How to get paid campaigns through Convosight?

How To Get Brand Campaigns Through Convosight And Earn? All Questions Answered

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FYI: Convosight is trusted by Fortune 100 brands like Pediasure, Nangrow, Johnsons, Dettol, Motorola, Veet to name a few. 🔥

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We understand you might have a lot of questions regarding these brand campaigns, especially if you are new to the platform.

Be rest assured we’ve answered all of them below.

Before getting to them, we’d like you to first understand a few things:

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What kind of campaigns Convosight does with brands?

All the campaigns that Convosight does with brands are purely keywords and conversation powered. Meaning, they are based on member conversations and the things they talk about.

No campaigns that involve link sharing happen.

Have a look at this campaign in collaboration with Aashirvaad in the Facebook group, Kids Nutrition and Recipes, where mommies constantly discuss healthy food recipes for kids of different ages.

As a part of it, mommies shared the food items they prepared using Aashirvaad wheat flour along with their recipes.


All mommies in the group came across a lot of new healthy recipes and the brand was able to expand its reach.

Meaningful collaboration, isn’t it? One reason why brands rely on Convosight to connect with Facebook groups. Sharing others below.

Why do brands trust Convosight?

1. Convosight aggregates communities and pitches them collectively to brands

Generally, big brands don’t partner with individual Facebook groups.

For instance, a brand is looking to collaborate with mom-only Fb groups.

So, we at Convosight don’t pitch your individual group to brands. Instead, we pitch multiple Facebook groups collectively telling that we have 100 parenting groups onboard that have over 1 million mothers.

This entices the brands and encourages them to partner with us, or rather you all.

However, if you’d like to individually partner with brands, you can go ahead and do that. Small brands are open to such collaborations too.

Refer to this BLOG to know how you can find those brands, reach out to them, and draft your first email to them.

2. Convosight allows automatic tracking of ROI and Impact

We at Convosight can automatically track the ROI and impact of the campaigns done in your Facebook group in the form of a report.

Which means that brands don’t have to manually do all of this. They just need to tell the keywords and conversations they’d like to listen to, and we create an aggregated list, share that with the brands, showing them the ROI and impact of a brand campaign.

3. Proven success with big brands and numerous campaigns

As mentioned in the start, we have worked with numerous Fortune 100 brands over the last 1.5 years, and successfully run a lot of campaigns. Which is why brands trust us and love to work with us.

With that being said, let me share with you the top community campaigns run by Convosight and Facebook group admins.

Top Brand Campaigns run by Convosight and Admins

1. Pediasure

For those of you who don’t know – Pediasure is a nutritional supplement given to children aged 2 years and above for their growth and development. Pediasure’s parent company is Abbott Healthcare.

Pediasure wanted to connect with young mothers (of children aged 2-7 years) to generate their interest towards the brand.

So, they reached out to us and wanted to collaborate with communities where moms are constantly talking about baby nutrition, child nutrition, immunity, mental health, physical health, etc.

We came up with a list of the best Facebook groups where such conversations happened and shared with Pediasure.

The brand then selected Facebook groups from that list that had a good engagement rate, activity rate, and size.

We then worked with the admins of the selected groups to create high quality and high value posts on children immunity which they further shared in their respective Facebook groups.

Check out one of them below.

pediasure 1

It inspired the other members to share their viewpoint on the same, and they did.

Have a look at the comments the post got.

pediasure comments

It is these viewpoints or comments that the brands love. They are not concerned about the likes and reactions. Here’s why:

In the comments, people are sharing how they are using Pediasure, what they love about it, and what they think of the brand as a whole.

Imagine the level of feedback brands get when they post this in 100 Facebook groups!

From all the massive feedback received, we help brands gather all the important insights about their product.

2. Veet

Veet is a commonly used hair removal cream for women. The brand reached out to us as they wanted to promote their product in communities where women talked about hair removal methods and associated issues.

We came up with a list of the best Facebook groups where such conversations happened and shared with Veet.

The brand then selected Facebook groups from that list that had a good engagement rate, activity rate, and size.

We then worked with the admins of the selected groups to create high quality and high value posts on hair removal methods which they further shared in their respective Facebook groups.

Have a look at the post where an admin shared her veet story.

veet, Facebook group, veet story

This encouraged her fellow group members to do the same. Have a look at the comments.

veet, facebook group, veet comments

From there, Veet was able to gather insights about their hair removal cream and knew what people thought of it.

Now, addressing the most important thing:

Factors that brands consider for choosing Facebook groups for campaigns

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing Facebook groups for campaigns, all of which are as follows:

1. Keywords that are relevant to the brands

As already mentioned and explained in the above section, keywords are the most important thing a brand looks at when deciding to partner with Facebook groups.

If your group members do not talk about things that are relevant to the brand, they will not partner with you. It’s as simple.

2. Member demographics

Brands are always very specific as to what kind of Facebook groups they’d like to partner with. Like mom-only groups, male-only groups, or groups based in North India, South India etc.

So, have a look at where your members are from and share it with our team when they ask, otherwise we won’t be able to get campaigns for you.

You can get this data easily from your Facebook group insights.

audience demographics, facebook group insights

3. Performance in previous campaigns

Brands have a limited budget. They will spend it on the Facebook groups that will give them the maximum return on their investment. So, make sure to share your previous campaign posts (if any) and the engagement they got.

4. Engagement Rate and Activity Rate

Engagement Rate refers to the number of actions done by a member per month in your Facebook group. If the engagement rate of a group is 300%, it means that on an average, a member does 3 actions in the group in a month.

On the other hand, activity rate refers to the average reactions and comments a post got in your Facebook group in the last 30 days. If the activity rate of a FB group is 25, it means that on an average a post gets 25 reactions and comments in a month.

If you’d like to know more about any of these metrics, check out this BLOG.

An engagement rate of over 100% is considered to be good. So, make sure that you maintain that.

5. Group Size

Brands would also like to know how many members are a part of your group and how your Facebook group is growing.

6. Brand’s budget

Brand has a limited budget, which means, it won’t be possible to choose all the groups but only the most relevant and engaged ones.

If all the things are right and your group fits in the brands’ budget, our team will reach out to you for more campaigns.

Here’s how you can entice brands to work with you for most of their campaigns

If you want to make sure that brands choose you again for their other campaigns as well, there are a few things you need to take care of. We’ve listed them below for you.

1. High Engagement on all campaigns

It is important to get a high engagement on all your campaign posts, not just one.

As mentioned already, brands have a limited budget. They will spend it on the Facebook groups they feel are giving them the maximum return on their investment. So, make sure that the campaign posts in your FB group get a high engagement.

After all, your community is your responsibility. Do what it takes to get the best.

2. Post excellent images and videos that are of high-quality

No matter how many times you have to shoot a video, brands only care about how the photo/video looks and whether the product is coming out in the best light possible.

There’s no shortcut to it.

You HAVE TO produce high quality images and videos, every single time.

High-quality images + videos = High Engagement

It’s as simple!

Have a look at the image below where we have told you a few things you need to take care of when shooting a video for a brand campaign.

how to shoot a video for brands

Apart from that, it is extremely important that you adhere to the date of submission and posting given by the brand.

It tells how professional you are and how serious you are about your work.

3. Share your group’s monthly insights regularly

Unless you share your Facebook group’s monthly insights, the brand will not know where your members are from and if your Facebook group is a fit for their latest campaign, they will not be willing to work with you.

So, make sure you keep sharing your insights with our team on a regular basis.

4. Behave professionally

Reiterating the fact that the more professional and serious you are, the more are your chances to work with a brand multiple times.

If you don’t want to do a campaign, say ‘no’ the first time itself. But, never back off after you have agreed to do it. This shows your approach as a professional.

Brands detest such behaviour and generally blacklist Facebook groups who practice it, let alone partner with them.

If you don’t behave professionally, there are other Facebook group admins out there that brands can partner with.

There are a few Facebook groups who get 5 brand campaigns on an average in a month.

These are: Parenting Mom Style, Super Indian Women, and Momz and More.

The admins of these groups are super hard-working and leave no stone unturned to give their best.

Now, coming to the most important question:

Is your Facebook group ready to do campaigns with Convosight?

Let’s find out!

Does your Facebook group have engaging discussions on topics relevant to brands?

Looking at the conversations in the Facebook group, Kids Nutrition and Recipes, we can tell that mommies are constantly asking relevant questions, seeking suggestions and recommendations from one another relating to baby nutrition.

In the post below, a mom asked if she should add sugar in the milk of her 3 year old baby or not.

seeking suggestions, moms, facebook group, parenting community

Other mommies poured in their advice in the comments section.

= seeking sugg comments 1

In another conversation, a mommie asked fellow group members whether giving chocos to toddlers is safe or not.

seeking suggestions, facebook group

In the comments section, mommies shared their advice along with chocos brands that are good for toddlers.

member conversations, seeking suggestions comments

From these conversations, one can easily deduce that:

– Sugar, honey, and jaggery brands are relevant in the group as members talked about giving sugar, honey, and jaggery powder along with milk to their kids (in the first post)

-Chocos and cornflakes brands are relevant in the group as members discussed about the same in the second post

Does your Facebook group have a good engagement rate and activity rate?

As explained above, Engagement Rate is the average number of actions a member does in your Facebook group in a month. An engagement rate of 200% means that a member does 2 actions in your group in the last 30 days.

Activity Rate is the average comments and reactions a post gets in your Fb group in a month. An activity rate of 20 means that a post gets 20 reactions and comments on an average in your Facebook group in a month.

An engagement rate of over 100% and activity rate of is considered to be good.

If you can relate to the answers of both these questions, then your Facebook group is ready to get brand campaigns through Convosight.

So, go ahead and install Convosight if you haven’t already. After that, we will pitch your Facebook group to relevant brands. Once a brand wants to work with you, our team will get in touch.

Now, addressing the frequently asked questions.

Campaign Selection

Ques 1. Groups with lesser size than mine got a campaign but I did not. Why?

Ans. The main reasons a group with lesser size gets a campaign over you are:

a. Number of relevant keywords are higher in that Facebook group
b. Engagement rate is higher
c. Performance in previous campaigns is better
d. Brand is looking to target a specific location e.g. North India more examples
e. Brand has a limited budget, which means, it won’t be possible to choose all the groups but only the most relevant and engaged ones

Ques 2. Groups with lesser engagement than mine got a campaign, but I did not. Why?

Ans. The main reasons a group with lesser engagement gets a campaign over you are:

a. Number of relevant keywords are higher in that Facebook group
b. The audience and demographics are more relevant in that Facebook group

Ques 3. What is the minimum size of the group to get a campaign from Convosight?

Ans. Facebook groups with over 2,000 members (at least) are eligible to get brand campaigns from Convosight.

Ques 4. What is the minimum engagement rate for a Facebook group to get a campaign?

Ans. The minimum engagement rate for a Facebook group to secure brand campaigns is 100%.

However, for extremely large Facebook groups, an engagement rate of 40% is also considered.

Alongside, the focus is on the quality of conversations.

Members in your group should be meaningfully interacting with one another and providing as much value as possible.

In the sense that:

-They should be helping each other, giving suggestions and recommendations
-There must be some brand conversations happening across specific pain points
-They must be talking only about the things related to the group category

Ques 5. How can I come to know why my group was not shortlisted for the campaign so that I can improve?

Ans. A Facebook group is not shortlisted for a brand campaign when it does not fall in the criteria specified by brands, as mentioned in Answer 1.

A Tip: You should constantly work towards increasing your Facebook group engagement. Higher the relevance of your group conversations for the members, higher will be the engagement.

Ques 6. It’s been 1 month/ 2 months since I downloaded Convosight. I have not yet got any campaign. Why is that?

Ans. Remember, getting a campaign is a function of brands selecting your Facebook group. It has nothing to do with how long ago you downloaded Convosight.

As explained above, brands share their requirements with us (in terms of conversations and discussions they are looking at), we prepare a list of the FB groups where members are talking about those things, and share it with the brand.

Then, it is the brand who selects the Facebook groups from that list basis the engagement rate, activity rate, group size, and other factors mentioned above.

Pro tip – If you are not getting campaigns from Convosight, don’t get disheartened. Please attend our Monetization Masterclass where we teach you how to pitch to brands yourself and get campaigns

Campaign Discovery

Ques 7. How do I see which brands have campaigns running as of now in Convosight?

Ans. Right now, there is no way you can keep a tab on the campaigns running on Convosight. But, we are working to create one for you.

At this point of time, our partnerships team gets in touch with you whenever there are relevant brand campaigns for your Facebook group.

Ques 8. How can I apply for new campaigns?

Ans. First of all, please make sure you have added your Facebook group to Convosight. If you haven’t, you can SIGN UP here and watch this VIDEO for further information.

Next, you need to enroll yourself for brand campaigns. For the same, please fill up this FORM.

You can even sign up for brand campaigns through Convosight platform under the ‘Campaigns’ tab.

Or simply write to us in our Facebook group.

Group General

Ques 9. How to get more engagement in my group?

Ans. Content is the only factor that makes your members sit back and engage thoroughly in your community. So, make sure you are posting content that’s relevant to your members.

At the same time, experiment with different formats to make things more interesting. Like, you can:

a. Do polls and ask your members what they would love to talk about
b. Host contests and giveaways
c. Play games and offer rewards to the winners
d. Post at the time when your members are most active and the content format they engage with the most
e. Use Facebook live videos

While these are just a few ways you can keep your members active and engaged, here’s a GUIDE that will help you in it. In this, we have shed light on 21 foolproof ways that will increase your Facebook group engagement.

That’s about it.

Just to reiterate: The size of your Facebook group is not important. All that matters is your group engagement and relevance to the brand.

If you are looking to get brand campaigns, we’d suggest you to choose a few topics where you’d like to rally your group behind, drive massive engagement on those topics, and then scale it up.✌🏻

I hope this solves all your queries.

Still if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. You can post your questions in our Facebook group, Growth and Monetization for Facebook Group Admins, or leave them down in the comments below.

Be rest assured that they will be answered well in time!🙂

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