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How Does Namrata’s Online Community Help Moms Cope With Daily Struggles And Rediscover Their Inner Self?

We women are no less than superheroes. From being a caring daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, a supportive wife, to being a loving mum, we do it all.

And, juggling all these roles everyday certainly takes a toll on us. So much so that we sometimes end up reacting impulsively and doing things we don’t intend to, like yelling at our child.

In times like these, we wish for someone (not necessarily a family member) to listen to us, understand us, and support us.

That’s where Momz and More comes in.

What started as a space for a few mums to share their daily struggles and vent their feelings has become a safe haven for approximately 27,000 mothers today. They not only speak their hearts out but also showcase their talents and inspire each other constantly.

Being a mum herself, Namrata relates to all of this and how women tend to lose their individual selves because of it. Hence, she created this Facebook group to help rediscover the ‘ME’ in them.

When asked about her best ever moment while building this online community, here’s what she had to say.

Namrata is really proud of having created this judgement-free space. Not only has she made a difference in the lives of moms but also managed to earn through it.

As you read further, you’ll know about:

  • Her reason for starting this Facebook group
  • The core values of her group
  • Ways through which she increases engagement and manges SPAM
  • Ways she earns through her community alongside providing value to members

From an Architect to a Mom and then a Community Entrepreneur… It’s been some journey!

An architect by profession, Namrata has worked with some of the leading firms in India and overseas.

It was in 2010 that she left her job as she was expecting a little one. She dedicated all her time and attention to her daughter for the next few years.

While she was enjoying her role as a mum, she managed to rekindle her love for writing.

She penned down short stories pertaining to daily struggles, social issues, and shared them on several Facebook groups. Not anytime before November 2017 did she start her own blog, Momz and More.

Her write-ups attracted immense love and appreciation and she was amazed to see how women resonated with them. Some of them even mentioned having faced the same issues.

That’s when the idea to create a safe space where these women can vent their hearts out stuck her.

In May 2018, the Facebook group, Momz and More was born.

Fast forward to today, this online community has made lives better for moms all across the country. They share their ideas, advice, and inspire each other constantly. The engagement rate of 256% and activity rate which is an amazing 62 are proof of it.

Convosight dashboard Namrata

‘More kindness and less judgement’ are the ethos of Namrata’s community

“The members of a community are not just a random number. They are real people whose feelings and emotions must be honored,” says Namrata.

And, that’s exactly what is practiced in her community. Moms talk about anything and everything related to themselves. They share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas without the fear of being judged. And, showcase their skills and talent which get immense appreciation.

Most importantly, they get to be themselves, take some time off and leave behind their daily hustle. In fact, they even share stuff they hesitate sharing with their families.

“There is so much love in the community. The members support each other from time to time. In fact, whenever a new member posts something, everyone shows so much love. Even I myself am involved a lot in the community. And, this is what sets my community apart,” smiles Namrata.

How does Namrata earn from her community while also providing value to moms?

Brand Partnerships.

She has partnered with a lot of brands like Niine, Veet, Mothersparsh, Johnson and Johnson, Whitehat Jr, to name a few.

As part of a campaign with Niine, Momz and More held a contest wherein they encouraged moms to share their photos with a red bindi on account of International Women’s Day. The aim was to break the shame and talk about periods.

The activity score (total reactions and comments) of this post is 413. Considering the activity score of her community, i.e. 62, we can say that this post has almost 7x higher engagement than average! 😊


In a recent campaign with White Hat Jr, Namrata tells moms about the kids logic and coding championship organised by the brand.

white hat jr

The reward of free education for life is certainly enticing for the members, hence the amazing response! The activity score for this post is 95 which means this post got 1.5x higher than average engagement.

white hat jr 1

Here’s how Namrata goes the extra mile to provide value to her members

She recently came up with the idea of having ‘Free Promotional Days’ in her community. As the name suggests, members are allowed to make their promotional posts for free in the group every Saturday.

Sharing an example here. The activity score of this post is 171 which means it got almost 3x higher engagement than average.

free promotional days

Besides this, she is supporting all mompreneurs (chefs, tutors/teachers, designers, artists, etc.) by giving them an announcement day for free. Since businesses have been hit hard in this pandemic, she came up with this idea and hashtag for them, i.e. #Promote local.

(Talking about the activity score of this post, it is 62 which means it is very much in line with the group’s average engagement.)

promote local

promote local 1

The Engagement Metrics of Momz and More will surely blow your mind!

Namrata tracks these engagement metrics via Convosight to measure the health of her community.

  • Engagement Rate: The average actions (posts + comments + reactions) per member per month in her group is 256% or 2.56 actions per member per month.
  • Activity Rate: The average number of comments and reactions per post per month in her Facebook group is 62.
  • Daily Active Users/Monthly Active Users: The percentage of monthly active members that are active daily in her Facebook group is 30%.

FYI: The average DAU/MAU of Facebook groups is 53%. So, if your community’s DAU/MAU is along these lines, it’s good news!

Convosight dashboard for Namrata

If you wish to know more about any of these metrics, feel free to check out our article on “Top health metrics for your Facebook group”.

Namrata has a clear policy for all spammers in her group

Her community reports very few cases of SPAM.

Once in a bluemoon does she come across someone not conforming to the group rules. Since she has a zero-tolerance to nuisance policy, she straightaway chucks out that member.

On the other hand, she has asked the moderator to give warning to those who post YouTube links constantly on different posts.

While Namrata has been managing spam manually until now, she is keen to use Convosight’s Urgent Alerts feature. It notifies you when a member uses any of the keywords you mark as spam for your group.

urgent alerts 1

In fact, you can even take action from the same dashboard.

urgent alerts for namrata kalia

How does Namrata’s moderator help scale her community?

“Shalini has been really helpful and supportive all this while. Thanks to her, I have been able to focus on my tasks and carry them out efficiently,” says Namrata.

Her moderator Shalini Sahu is responsible for post approvals, screening member profiles, and accepting/ rejecting member requests. She checks the group multiple times a day which truly helps in the smooth functioning of the community.

“Shalini was one of the top contributors in my community. I noticed her involvement in the group and approached her for this role to which she happily agreed,” recalls Namrata.

P.S. If you wish to know more about how to choose the right moderator for your Facebook group, check out our blog on it.

These 5 things guarantee increased engagement in Namrata’s Facebook group

1. Contests

Their recent contest of ‘Women’s Got Talent’ was a total blast! Members happily showcased their talent by posting their dancing, singing, or cooking videos, basically whatever they’re good at. The response was amazing!

Here’s one example where a mom can be seen showcasing her baking skills. This post has an activity score of 167 which means it received almost 3x higher engagement than average.

women got talent

2. Discussions

“I recently came up with a #Let’s Discuss series for moms. The intent is to have meaningful discussions. But, there are times when I post something fun to keep them entertained,” tells Namrata.

The post below has an activity score of 186 which means it received 3x higher engagement than average.

let's discuss

3. Recognising top contributors of the week

Here’s how Namrata does that. This post has an activity score of 76 which means it attracted slightly higher than average engagement.

top contributors of the week

4. Polls

Here’s how she used a poll to check if moms were interested to buy Pampers premium pants. The activity score of this post is 125 which means it attracted 2x higher engagement than average.

polls namrata

5. Live sessions

In the latest live session that took place in her group, Mrs Anshul shared 9 food practices for good gut health. The post has an activity score of 216 which means it attracted 3.5x higher than average engagement.

live session Namrata

“I believe it is this engagement that attracts people towards the group. On the other hand, word of mouth recommendation has worked wonders. Members enjoy being a part of Momz and More which is why they invite their family and friends too,” smiles Namrata.

Namrata’s message for all community admins reading this…

Namrata Kalia - Success Story-04-04-04

Wow! That’s some nice motivation!

That said, we have our Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins where Namrata and hundreds of other community admins are constantly discussing about the ways to build their groups and motivating each other in the journey. If you wish to gain such insights too, feel free to be a part! 😊

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