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List of 75 Facebook Groups With Outstanding Performance In Community Marketing Campaigns 2023

With over 2B people actively engaging in online communities and a whopping 1.8B of them dedicating their time to Facebook groups monthly, it’s safe to say that the influence of online communities remains strong, and people rely heavily on them, especially Facebook groups.

It’s no surprise that brands are integrating Facebook groups into their marketing strategies.

This Facebook groups list is an acknowledgement/token of appreciation for the 75 Facebook groups that performed exceptionally well in branded community marketing campaigns in 2023.

A big round of applause for the admins of these Facebook groups – your groups have earned a well-deserved spot on Convosight’s exclusive list! Keep up the phenomenal work. 🙌🏻

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Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the meticulous selection criteria followed by the Facebook groups list of the best-performing groups of 2023.

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Facebook groups list – Selection Criteria

This exhaustive Facebook groups list of the 75 best-performing Facebook groups comprises groups that have worked on at least five community marketing campaigns with Convosight in 2023.

Each of the selected communities has repeatedly shown excellent results and remained consistent with their performance throughout the year.

These communities belong to different categories like parenting, beauty & lifestyle, cooking & recipes, health & nutrition, and fitness, to name a few.

How to navigate through this Facebook groups list? 

We have divided the list into three sections depending on the member base in these Facebook groups.

– Facebook groups with up to 10,000 members

– Facebook groups with 10,000 to 25,000 members

– Facebook groups with over 25,000 members

Zooming in, we see 57 winners announced across four different award categories in each section.

This is followed by a special award category, “Community Champions,” comprising 18 Facebook groups that excelled in every aspect, whether keeping their groups engaged with highly relevant and meaningful content or achieving some amazing milestones.

Below mentioned are the other award categories:

1. Most engaging Facebook groups 

Facebook groups awarded under this category are the ones that showcased an average organic group engagement of:

  • >2% (for up to 10,000 members)
  • At least 1% (for 10,000 – 25,000 members)
  • At least 0.5% (for over 25,000 members)

FYI: Total organic engagement is calculated as the total number of comments and reactions received on all campaign posts (admin posts + UGC posts).

2. High-quality Engagement generated 

Facebook groups awarded under this category are the ones that maintained meaningful, high-quality engagement on their campaign posts in 2023 with duplicity level less than 30%.

3. High-quality Content created 

Facebook groups awarded under this category are the ones whose admins created high-quality campaign post copies at least 50% of the times. And, these post copies were approved instantly.

4. Enhanced Organic Engagement 

This award category features Facebook groups that could enhance their organic engagement in community marketing campaigns after completing training offered by the Convosight team.

Disclaimer: Please note that this Facebook groups list has been prepared after thoroughly examining the performance of ALL groups that worked on community marketing campaigns with Convosight in 2023. 

Best Performing Facebook groups list with up to 10,000 members 

Most engaging Facebook groups 

For all those seeking expert advice on health and nutrition, My Health Tips is your online space. Expect some super helpful home remedies and valuable suggestions for everyday lifestyle changes when you join this Facebook group.

Another health and lifestyle Facebook group that talks about all things health-related. From diabetes-friendly recipes to healthy daily food recipes, members of this group discuss it all. What’s more interesting is that the admin allows small business owners to showcase their products and services.

Foodtastic is an online community that brings together food lovers from different walks of life. Members share their food pictures, recipes and even stories about a particular dish. The group also supports/promotes small business owners or anyone directly or indirectly associated with food.

Mommywelt is an online community or world of moms where moms discuss anything and everything related to child care, child education, job opportunities, business ideas, entrepreneurship, upgrading their professional skills, and even social media marketing. Share your creative ideas, seek advice from fellow members or promote your original work!

As the name suggests, Beauty with Parenting and Food is an online space that talks about beauty, food, and even parenting. It’s a women-only Facebook community where women from different walks of life actively engage and take part in everyday discussions.

High-quality Engagement generated

Translated in English as the Bengali cuisine, this Facebook group connects all the Bongs who love to eat and cook. Members of this community love to share food pictures, unique recipes, cooking tips, and even cooking stories from time to time.

This beauty & lifestyle Facebook group connects women worldwide, with members primarily from India. Members discuss everything from everyday tips on leading a healthy lifestyle to seeking advice and recommendations for different products.

This is another moms-only community allowing moms to pour their hearts out, seek suggestions, and share advice. If you’re a mom seeking companionship and camaraderie, this online community would be one of your best bets.

During the pandemic, MDW sprung from a larger and highly engaged parenting community – Mommies World. Unlike the latter, MDW connects moms and dads (and even soon-to-be parents) worldwide and encourages them to share their unique tips and tricks to keep their little munchkins happy and engaged at home.

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As you can gather from the name, Indian Remedies for moms and kids is a space for all the moms seeking suggestions/home remedies for issues related to them and their little ones. Moms discuss their lifestyle fitness regimes, review different products, and vent their feelings.

This Facebook group is a one-stop destination for all the all-rounders, aka mothers. They can get acquainted with valuable parenting tips, pregnancy advice, insightful career tips, new recipes, fashion hacks and more.

Buddingpreneurs is an online community for all Indian women who are budding entrepreneurs. It aims to empower women by providing them with the necessary guidance, enhancing technical and interpersonal skills, and focusing on one’s fitness, wellness and personal grooming.

Considering the challenges faced by mothers in their day-to-day lives and to support their unique superpowers, Coffee Moms of India proves to be their safe haven. It connects moms worldwide and encourages them to learn from each others’ experiences, life journeys and more.

High-quality content created 

Yet another moms-based Facebook group that brings moms and nutritionists under the same roof. Moms can post their queries, seek recommendations and share their knowledge about kids’ nutrition and recipes, skin care and lactation, alongside promoting their business.

The Women’s Club connects women from across the world. As part of this digital safe space, women can share their hearts out, vent, seek advice from fellow members and share their fun, important life moments and milestone accomplishments. The community strongly supports local Indian businesses run by women entrepreneurs and gives them a platform to showcase their work.

Divas Creation is a women-only Facebook group that believes in empowering women by arming them with knowledge about different things whether it be parenting tips, beauty advice, lifestyle hacks, among others.

Foodie brings all food lovers under one roof. From sharing delectable food recipes prepared by members themselves to offering recommendations about visiting the best cafe/eateries in a particular area, members constantly engage in discussions.

This public Facebook group can’t stress enough that every woman out there is beautiful in her way. It aims to bring out every woman’s hidden talent, individuality, and inner beauty that contribute to forming her iconic personality.

The admin created this ‘online gang’ to connect and empower women from all across the world, where they discuss everything about health, education and food.

If you often find yourself seeking skincare advice, product recommendations, or makeup tips, then Skincare & Haircare (Essential Beauty) is the community for you. Surround yourself with like-minded women who talk about all things beauty and grooming.

Enhanced Organic Engagement

This online food and kitchen space is another community to gather inspiration for new mouth-watering food recipes, kitchen essentials and organizing hacks.

Whether you’re looking for parenting tips, beauty suggestions, product recommendations, health advice, or even cooking recipes, ULC has got you covered. Moreover, admins make it a point to share significant milestones and achievements of group members.

This public Facebook group is a go-to platform for thousands of women to discuss a wide range of topics, be it parenting tips, beauty hacks, product recommendations, health insights, or mouthwatering recipes.

Aspiring Women is a one-of-a-kind Facebook group for all the women who aspire to be so much more than a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, among other roles. This community encourages them to tap into their inner potential and showcase their creativity and talent, whether it be singing, dancing, art, craft, or anything else – something women are passionate about as individuals.

If you’re someone who browses through their social media to unwind after a long hectic day, then you must check out Queens Villa. This women-only community hosts some of the most happening contests and exciting games that you’d love to be a part of.

Every woman out there is a princess, and this community aspires for all women to feel the same way. The community encourages them to share their little and big achievements and motivate one another constantly. Also, expect conversations around food, beauty and skin care, among other things.

The admin of this community believes all women are rockstars and they created this online family of like-minded rockstars who discuss anything and everything be it parenting advice, health tips, beauty hacks, lifestyle changes, etc.

Mommies on Duty is like a support group for all the mothers who can post their queries about beauty, health and nutrition for moms and kids. Mommies can be entertained with fun jokes and unwind after a hectic day.

Females Empowerment, an exclusive women-only Facebook group, is dedicated to empowering women through a wealth of knowledge. From parenting tips and beauty advice to lifestyle hacks and more, they believe in fostering a community where women can grow and thrive.

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Best Performing Facebook groups list with 10,000 to 25,000 members 

Most engaging Facebook groups

This Facebook group is a one-stop destination for all the people who’re addicted to cooking and eating. All the food-oo-holics love to share their food recipes, experiences, expertise and kitchen secrets, among other things. The admin strictly prohibits any plagiarism and explicit content.

All the sincere lovers of food, Food & Foodies is the place to be if you are seeking new and amazing food recipes and experiences. The admin of this community strongly believes “food is not just about eating, it’s an experience”. So, embrace yourselves, learn about the best food experiences from all across the world, and share yours.

Created for all the bakers by a baker, Bakers Club by Chef Gupta is an online space that encourages all the talented bakers to share their (veg only) tempting innovations, be it cakes, pastries, doughnuts, muffins, cookies, among others. A perfect space to learn and seek new inspiration!

High-quality Engagement generated 

Another Facebook group dedicated to cooking and food lovers, but this one is primarily for the Bengalis based in different parts of the world. Expect to learn tons of new recipes and food dishes as you hop on this culinary ride.

Want to share all your “foodgasmic experiences” with like-minded folks and get inspired by others? The Foodies Thikana is the place for you!

This Facebook group talks about all things food and encourages members to share their heavenly food experiences, be it in a fancy restaurant or at home with their comfort food “Bhaat dal”.

Whether you’re a food lover or a home chef, this Facebook group is sure to take you on the “ultimate” food journey. With tempting new recipes being shared everyday, this Facebook group is a platform for all the homechefs to showcase their cooking talent and get inspired by one another.

High-quality content created 

This thriving public Facebook community is a hub for thousands of women to engage in conversations spanning various topics. Whether it’s sharing parenting tips, swapping beauty hacks, offering product recommendations, exchanging health insights, or swapping mouthwatering recipes.

This Facebook group brings all (super) women from different walks of life under one roof. From seeking and sharing valuable tips and suggestions around pregnancy, motherhood, women’s health, the members also gain a ton of knowledge about wealth management from the community. Also, expect some light banter and memes for entertainment that helps one unwind and take a break from the mundane everyday routine.

Explore womaanaari, where it’s all about you! In this exclusive Facebook community, you’ll discover discussions on beauty, food, and parenting with women from various walks of life. Be a part if this is something that interests you!

Since we Indians love to have conversations over a cup of tea/coffee, the admin Mousumi created this Facebook group that exudes the same experience online. This exclusive women-only community encourages them to be themselves and ask away any queries without the fear of being judged. From baby diapers to menstrual cups, members talk about anything and everything.

This is a one-stop destination for all Indian women looking to connect with like-minded individuals online. Whether you’re seeking tips / advice on parenting, kids, lifestyle, health, makeup, or cooking, Indian Women Hub has got you covered.

Lifeskills of moms and kids is a one-of-a-kind Facebook group that brings together parents from all over the world. It’s like a support group where parents can ask questions and seek valuable advice for their kids across a wide range of topics like learning, education, food, skincare, etc.

Enhanced Organic Engagement 

All about Women Villa is yet another women-only Facebook group created for like-minded women who share interests in beauty, fashion, lifestyle, art, food, home, and more. The community is thriving with friendly discussions, contests and activities that add a touch of fun to anyone’s day.

Moms and Tiny Tots calls out all the mommies out there and encourages them to share health and beauty tips and recommendations on kids’ nutrition and seek various other suggestions from one another.

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Best Performing Facebook groups list with over 25,000 members 

Most engaging Facebook groups

Sahachori is a buying and selling platform that strictly prohibits any male members from joining. It is one of the best online spaces for small business owners to showcase their products and services, and expand their reach.

With an aim to create a home-like safe space online, Rinki created this women-only public Facebook group. Members can seek advice, offer suggestions and share valuable tips around beauty, lifestyle, makeup and health.

If you wish to connect with like-minded salon professionals across the Indian beauty and makeup sphere, then the All India Hair & Beauty Salon Staff Association Facebook group should be on your list. This one-of-a-kind community acts as a support group and encourages members to ask away their queries and share knowledge and industry updates, among other things.

High-quality Engagement generated 

Whether you are an experienced mom, a new mom, or a mom-to-be, this group is a haven where you can share your feelings, offer expert tips and seek guidance. The admin (a mum herself) understands that being a mum is difficult. Hence, she created this online space that lets them be themselves, develop camaraderie with like-minded people and even showcase their unique talent.

Nari Shakti is a women’s support group that connects women from different backgrounds and numerous parts of the world. The members engage in discussions in the community around different topics like health, lifestyle, beauty, parenting, and even share some memes from time to time.

Babies are fussy-eaters and this is something that almost every mom relates to. To help mums overcome this, Puja created the Facebook group Happy Baby Food. True to its name, moms share different foods and food recipes their kids prefer to eat and get happy and content at the end of the day. So, all the moms struggling with their kids’ eating habits, there’s a lot you can learn from this community!

High-quality content created

As a diverse community welcoming both males and females, this all-in-one Facebook group covers a wide range of topics. From engaging discussions on parenting, beauty, health, and fitness to sharing tips on cooking and lifestyle, members delve into various aspects of life.

To lead a good life, one needs to maintain good health. Geetu realizes this and went on to create the Facebook group – Good Health Good Life. This women-only Facebook group has some of the most valuable discussions around beauty, lifestyle, along with baby care.

Women’s Centric is yet another exclusive women-only Facebook group, serving as your go-to destination for everything health, lifestyle, and beauty, and more. Here, members actively participate in meaningful discussions, exchange valuable advice, seek guidance, and get inspired from one another.

Kids and Daddy Lifestyle is a one-of-a-kind “dads-only” Facebook group connecting experienced dads, new dads and to-be dads from across the world. Much like other parenting communities on Facebook, the essence of this group remains the same – help dads navigate the journey of parenthood, ask questions, share their concerns and seek guidance.

In line with its name, this Facebook group unites parents in search of learning support for their kids. Within this community, parents can get access to a variety of educational materials, learning worksheets, and tips to keep their kids engaged at home. If you’re a parent, be prepared to discover a wealth of amazing ideas that will enhance your parenting journey.

Enhanced Organic Engagement

Moms and Kids Destination is yet another parenting community connecting like-minded women and helping them navigate the journey of motherhood. In this online space, mommies can ask away their queries, share suggestions and pour valuable advice related to parenting, health and baby care, among other things.

In this Facebook group, mothers engage in heartfelt discussions on all things related to their kids. From sharing memorable firsts and recent accomplishments to participating in conversations about their health, skincare, nutrition, and more.

Parenting and Home should be your go-to online space for all things related to parenting and creating a warm, loving home. Be a part of this supportive community and share experiences, ask questions, and connect with fellow parents on the journey of making a happy and nurturing home for their families.

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Facebook groups list of Community Champions 2023

MOI provides a safe virtual space for all mothers based in India, offering support akin to Google or a trusted teacher. The primary motive of this community is to carve out some “ME” time for the beautiful women out there, helping shape an identity beyond the role of a mother. In this community, they share the joys and challenges of motherhood, finding comfort in the realization that none of them is ever alone in this journey.

Created by Akansha Bansal, Parenting Mom Style is a global haven for all moms – experienced, new moms and to-be moms where they can share their parenting experiences, ask questions, and discuss daily struggles without the fear of judgement. Further, this online community empowers women by fostering individual and financial independence through initiatives like PMS Classified and PMS Community Support.

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BWP is a lively community connecting and empowering women (from diverse backgrounds) in Bangalore. With a mission to establish a safe and inclusive space, it provides a platform for women to share stories and foster meaningful relationships. Members actively engage in discussions covering a range of topics, including recipes, travel, makeovers, and more.

Born for all females in Pune, it’s a family where learning and growth thrive. PULA stands on three pillars: mutual support and empowerment, fostering financial independence through entrepreneurship or job opportunities, and breaking the culture of silence by discussing taboo topics. PULAites actively engage in sharing information, offering suggestions, supporting each other, voicing opinions, promoting businesses, and participating in grand meets.

The admin, Sonia Agarwal Konjeti, has built a fabulous monetisation model by connecting buyers and sellers through her Facebook groups.

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East Burdwan Community is like a support group for all the people residing in the Bardhaman city of West Bengal. Whether you’re seeking information on daily life topics, willing to stay updated on the latest news and happenings or showcasing your talent, East Burdwan Community is the perfect place for you.

This hyper-local Facebook group is a safe space for moms based in Gurgaon and NCR. As a part of this community, moms can seek help and support from one another on a diverse range of topics – motherhood, kids, and cooking. Moms also love sharing their big and small wins, discussing their challenges and struggles, and constantly inspiring each other.

Mumo, a cherished part of UNIMO (Universe of Moms), is an exceptionally exclusive Facebook group tailored for moms residing in Mumbai. Imagine Mumo as your constant companion—offering strength during struggles, support in times of need, smiles during celebrations, connection in the virtual realm, camaraderie and love through likes, and above all, the friend with whom you can enjoy your “well-deserved break”.

Maa2Mom stands out as a unique Facebook group uniting mothers spanning across generations. Whether you’re a working professional or a homemaker, Maa2Mom provides a secure haven for connecting with like-minded moms and gaining valuable insights. This digital space is dedicated to sharing, confiding fears and worries, discussing failures, whilst celebrating joys, triumphs, and successes.

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Started by Ruchi Airen to share her daughter’s art and craft work, KHL is a one-of-a-kind Facebook group for homeschooling kids. Parents within the community constantly share their valuable experiences and seek advice from fellow moms to address their challenges. The community organizes a plethora of activities, brain development courses, counseling sessions, live interactions and growth awareness programs.

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I Love Bikes and Stunt Riding is one of the largest motorcycle Facebook groups. This exclusive Facebook group connects bike enthusiasts, stunt aficionados, and racing lovers across the globe. The admin created this FB group with the core objective of curating top-notch motorcycle content, providing a space to riders to showcase their bike life, and facilitating connections among like-minded individuals.

A1 Gaming Community is one of the largest and most active PUBG/Battleground India’s Facebook groups out there, connecting gaming enthusiasts across different regions. If you’re passionate about gaming or know someone who is, this is your one-stop destination for all the latest updates, knowledge (tips and tricks), memes, YouTube streams, feedback and more.

Created by a mom for all moms juggling multiple roles day in and day out, Momz and More connects moms from all walks of life. Namrata made this Facebook group with the sole objective of providing a safe space for moms to confide, seek suggestions, offer advice and, above all, navigate the journey of life. M&M is like a digital manual for motherhood that’s making the lives of moms better each day.

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True to its name, “Pets for Adoption in Mumbai” is a unique Facebook group that actively promotes the adoption of pets within the city. Be it dogs, cats, kittens, pups, rabbits, or even snakes, one just needs to provide a brief profile of them and upload pictures. Join this community and foster loving homes for pets in Mumbai!

This Facebook group is a one-stop solution for those dealing with significant skin and health issues. Members constantly engage in discussions around beauty, health, and parenting tips, focusing on hair care, skin care, DIYs, and natural products, among other things.

SIW is a dedicated Facebook group exclusively for women, bringing buyers and sellers together in one vibrant community. The community serves as a platform for small business owners, whether they’re sellers, manufacturers, astrologers, dieticians, or other entrepreneurs, offering them a space to highlight their products and services and boost their revenue. Beyond business, women can also engage in entertaining games and contests, with opportunities to win exciting prizes.

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Moms Magic Cooking is the Facebook group where a treasure trove of culinary knowledge awaits you. Whether you’re a seasoned cooking enthusiast or just starting out, everyone is welcome to engage in lively discussions about all things cooking and food. Feel free to be a part of a delightful journey of shared recipes, tips, and the joy of happy cooking!

Delhi Foodiez, rightly referred to as an “online dining table” by admins Adit Kohli and Jyoti Kohli, ensures that no one eats alone. This community is a haven for food enthusiasts worldwide, uniting them to share delectable dishes and culinary adventures. Members exchange restaurant and cafe recommendations, satisfying their latest cravings together. Whether you’re eager to showcase your aesthetic food photos or seek inspiration to replicate cooking recipes, Delhi Foodiez welcomes you to celebrate the joy of food!

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Parenting with Food & Fitness is the ultimate online hub for parents, food lovers, and fitness enthusiasts. Members constantly share their diverse food recipes, hobbies, and fitness videos, drawing inspiration from one another.
Moreover, you can take part in entertaining contests and enjoy free tarot card readings from time to time. This community gives you the opportunity to not only connect but also promote your products and services.


That sums it up!

This is the 2023 Facebook groups list of the 75 top-performing Facebook groups in Community Marketing campaigns. If you’re already part of some, you know the fantastic things happening. If not, feel free to join!

For those starting their Facebook group monetization journey, we can help.

Got questions? Drop them in the comments or reach out to me in our Facebook group, where admins share success stories, insights on engagement, growth, monetization, and much more!

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