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Convosight takes the privacy of your group seriously

Member Privacy

Your group’s data is yours. We do not share your group's data with anyone. No personal data is collected or used. It’s completely anonymous.

Data Compliance

Convosight follows proper compliance requirements. We have the strongest privacy and data protection standards.

Secure Cloud

All your group reports are stored in a secured private cloud storage.

What can Convosight do for my Facebook Group?

Gain Valuable Insights

  • Manage All your Facebook Groups from one place.
  • Group Summary Metrics
  • Engagement Metrics
  • Post Type Distribution
  • and much more...
Reetika Juneja, Delhi
Physiotherapist and fitness consultant and group Admin of Weight loss post-pregnancy

It's helpful in group cleaning, post comparison like if we post 2 similar post in 2 weeks it gives us a comparative idea and help us in making required changes in rest similar post. Urgent alerts are helpful in checking spam or irrelevant comments or posts.

See What’s Trending

  • Top 10 Discussed Topics / Keywords
  • Top Categories
  • Top Problems/Solutions Shared
  • Top Products/Brands Discussed
Tatmina Datta Roy, Kolkata
Housewife and group admin of Bengali home remedies

Convosight Saves time. Helps in tracking daily performance. Helps with alerts on the non-appropriate comment.

Identify Harmful Content

  • Identify Harmful Content with your own keywords.
  • Pre-built Alerts to stop SPAM, Abuse, Promotions.
  • Quick Notifications when bad content gets posted.
  • Action charts to track and keep your group safe!
Jaya Mishra, Mumbai
Housewife and group admin of Home remedies for babies & moms

Urgent Alerts is an easy way for finding and removing medicinal suggestions in my group to keep the group safe...& I also like Scheduling posts.

Smart Publishing

  • Industry’s best, 8+ Content Recommendations,
  • What to post and when to post?
  • Smart Composer Recommends: Topics, Keywords, Emotions, Images and more.
  • Schedule posts for multiple groups in one go!
  • Re-Share the most engaging posts.
Preeti Dambre, Mumbai
Advocate and group admin of स्तनपान अमृत समान (Breastfeeding)

It helps me to schedule my weekly posts, pics. I simply schedule all posts at one time and relax the entire week. Helpful for deleting violative posts or comments.


Get realtime group performance alerts

Convosight also sends you alert notifications to inform you about the performance of your group.


Get realtime group performance alerts

Convosight also sends you alert notifications to inform you about the performance of your group.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Convosight?

Convosight is a Community Management Platform primarily built for Facebook Groups to help them grow, engage & monetize! Groups Admins have organically gained more members & engagement over a period of time by using our Insights, following Trends, acting on Urgent Alerts & Scheduling Multiple Posts. Facebook Group owners can easily manage multiple Fb groups from Convosight.

How is Convosight different from the Facebook group admin tools?

We have built and scaled our own groups on Facebook with over 1.5 million members. We built several tools to better manage and grow our Facebook groups. We are now making these tools available to other FB group admins to support your heartfelt causes.
Get meaningfully categorized content recommendations.
Get meaningful topic (keywords, phrases) recommendations for new post.
Get the optimum length for your posts.
Get the optimum word count for your posts.
Get recommendations on emotions that evoke actions from your audience.
Hand-picked images from 3rd party libraries to drive engagement to your posts.
Recommendations on best posting times when your audience is most likely to engage.
Recommendations on most engaging type of content to drive engagement.
Schedule posts for today and the future.
Dashboard which lets you review and take action against all harmful conversations at your convenience

Why do I need to Login with Facebook?

It's completely Safe & Secure to login with your Facebook details. It's a mandatory step to sync your group with Convosight, as we use Facebook API to access group information & then make suggestions to you accordingly. You may go through our Terms & Policies

How to Add Convosight?

Facebook Group Admins can Install & Add Groups using a Laptop or Desktop only. However, once Installed, you can use Convosight from your mobile for Posting and Scheduling, Seeing Top Trending posts, Get notifications and alerts.
Watch Video for step by step journey
Steps to Install & Add Group:
Step 1: Click on Login with Facebook on
Step 2: “Allow” Facebook Permissions
Step 3: Click on “Add Your Group” for the group you'd like to add Convosight on.
Step 4: Click on “Go to Facebook Group Settings”
Step 5: Click “Add App” & Visit Convosight again
You can add Convosight on multiple Groups by repeating Step 3, 4 & 5.
Once all your groups have been successfully added - Analysis will be done within 24 hours. We’ll also share the app link to view & use Convosight features on mobile.

How to create a Facebook Group?

Facebook Group owners have gained a lot in terms of support, connection and even earning opportunities with Facebook Groups. If you want to create a Facebook Group, now is the time & it only takes 5 minutes to create one!

Is Convosight paid?

You can access Convosight to manage your Facebook Groups completely for Free. So be sure to Join now and add your groups to enjoy early Membership benefits.

How to Grow Members?

Convosight gives you access to valuable insights & conversation trends which you can use to create more engaging & popular posts. We help in organic growth which happens over a period of time combined with consistent actions upon our recommendations.

Is it for Facebook Page?

At the moment Convosight is not available for Facebook Pages. But if you own a Facebook Page for Business then you can immensely benefit from Facebook Groups. Give it a try create a group now.

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