Simple Ways To Grow Your Facebook Group

16 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Grow Your Facebook Group Fast – Updated 2024

So, you’ve followed your passion and created a Facebook group that looks all snazzy.

You want to build the biggest community of like-minded people and provide them immense value.

Therefore, you cannot stop dreaming about the scale at which you want to grow your Facebook group. (Probably, like this!)

 To Grow Your Facebook Group

And, to achieve this growth, you have already read tons of articles available on the internet, connected with other community admins, and have experimented with a few things like competitions, sent requests, and others such.

But, still got no luck. There’s no rush of people eager to join your community.

I’ll tell you why. It’s either one or all of these reasons:

  • You are not providing value to your members
  • You are not telling members outside of your Facebook group, about the value you are providing in there
  • Other people are not telling other people about the value your group is providing to them

I have managed to grow 22 parenting Facebook groups to over 1.5 million members in a span of 3 years. And also build Convosight, a community management platform that helps Facebook group owners grow, engage, and monetize their groups easily.

So, I speak with personal experience on this topic.🙂

That said, I’m eager to share with you 16 super easy, quick, and actionable strategies that will help grow your Facebook group fast. All of these strategies have proved to be effective for most community admins, including myself.

As you read ahead, you’ll know:

  1. About the 7 strategies that will help provide value to your members and help grow your Facebook group organically
  2. About the 9 strategies that will help you communicate the value you are providing to your members
  3. About how some of the most successful admins out there are implementing these strategies in their Facebook groups

Increase Facebook group engagement in 2022

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the different ways you can provide value to your members.

When you provide value to your members, they will themselves be motivated to spread the word about your group, helping it grow.

1. Choose a group name your target audience would relate with

Group names highly impact the growth of your group. They are enough to tell potential members whether or not a particular Facebook group will provide value to them.

I’ll tell you how it works. Initially, we invite friends and family to our Facebook group. Then, members invite their friends. Once the group starts to grow, Facebook suggests our group organically to people who are most likely to join it. This is the biggest factor in Facebook group’s growth.

And this is where the name of the group plays its part.

That said, I came up with a formula for naming my Facebook groups. I have used it for naming all my Facebook groups. It is:

Pain Point/ Passion Area + Target Group

One of my largest parenting communities is named as Home Remedies for Babies and Moms.

Here, the pain point/ passion area is home remedies. And, the target audience is babies and moms.

Now, when Facebook suggests my group to potential members, wouldn’t all moms looking for home remedies for their babies and themselves want to become a part of this group?

P.S. I started this group in June 2017 and today, it has over 243K members. 🙂

One bonus tip is to include the name of your group in the cover photo as well.

Sharing the cover photo of my group below

home remedies for babies and moms-new

If you’d like to understand more about Facebook group names, I suggest you refer to this blog 👇🏻

How to choose a Facebook group name that helps grow your group organically?

2. Share highly valuable content with your members

When you do that, you are educating and inspiring your members. You are imparting them knowledge about the things they care about the most and helping them to become better versions of themselves with every passing day.

Have a look at this post from Kids Nutrition and Recipes, one of my largest parenting communities. The moderator shared the benefits of dry fruits and told that they are beneficial in children’s growth.


Soon after, the mums started posting about how they include dry fruits in their baby’s diet.

dry fruits 1

Imagine the number of mums benefiting from this information! And as they do, they are likely to share the source of it with others. Hence, there’s a 99% chance of increase in your group members.

3. Include brand name and logo in your image, video posts

When people share some valuable content which has your brand name, logo, or anything else with others, they end up sharing your brand also.

For instance, Akansha Bansal, Admin of Parenting Mom Style, goes the extra mile to provide value to her group members by talking about mental health and encouraging mommies to take part in the different sessions that she organises.

She makes it a point to include her group name and website’s logo on all such images that she uploads in her group. Sharing an example below.

Akansha recently organised a soul-soothing meditation session wherein she collaborated with Honey Grewal, a certified practitioner. The creative she used to convey the information in her group includes her group name, Parenting Mom Style and her website logo, i.e. BudingStar.

Branded content

Surprisingly, moms who are not a part of her group, too joined this meditation session. And, Akansha was able to grow her Facebook group.

4. Acknowledge members and make them feel special

One of the main reasons why people join a community (apart from their interest) is because of the sense of belonging and companionship. If you are not able to create that warm and friendly atmosphere in your community, your members shall not stay.

Have a look at how Adit Kohli, Admin of Delhi Foodiez makes sure to wish each and every member on their birthday by putting up a dedicated post.

make members feel special

This makes members feel valued and cared for. Most importantly, they feel like this is their own community.

This motivates them to not only become more active but also recommend their friends and family to join in, thereby helping to grow his Facebook group organically.

5. Talk about only those things that interest your community members

Because obviously, you don’t want to disinterest them by feeding them with information they care the least about.

To provide your members with the most relevant information, tap into their conversations and see what they are talking about. When you do this, you’ll come to know about the things they would like to know more about, the things they care about, and the things bothering them.

In fact, it is the ultimate source of content ideas for your Facebook group. Soon after I came up with this hack 2 years ago, I found creating unique content for my Facebook group, literally a cakewalk. (Check this blog to know how I did it)

No, you don’t have to go through hundreds of posts in your group all by yourself. Because, my team at Convosight has built an amazing feature, named Reshare Posts that lists down all the top performing posts of your group (categorised into video posts, image posts, and text posts) in no time.

post trends article

Not just that, every post even has an activity score alongside it. It is the sum of total comments and reactions a post received. It helps identify the top performing posts of your group easily and also tells how they are doing in comparison to the others.

activity score convosight

6. High engagement = Group growth

Most community admins including myself believe that higher engagement attracts more members and helps to grow your Facebook group organically.

According to Facebook’s algorithm, high engagement in your Facebook group increases the chances of your group being discovered organically.

Below are some of the best engagement drivers for most communities.

a. Live sessions

Sharing an example of a live session that took place in Praveen Ganesh’s Facebook group, Country Medicine Siddha Medicine.

One of his clients who’s a Reiki healer went live in one of his groups to talk about the healing classes she conducts. Just look at the engagement! (2.4K reactions, 3.1K comments, 850 shares, and 249K views)

Live videos praveen ganesh

b. Contests

Namrata Kalia, Admin of Momz and More, conducted a contest named ‘Women’s Got Talent’ during the lockdown and it was a total blast! Members happily showcased their talent by posting their dancing, singing, or cooking videos, basically whatever they’re good at. The response was amazing!

Here’s one example where a mom can be seen showcasing her baking skills. It got 149 reactions and 18 comments.

women got talent

c. Games

Have a look at the online treasure hunt Akansha conducted in her Facebook group, Parenting Mom Style. The engagement (77 reactions and 227 comments) is pretty awesome!

Treasure Hunt

While these are just a few ways of driving engagement in your Facebook group, checkout the other strategies I collated that will help you generate massive engagement in very less time.👇🏻

25 highly effective Facebook group engagement ideas

25 Highly Effective ideas for Engagement in FB Group

7. Stay updated with your community’s health

Until you keep track of your most important metrics (engagement rate and activity rate), you won’t be able to identify what exactly is going wrong in your community. You won’t know about the quality of your group or the value it is creating for your members.

Have a look at the health of my community, Brain and Physical Development Activities.

Facebook Group engagement

Engagement rate: It is the average engagement or actions done per member per month in a community. The engagement rate of 86% signifies that a member did 0.86 actions in the last 30 days in my community.

Activity Rate: It is the average number of comments and reactions per post per month. And for my community, it is 98.01.

While these are just two metrics that help you understand about the health of your Facebook group, there are a few others that I rely on. You can check them out below.👇🏻

Track these Facebook group metrics to improve your group’s engagement

This is how your members can play a role in helping you grow your Facebook group fast. Now, it is up to you to provide them value by using the tactics I mentioned above.

Next, you have to communicate the value you are providing in your group, outside of your Facebook group. That too, without sounding salesy or promotional. I’ve listed some fail-proof ways below to get you started.

1. Encourage existing members to invite more people to your group

It is one of the best ways to help your group grow. Exactly how to do this depends on what your group is about and the number of members you have.

One of the best ways to go about it is through competitions that have a rule of inviting more people. It works for almost all types of Facebook groups, be it food, buy and sell, or parenting.

Sheenu Goyal, Admin of Super Indian Women ( a buy and sell Facebook group) was able to scale her community from 0 to 27,000 in just one year with the help of this strategy along with a few others.

Here’s a recent contest for Teej that had its first rule as inviting 20 female friends to the group.

contesst growth

To track if a member has invited new members, Sheenu goes to the members’ profiles and checks the joining date.

When you go and view the member list in your group, you can see when a member joined your group. And, also see if a member was added by some other group member.

Sharing an example from my group, Kids Nutrition and Recipes below.

joining date

P.S. While this is a great strategy to go ahead with, please make sure to implement it after you’ve built a solid community otherwise people will only be interested to take part for the reward.

Check out the stepwise process of how to invite people to a Facebook group HERE

2. Partner with other communities that complement yours

This is a great way to scale your Facebook group quickly. Make sure to form an alliance with only those groups that are related to your theme. For instance, if you have a parenting group, you can collaborate with food groups.

Or if you have a food group, partnering with a health group will be your best bet. Likewise, if you have a health group, you can partner with an ayurveda group and so on.

When the other groups promote your group, members are likely to join, especially if it adds value to their interest.

Jyoti Agarawal, Admin of Maa2Mom has partnered with numerous parenting Facebook groups. She believes women should support each other constantly and be one another’s strength as together, they can make a huge difference in the world.

Jyoti once moderated a live session in the Facebook group, Women and Fitness to help the admin as she has good relations with her. In the live session, the admin introduced Jyoti and talked about her group Maa2Mom.


It’s a great way to spread the word and attract more members, isn’t it?

Besides, Jyoti organised various offline events in collaboration with brands in the pre-Covid times. One such was the Kandivali Cultural Fest. Everything about the event and Jyoti’s group was covered in an article by the admin of Goregaon Highway Pulse, who then shared it in her Facebook group which again helped grow Jyoti’s community.

kandivali (1)-new

Another interesting way to grow your Facebook group fast is to partner with 3-5 communities and host a giveaway. Just like Instagram influencers do!

You can post in your Facebook group telling people about the giveaway while asking them to join these communities. It will be good if you mention the benefit they will get on becoming a part of those communities.

When Rinku Shah, admin of Fitness2Flash and Dance for Fitness and Health proposed this idea in my group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins, the members got pumped up and expressed their interest. Have a look at the fantastic response (15 reactions and 84 comments).

rinku shah

After the communities got together and hosted the planned giveaway, Rinku shares that it was a huge success and also tells how exactly they executed it.

rinku shah 1

If collaborating with other Facebook groups got you excited and you’d like to know how to go about it, this blog will help you 👇🏻

The ultimate guide to collaborating with other Facebook groups 

3. Run a special program with the most engaged members of your group

Firstly, you need to identify the most engaged people of your community and see if they have a good social presence and network.

If they do, you can convince them to be the voice for your community. Like they can spread the word about your Facebook group on different social media channels they are a part of.

If they like your community (which I’m assuming they do since they are really active), they would be more than happy to do it.

4. Play on Passion Economy

Passion Economy is nothing but passionate individuals like us who create a highly engaged audience using their skills and content to scale their business and earn money.

Since you already have an amazing target audience, you just need to brush up your content creation skills. This will open up one or more avenues for you.

When you learn to write quality content, you can create your own blogs, videos, and even podcasts.

Naturally, you will create content around the topics your audience is interested in. When you do that, they will share it among their network as they relate to it.

Doing this will also result in your content getting SEO juice and you will get more traffic outside your community. And from there, more members will join in after reading/watching your content.

Here’s how Akansha Bansal, group admin of Parenting Mom Style, is growing her Facebook group. She has a parenting website named BudingStar that boasts of a monthly traffic of 30K.

She creates blogs on the topics her audience cares about, like this one, “Remedies for cold in Babies”. At the end of the blog, she has given the link to her Facebook group. Those who find the content valuable would be more than willing to not only join the group but also share the information with others.

passion economy 1

Namrata Kalia, Admin of Momz and More, also has her own blog which has been active since November 2017.

Not only does Namrata write some amazing content pieces on her blog, she also asks the readers to join her Facebook group. The option appears on the right hand side, no matter what page of the blog the reader is viewing.

Naturally, those who like her content would love to be a part of it, helping to grow her Facebook group.

passion economy

If videos are something you wish to go ahead with, I’d suggest you create your own Youtube channel. It is a very powerful channel to reach out to a vast audience.

If you are creating videos that can solve the problems of people outside your community, put them on Youtube. Don’t forget to add your Facebook group’s link there. There is a high chance that people looking for solutions to their problems on Youtube might land up on your video and from there be enticed to join your group.

The only way to win over people on Youtube is to provide awesome value. And if you are able to do that, they will certainly be motivated to join your community.

5. Create a Facebook page to promote your group

Your group is a closed space where only members see what’s happening. So, you’ll need a page (which is a public space where anyone can see the content you post) to tell others about the value you are providing in your group.

You can share your blogs, live videos, or podcasts on your page for others to see.

Moreover, you can run ads on your Facebook page (unlike a Facebook group) and reach a massive audience.

This way you are promoting your page and when people see your page via the ad, they’ll see the post that talks about your group. And, if they think it will add value to them, they will join your group.

Jyoti Agarawal, Admin, Maa2Mom, shares the links of her online exhibitions (through which she helps small business owners sustain in these unprecedented times) on her Facebook page. And from there, she has been able to attract a large number of members to join her group.

maa2mom online exhibition

P.S. Check out this blog to know how Jyoti (with her online parenting community) is helping numerous small business owners earn a living amidst the current pandemic.

6. Host Live sessions every week on your Facebook page

And, address the topics your audience cares about. Like, you can talk about the learnings from that week, interesting conversations that took place in your group, or maybe host a live session with an influencer from your group.

If you are already doing this in your Facebook group, I’d suggest you to either share the live videos on your Facebook page or altogether host them there.

Doing so allows users to share the information with anyone (including those who are not a part of the group). Basically, the information you share reaches a large number of people (by means of your page) and not stay restricted in your closed group.

Since a lot of people are coming and watching your videos (that encourage users to join the group) on the page, they might be willing to join your Facebook group.

Jyoti Agarawal (admin of Maa2Mom) also shares the videos of live sessions she conducts once every week in her Facebook group.

Sharing one example below.

Jyoti went live with Megha Asher who’s the founder of Juicy Chemistry, a chemical-free Indian skincare brand. The conversation aimed to celebrate the success of Megha and inspire other mompreneurs of her group.

juicy chemistry

7. Partner with influencers of your niche and promote your group

Reach out to influencers of your niche and tell them how you are impacting your audience and most importantly, how your content can make a difference in the lives of their audience.

If they are convinced, you can either be their guest blogger or guest interviewee wherein you impart highly valuable information to their audience and also promote your group on their social platform.

If the members like your content, they will definitely be a part of the group.

Simultaneously, you can promote the influencer on your Facebook page and tag him/her so that everyone sees it. Chances are they might comment on it and even join your group.

And, when people see an influencer there, they will be all the more willing to join it. SImply because of the mindset that an influencer has joined so there must be a lot of value in there.

Best Tips to increase facebook group engagement

8. Conduct webinars on your Facebook page and discuss about top issues

As mentioned above, I use the Post Trends feature to see what my group members are talking about.

For instance, the post below (from my Facebook group, Kids Nutrition and Recipes) shows a mum seeking suggestions if she should give oats to her 9 month old baby.











Here are the comments that followed.

oats comments

After reading the comments, I can figure out:

  1. Most moms are not sure if a 9 month old baby should be fed oats
  2. Most moms want to know how to include oats in the diet of their babies
  3. Most moms want to know if oats can be given everyday to a 9 month old baby

This is how I can tap into member conversations and know what’s bothering my members.

Now that I have all this information, I can host a webinar on my Facebook page and impart information to my members on this and solve their queries. In fact, I can even reach out to a few experienced mums from the group to share their knowledge on the subject.

This webinar will be available for everyone to see. Those who find it valuable would not miss a chance to join my group.

9. Promote your Facebook group through your content

Whenever you are drafting an email or penning down a blog post for your audience, mention and link your Facebook group in it.

At the same time, make sure it doesn’t seem unnecessary and forced into the content.

Here’s how Akansha shares the link of her Facebook group in the blogs on her website.

passion economy convosight

On the other hand, Adit Kohli’s email signature has a link to his Facebook group, Delhi Foodiez.

Adit kohli users







That’s all, folks! Thanks for reading!

I hope these strategies help to grow your Facebook group and open more avenues for you. Try them out and let me know which one of these you liked the most in the comments below.

You can also share your thoughts or drop in any further questions in my Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins where I and hundreds of other community admins are constantly discussing ways to scale our communities and so much more.

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