How To Add A Facebook Group On Convosight (1)

How To Add A Facebook Group On Convosight?

The first step to enabling convosight on your groups requires you to add each group on Convosight.

To add a group on Convosight:

1. Log in to Convosight by clicking on Login with Facebook button on the home page.


2. You will be taken to the group home page. If you have already connected any of your groups, you can see them under connected groups. The groups that haven’t been connected yet, will be shown under remaining groups.

3. Click on Add Convosight to group next to the group you wish to add Convosight to.

4. An instructions window will pop-up with a four step installation process.

5. Click on Go to group apps on Facebook.

6. In Facebook group apps window search for Convosight.

7. Clicking on the app will display an Add app to this group pop-up.

8. Click on the Add button. Convosight is now added to your group.

9. Go back to Convosight’s dashboard.

10. Select a category that your group best fits in.

11. Select the primary country your group is focused on and click Confirm.

12. Your group details are now successfully added on Convosight.

Additional Help

If you still need any assistance, kindly check out this video.

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