselves. 

One of the easiest ways to do this is to impart all the knowledge you have on a subject to your members. 

Vaani Vikas Kapila, the admin of Homeschooling with Mom, often goes live to teach something or the other to the group mommies’ kids. 

Sometime back, she hosted a live session and taught them all about the alphabet – it’s sound, jingles around it, and more.  

teaching members

On the other hand, Linda Porter, who’s a FCCM and has a vast experience teaching people, runs a community named Certified Community Manager Study Group wherein she goes live over 20 hours a week to teach the students aka the group members all about the course. 

It’s already been over a year she’s been doing this and has already helped over 100 people become Facebook certified community managers. 

P.S. If you too are planning to appear for the FCCM exam, I suggest you join Linda’s study group. Her sessions are tremendously valuable and she’ll guide you at every step. 

6. Explain about a product 

‘Have any of you used this product?’, ‘I came across this product and am thinking of trying it. What do you think of it?’

You must have come across such posts/conversations in your community, no matter the group category or niche. 

Well, double down on this opportunity by identifying what is bothering your members and what product they are keen to try out.

Then just go ahead and do a live video where you explain all about it – its pros, cons, how to use it, etc. 

Jaya Mishra, the admin of Home Remedies for Babies and Moms, did a live session explaining how to use a menstrual cup, and all its related details. 

explain a product on fb group live session

“I often do such FB live videos in my community and they get a great response. Mainly because I review products that members are interested in,” tells Jaya. 

6. Host Workshops 

If you are motivated to introduce a new concept to your group members, or want to encourage them to practice something meaningful and interesting, hosting a workshop should be on your to-do list. 

Akansha recently organised a summer camp for children aged 3-15 years. She divided the kids into 3 different age groups and hosted workshops accordingly. Although these were streamed on Google Meet, the engagement the announcement post got was promising. 

Live workshops on Group Live

7. Organise fun sessions 

To keep your members’ spirits lifted and invigorate a positive atmosphere in the community, organise some fun sessions from time to time. 

These can be anything like dance sessions, yoga sessions, art and craft sessions, or something else. 

See which of these interest your members the most, and then go ahead and do that. The best way to know is to ask them directly by doing a poll. They will not shy away from sharing their preferences. 

Sharing with you some fun things to do on live stream. 

Gunjan Sachdeva, the admin of We are Super Moms, organised a live dancing session (in collaboration with a super mom from her group) to cheer up the members in these trying times of the pandemic.

dance session 

What made it all the more exciting is the fact that members could share their short video  after the session showing the dance steps they learnt, and 2 lucky winners would be rewarded with surprise gifts. 

dance session on fb group

Puja Anand Pandey, the admin of Mommies Schooling, hosted a FB live flash cards session for kids. She showed them flash cards and asked relevant questions. “Moms told me that the kids enjoyed it a lot and it helped boost their confidence,” says Puja. 

live sessions puja

8. Organise contests

Who doesn’t like to take part in contests and stand a chance to win something? 

Without thinking twice, go ahead organise a contest, couple it with Facebook live video, and see your group’s engagement skyrocket. 

Samiksha Aggarwal, the admin of Moms Magic Cooking, organises live cooking contests often. As part of the ‘Desh ka Gaurav’ contest she organised on the heels of Independence day, she went live with the participants while they cooked their dishes. 

Organize contests on a facebook group

Three winners (selected by the celebrity chefs) were accoladed with knives, aprons, and certificates signed by the judges. 

Sharing with you another fun live stream example. 

Surbhi Krunal Thakker, the admin of Khaooji’s Kitchen, recently hosted a live cooking contest for kids where they came live and cooked a few dishes. 

live cooking session

“More than 30 kids participated in the contest and they had a great time. Our local sponsors awarded the winners with herbal products for kids along with some jewellery. We also organised a free workshop for them on ‘Restaurant Etiquettes’,” tells Surbhi. 

9. Announcement of Contest Results 

Once you’ve successfully hosted your live contests, hit that live button once again when you are ready to announce its winners. 

From personal experience, members feel way too delighted to see their group admins live. And when it’s about revealing such things, they’ll be super excited to join in. 

Ankita Saxena, the admin of Food-o-holics, organised a quiz in collaboration with a sponsor. At the end of it, the sponsor went live to announce the results and she got an overwhelming response. 

Sudheera Abhishek, the admin of Ugaam, announced the results of their travel competition they hosted in collaboration with Kesari Tours. 

Announcement of Contest Results

10. Showcase and sell a product  

If you have a group that falls under the ‘Buy and Sell’ category, this one’s extremely relevant for you. 

Or if you are connecting buyers and sellers in your group (no matter your group category), you’ll find this Facebook live idea worth the effort. 

The sellers/advertisers/small business owners in your group must be sharing the images of their products, right? 

How about you allowing them to go live to showcase them? 

You can fix the days and timings as to when they can host a live session in the group. 

This way not only will they be able to better explain about their product and expand their reach, but your group’s engagement rate will go up like crazy. 

Sarika Dhane, the admin of LMK, allows her sellers to go live thrice a week. Have a look at the engagement such a post generates in her group. 

live session LMK

FYI: Till date, Sarika has helped over 3000 women business owners earn through her Facebook group and become digital entrepreneurs. To know how she is doing it, check out this blog.👇🏻

How has Sarika used her FB group to unite 850,000 Marathi women from all over the world? 

11. Go live with Experts 

If you have an expert in your group, or know someone from your circle, ask them if they would like to be featured live. 

To increase the chances of them saying yes – maybe offer an incentive like making the session free! 

Also, show them the engagement in your previous FB lives. This will build up the excitement! 

Make sure you get an expert on board who’s relevant for your group. Meaning, the aim of this session is to address your members’ pain points and offer them value. 

When you partner with an expert, you are doing that as well as helping them widen their exposure. 

Swadha Shubham Goel, the admin of Pune Entrepreneurs Association, hosts live sessions every Tuesday and Wednesday, as part of the ‘Heal your soul’ program. As a part of it, the experts share tips on how to stay healthy. 

In the recent one, the panel of experts guided members as to how they can minimize the risk of infection, boost their immunity and protect themselves from Covid, along with Physiotherapy management and nutritional guidance. 

swadha live sessions

Similarly, Vaani Vikas Kapila, admin of Homeschooling with Mom, invited a Parent Coach to share her tips with the members on ‘Parenting in Pandemic’. 

parenting coach live on a fb group

12. Roundup of community discussions 

Another Facebook live idea you can do in your Facebook group is a community roundup. At Convosight, we do this every two weeks!

The process is simple—we gather the top conversations that happened inside the community over the last week and discuss them with the members through Facebook live.

Facebook live idea community roundup

The reality is that most of the members inside your community don’t see each and every post. So doing a Facebook live where you can discuss all the important topics that they may have missed out on is super valuable. 

13. Interview Series 

Interview shows have always been a hit. From radio, to TV, to YouTube, now even on Facebook Lives—an interview series is a proven content format that audiences love to consume.

In fact, at Convosight, we recently started our own Facebook live interview series inside our Facebook Group called ‘Community Leader Spotlight’.

With the Community Leader Spotlight series, we interview prominent Facebook group admins where we get them to share their story to provide inspiration to aspiring community entrepreneurs.

We do this in an interview format, where someone from our team (in the case of our first two episodes, the interviewer was our CEO, Tamanna Dhamija) would interview an accomplished Facebook group admin that we invited.

facebook group live ideas - Interview

14. Teach group members how to do something 

Offering value to members is the essence of creating an online community. 

So, go ahead and share with them the instructions of a new dish you cooked (if you have a food group), or a new makeup look you tried out (if you have a lifestyle group). 

Anjali Singh, the admin of Makeup, skin and hair care tips, goes live in her community often to teach different kinds of makeup looks to members. 

facebook live ideas for fun Makeup session

You can take inspiration from this one or try out something new yourself. There are so many different Facebook live ideas for makeup you can try out. 

15. Behind the scenes Facebook live 

Shows like ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ get so many viewers because people naturally gravitate towards wanting to be in the know when it comes to other people’s lives. This is why doing Behind-The-Scenes Facebook Lives inside your Facebook Group can be an awesome idea.

You can build a much deeper relationship with your community if you start giving them a glimpse of your day-to-day life. Most of the time, members don’t know what a Facebook Group Admin really deals with on a daily basis. Aside from making sure that the Facebook Group doesn’t crumble into pieces—admins too have a life, which comes with its own set of problems and challenges.

Doing a behind the scenes (BTS) Facebook Live for your group can help your members have a deeper appreciation of what you do for the group and the community as a whole. 

Your members want to be part of something bigger, and content formats like this will encourage and excite them.

How to Go Live in FB Group
That’s all with Facebook live videos. Now that you know how to go live in a Facebook group, and have a list of Facebook live topics to try out, hit that live button already! 

Hopefully, these Facebook live ideas will help make your community a success!🙂

If you’re looking for other ways to boost your group’s engagement, this blog will come handy.👇🏻

25 highly effective Facebook group engagement ideas 

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