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This Lecturer Turned Community Entrepreneur Has Made Parenting Smooth For Over 36,000 Mums!

  • by Simran Grover
  • June 29, 2020

If you are hard-working and consistent in your efforts, nothing can stop you from building the community of your dreams,” says Akansha Bansal, the proud admin of Parenting Mom Style, one of the most trusted parenting communities on Facebook.

Awarded the title ‘Best use of Facebook Groups 2020’ by Women’s Web this January, Parenting Mom Style was started by Akansha in November 2017 with a thought to promote website blogs.

Little did she know that this closed group would become a space where over 36,000 moms and to-be moms from all across the country will be drawn to share their feelings and experiences.

In fact, the engagement rate is now as high as 84% and the activity score is an amazing 51!

moms parenting style

But, how did it all begin? What inspired Akansha to create this parenting group? What are the core values of her group? What does she do to increase engagement and reduce spam? Scroll down to know it all…

From A Lecturer To A Community Admin… It Has Been Quite A Journey!

Hailing from city beautiful Chandigarh, Akansha has been passionate all her life. She was an MBA topper, even cracked the UGC NET exam after which she served as a lecturer for 3 years!

While this made her financially independent, it did not satiate her soul. This young woman aspired to do something different hence she chose the road less travelled.

Soon after, she was blessed with a nephew. 🙂 As an aid to the new parents, she often looked up the internet for home remedies, but not once did she come across anything in detail.

That’s when the idea to create her own parenting website hit her. The objective was clear: answer each and every query related to baby and child care. With this intent, she launched BudingStar in April 2017 with some really insightful content pieces.

But, how to push this content to the audience? This was her next concern.

Hence, she decided to capitalise on the perks of social media and created the Facebook group, ‘Parenting Mom Style’ for all moms and expecting moms.

Started in November 2017 just as a means to promote her website blogs, the group in no time attracted a lot of attention. Mums were really happy to have a closed platform where they could share their hearts out and ‘thank you’ messages in Akansha’s inbox started pouring in.

No sooner, the group started to grow organically.

That’s when Akansha set sail on her journey to become a community entrepreneur! 🙂

For Akansha, it’s all about providing VALUE to members

Mommies from all over India (including foreign moms living in India) are a part of Parenting Mom Style. They talk about anything and everything related to baby care, pregnancy, and home remedies.

Apart from that, mental health is yet another topic that gets a lot of attention. Being a follower of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and associated with Art of Living herself, Akansha cannot emphasize enough on the importance of mental health.

So, she not only creates awareness but also encourages members to take part in the ongoing PMS Mental Health Support Program in her group.

a. An effort to educate moms on mental health and bust the underlying myths.

PMS Mental Health Support Program

b. Cheering moms and asking them to come forward and share their feelings.

Akansha Bansala Success Stories

On the heels of International Yoga Day, they conducted a special Health and Happiness online session to understand mind patterns and techniques to happiness.

internationl yoga day

Apart from that, Akansha has collaborated with ‘Queen’, the platform for online work from home jobs for women. They send her all relevant job vacancies and she makes it a point to post them every Wednesday, helping moms to reconnect with their aspirations.

Moms Help by communities

It’s the personal touch that sets her community apart from the other parenting communities online. “ I think it’s my involvement that gives my group an edge. Whenever I see any incorrect information posted by any member, I make sure to correct them over personal chat,” she says.

Her story was even featured in “The Tribune”, a highly distributed publication in Chandigarh city.

“The best moment for me while building this community is the recognition I got in my own city where blogging is an alien thing. And, also the award my group received for the best use of Facebook Group for 2020. It’s moments like these that make everything worth it,” she smiles.

You can Monetise your Facebook group and also provide value to members!

As the group gained popularity, Akansha realised brand partnerships are the best way to monetise a Facebook group and connect with the audience. She has partnered with brands like First Cry, CueMath, Dettol, Johnsons, and Veet to name a few.

Here’s how the moderator of Parenting Mom Style engages the members, provides them value, and talks about First Cry’s activity based learning program, Intellikit.

NO Screen Time

This post:

  1. Addresses the increasing screen time of preschoolers
  2. Encourages moms to share their ideas to reduce screen time
  3. Urges them to pledge no screen time
  4. Gives them an alternative, i.e. Intellikit (which is also a giveaway in case their idea stands out)

Now, here’s what the winner had to say.


It’s certainly a win-win for everyone!

As a part of Dettol’s awareness campaign, checkout how Akansha tells everyone to read instructions mentioned at the back before using any product.


These metrics indicate Parenting Mom Style has good health…

Akansha tracks these engagement metrics via Convosight to measure the health of her community.

  • Engagement Rate: The average engagement or actions per (total and active) members in her group is 84%
  • Activity Rate: The comments and reactions per post in her Facebook group is 51%
  • Daily Active Users/Monthly Active Users: The percentage of monthly active members that are active daily in her Facebook group is 63.26%. (Sooo amazing!)

FYI: The average DAU/MAU of Facebook groups is 53%. So, if your community’s DAU/MAU is along these lines, it’s good news!


If you wish to know more about any of these metrics, feel free to check out our article on “Top health metrics for your Facebook group”.

Out of the box live sessions and more… Akansha’s strategies to keep group members engaged

“Pick up insights from the group members only and provide them value,” says Akansha.

For the same, she uses Convosight’s Conversation Trends feature to know all the trending keywords (without user identity) which she refers to while creating content strategy.

Akansha Bansal

Other tactics that have worked well in her group are:

Out of the box live sessions

In a recent attempt to mix learning with fun, Akansha collaborated with an Educator and Child Psychologist for a fun and frolic lemonade party!

Summer lemonode

Moms got really excited when they got to know about this. You can see for yourself in the comments.

Group Engagement on Activities

This activity helped kids to learn about and explore the five senses. And, they had fun making lemonade themselves at the same time!

Games and Rewards

“We never conduct games like Tambola in our group just for the sake of engagement but only the ones that align with our group,” says Akansha.

Have a look at the online treasure hunt their group recently conducted. The engagement is pretty awesome!

PMS activity

Akansha credits group name and engagement for her group’s growth

When Parenting Mom Style was in the nascent stage, she recalls inviting friends, friends of friends, family members, cousins personally to join her group.

But with time, the group started to grow organically. And, she credits both the group name and engagement for it.

In her words,

“Group name plays an important role. Since it has keywords like parenting, it is easily discoverable on Facebook search. There should not be any stop words in the group name and should be free of any spelling errors.

On the other hand, keeping your group members engaged is the best way for growing because those members are your best word of mouth recommendation. Make them happy, keep them entertained, offer giveaways, and your group will grow.”

Akansha’s unique strategy to stay on top of SPAM

For starters, she uses Facebook’s Keyword Alerts feature to get notified of any abusive words on the platform itself.


Additionally, she also uses Convosight’s Urgent Alerts feature for the same. She marks abusive words and medicinal recommendations as spam for her group on Convosight and gets notified whenever any member uses them. Furthermore, the platform allows her to take action from the same dashboard.

urgent alert

Besides, she has a full-time moderator who closely monitors all the conversations in the group. Since no abusing is allowed as per group rules, the moderator has the authority to chuck out people right away if they are found guilty of abusing other group members.

Mutual Trust between the Admin and Moderator goes a long way

As mentioned, Akansha has a full-time moderator, Dr Neeru Bhutta, whom she pays around INR 5500-6000 monthly.

Dr Neeru is quite passionate, self-driven and motivated. Akansha never felt the need to track her work and neither has she asked for any daily or monthly reports because Dr. Neeru is very proactive. She pitches ideas and pushes Akansha to experiment with different things in the group.

Not only that, she also connects with brands for monetisation and carries out the initial conversation.

Akansha says, “There is mutual trust between me and Dr. Neeru. Although it took some time initially to build that, it’s great now. She makes my life easier.”

Akansha’s message for every community admin reading this…

Akansha Bansal - Success Story Words

Wow! That’s a really amazing thing to hear, isn’t it?

That said, we have our Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins where Akansha and 300 other community admins of her like are constantly discussing about the ways to build their groups and motivating each other in the journey. If you wish to gain such insights too, feel free to be a part! 🙂

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