How to get paid campaigns through Convosight?

How To Get Brand Campaigns Through Convosight And Earn? All Questions Answered

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At Convosight, we help you connect with top brands, do purpose-led marketing campaigns, and earn a sustainable income. 💰

FYI: Convosight is trusted by Fortune 100 brands like Pediasure, Nangrow, Johnsons, Dettol, Motorola, Veet to name a few. 🔥

If you wish to speak to our team to understand how you can get brand campaigns and earn, please feel free to attend our Product Demo and Monetisation Masterclass.

It’s mandatory to be part of them👆🏻 before you get any campaigns from Convosight. 

We understand you might have a lot of questions regarding these brand campaigns, especially if you are new to the platform.

Be rest assured we’ve answered all of them below.

Before getting to them, we’d like to briefly tell you how this entire process works.

  • We reach out to the brands and explain them how community marketing is one of the best ways to foster relationships with the people that care for them
  • We further tell how we can help connect them with some of the highly relevant and engaged Facebook groups
  • Brands then detail us about campaigns, its related products and criteria, along with the specific keywords (related to that product) around which conversations must be happening in Facebook groups
  • Facebook groups that have the maximum number of conversations around the keywords specified by brands and meet all their other requirements are picked.
  • Brands choose the Facebook groups from the list shared with them
  • Selected Facebook groups work on the brand campaigns and get paid at the end

Simple, right?

Now, coming back to the frequently asked questions we promised to address.

Let’s go!

Campaign Selection

Ques 1. Other groups got a campaign but I did not. Why?

Ans. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing Facebook groups for campaigns, all of which are specified by brands.

These are:

  • Group category
  • Group size
  • Target city
  • Gender specificity
  • Quality of conversations
  • Engagement Rate and Activity Rate
  • Relevance to brand
  • Number of keywords specified by brand
  • Performance in previous campaigns
  • Budget

Your group gets chosen if you meet all of the aforementioned criteria.

Ques 2. Groups with lesser size than mine got a campaign but I did not. Why?

Ans. The main reasons a group with lesser size gets a campaign over you are:

  • Number of relevant keywords are higher in that Facebook group
  • Engagement rate is higher
  • Performance in previous campaigns is better
  • Brand is looking to target a specific location
  • Brand has a limited budget, which means, it won’t be possible to choose all the groups but only the most relevant and engaged ones

Ques 3. Groups with lesser engagement than mine got a campaign but I did not. Why?

Ans.  The main reasons a group with lesser engagement gets a campaign over you are:

  • Number of relevant keywords are higher in that Facebook group
  • The audience and demographics are more relevant in that Facebook group

Ques 4. What is the minimum size of the group to get a campaign from Convosight?

Ans. Facebook groups with over 2,000 members (at least) are eligible to get brand campaigns from Convosight.

Ques 5. What is the minimum engagement rate for a Facebook group to get a campaign?

Ans.  The minimum engagement rate for a Facebook group to secure brand campaigns is 100%.

However, for extremely large Facebook groups, an engagement rate of 40% is also considered.

Alongside, the focus is on the quality of conversations.

Members in your group should be meaningfully interacting with one another and providing as much value as possible.

In the sense that:

  • They should be helping each other, giving suggestions and recommendations
  • There must be some brand conversations happening across specific pain points
  • They must be talking only about the things related to the group category

Ques 6. How can I come to know why my group was not shortlisted for the campaign so that I can improve?

Ans. A Facebook group is not shortlisted for a brand campaign when it does not fall in the criteria specified by brands, as mentioned in Answer 1. 

A Tip: You should constantly work towards increasing your Facebook group engagement. Higher the relevance of your group conversations for the members, higher will be the engagement.

Campaign Discovery

Ques 7. How do I see which brands have campaigns running as of now in Convosight?

Ans. Right now, there is no way you can keep a tab on the campaigns running on Convosight. But, we are working to create one for you.

At this point of time, our partnerships team gets in touch with you whenever there are relevant brand campaigns for your Facebook group.

Ques 8. How can I apply for new campaigns?

Ans. First of all, please make sure you have added your Facebook group to Convosight. If you haven’t, you can SIGN UP here and watch this VIDEO  for further information.

Next, you need to enrol yourself for brand campaigns. For the same, please fill up this FORM.

You can even sign up for brand campaigns through Convosight platform under the ‘Campaigns’ tab.

how to get brand campaigns from convosight

Or simply write to us in our Facebook group.

Also, make sure to attend our Monetisation Masterclass.

Once you do that, your details are stored in our database and we’ll reach out to you whenever any brand expresses their interest to collaborate with you.

Group General

Ques 9. How to get more engagement in my group?

Ans. Content is the only factor that makes your members sit back and engage thoroughly in your community. So, make sure you are posting content that’s relevant to your members.

At the same time, do experiment with different formats to make things more interesting. Like, you can:

  1. Do polls and ask your members what they would love to talk about
  2. Host contests and giveaways
  3. Play games and offer rewards to the winners
  4. Post at the time when your members are most active and the content format they engage with the most
  5. Use Facebook live videos

While these are just a few ways you can keep your members active and engaged, here’s a GUIDE that will help you in it.

In this, we have shed light on 21 foolproof ways that will increase your Facebook group engagement.

That’s about it.

Just to reiterate: The size of your Facebook group is not important. All that matters is your group engagement and relevance to the brand. 

If you are looking to get brand campaigns, we’d suggest you to choose a few topics where you’d like to rally your group behind, drive massive engagement on those topics, and then scale it up.

Here’s something more we’d like to share with you.

Now, if you are eager to earn from your Facebook group and would like to reach out to brands yourself too simultaneously, you can do that easily.

This BLOG POST is all you need then.✌🏻

I hope this solves all your queries.

Still if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. You can post your questions in our Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook group Admins, or leave them down in the comments below.

Be rest assured that they will be answered well in time!🙂

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