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Writing The Best Facebook Group Description – Everything You Need To Know (Updated 2024)

If you’ve ever thought “Is Facebook group description important?” or “Is my group description good enough?”, you’re most definitely on the right page.

A Facebook group description primarily reveals the purpose behind creating the group. And at the same time, highlights what unites the members of that group.

According to Facebook,“Your group description is a great chance to set the first impression for new members.”

So, in this article, I’m going to tell you all about it. Here’s how the article flows!

Facebook Group Description

How to write a Facebook Group Description?

“Your group description should state the intent of your group clearly to help new members understand how to best contribute and engage,” says Facebook.

In addition to that, one thing that you CANNOT miss out on is:

Telling potential members what makes your group unique and the things existing members identify with.

Doing this makes it easier for them to decide whether or not they should join your group.

Hence, it’s absolutely a no-brainer.

Sharing with you our learnings on how to write the best description for your group on Facebook.

Things to keep in mind to write the best group description for Facebook

1. Include a mission statement 

No Facebook group description is ever COMPLETE without a mission statement.

Now, what’s exactly a mission statement?

To put it simply, a mission statement is something that explains very clearly: your reason for starting the group and what you intend to achieve with it.

If you’ve done this well, half your job of getting people to hit that join button is done.

Have a look at the description of our Facebook group. Tamanna Dhamija (CEO and Founder of Convosight) started this group in May 2020 and she has clearly stated: what led her to it and what she wishes to accomplish with the group.

How to write a Facebook Group description?

2. Mention the type of members who are a part of the group

When you do this, you are making it extremely clear for others to see if they are a relevant fit for the group or not.

For instance, you have a women-only FB group that connects all Telugu-speaking women from all over the world. Then you must mention it clearly in the group description itself as it will ensure only like-minded people (Telugu speaking women in this case) only request to be a part of the tribe.

Sharing with you how we have mentioned in our group description about the type of members who are a part of it.

members who are a part of the group

Easy, right?

It clearly tells that FB group admins from all over the world irrespective of their group category are welcome here.

3. State what to expect

Your group description is incomplete without you explicitly telling what members should expect when they join your group.

It’s like a bait – giving them a sneak peek into the valuable and exciting stuff that happens in your community.

Seeing this, potential members are enthused and start to feel that they’re missing out on some great stuff. That’s when they will most likely hit the ‘Join group’ button.

A TIP: Reveal, but not too much! Keep a fine balance. You obviously don’t want to give it all away in the description itself, do you?

Here’s how we have done it in our group.

what to expect

We’ve mentioned the areas around which we have active discussions in the group. But, we have not divulged how we do it. That’s for when you join!

4. Other social media handles

If you have any other FB groups or a presence on other social channels like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. go ahead and add them in your Facebook group description.

A humble brag doesn’t hurt! 😉

Rather, it helps build your credibility and is also a great way to increase your following.

Arden Joy, one of the admins of Girls Who Travel, shared how they have listed all their other FB groups and social media handles in the group description itself.

girls who travel group description 2

5. Contact Details

Adding an email address in your group description directs members/potential members who are looking to get in touch with you personally.

It might be in regard to the promotions you allow in your group or anything alike.

Similarly, it’s a time saver for the brand managers (to stumble upon your email address from the group description itself) who’re interested to collaborate with you for purpose-led marketing campaigns.

Shalu R Varadkar, the admin of Mommies World, has clearly mentioned her email address in the group description. It’s for all those looking to collaborate / promote their products in her group.

mommies world group description

The email address given by Shalu is her professional email, i.e. the one that’s based on the group name and solely created for this purpose.

This eliminates all safety concerns and separates professional from personal.
That said, you must also be mindful and share your work email address. If you don’t have it yet, create one today!

6. A Call To Action

After all of the aforementioned points, the only thing that remains is a clear CTA.

It can be anything like: Join to get started, Let’s grow together, or anything such.

Our group description has this CTA :

“So, let’s get started! We are in this together!”


It encourages potential members to join the group and at the same time assures them that we are there for them at every step of their journey of community building.


Lastly, if members would like to know more, they can head over to the RULES section and learn about the dos and don’ts.

If you’d like to get some tips on how to write rules for your FB group or would like to look at some great examples, check out this blog.👇🏻

Everything you need to know about Facebook group rules

Facebook group description templates
Now, let’s have a look at some excellent Facebook group description samples.

5 Best Facebook Group Description Examples that will leave you inspired

#1. Fitness2Flash

I really like how Rinku Shah, the admin of this fitness community has conveyed her group’s mission statement and target audience in just 3 lines.

Facebook group description examples

Simple and direct.

Another point that’s worth appreciating is that Rinku has listed down her other communities as well along with their links.

FB group description example

Now, she has not mentioned them just for the sake of promoting her groups. Instead, there’s a purpose behind and that is:

Fitness2flash is like a parent community where discussions related to health and fitness take place. However, her other FB groups are problem-specific.

Like fitness post pregnancy for the moms who are looking to shed that post delivery weight, F2F dance community for all the dance lovers out there, and more.

When potential members look at the description and they come across this, they can choose a group that seems best to solve their problem and can join that directly.

#2. Delhi NCR Covid Information and Support Group

Owing to the catastrophic crisis in India, Tamanna Dhamija started this group to provide support to people battling through Covid in Delhi NCR.

In the group description, she has stated very clearly about what to expect. Anyone can seek help or provide support for oxygen, ventilators, plasma, beds, food, and enquire about vaccines, chemists, etc. using relevant hashtags.

She even urges people to post verified information only.

delhi ncr covid support facebook group description

#3. Maa2Mom – Motherhood Parenting and Beyond

The mission statement for her group is beautifully laid down by Jyoti Aggarwal (the admin).

She clearly points out that mothers of all generations are welcome and her group aims to learn and grow together by helping them overcome their failures, share their triumphs, successes, and so much more.

maa2mom description

Another thing worth looking at is the fact that she empowers womenpreneurs and for the same, she has asked them to register before actually promoting their products. And has also shared the contact information for it.

maa2mom fb group description

All in all, it’s a good group description.

#4. Indian Women Dubai

Reema Mahajan Gupta, the admin of Indian Women Dubai, or as she likes to call it – “The Google of Dubai”, shares how pretty straight-forward and succinct her group description is.

indian women dubai group description

As you can see in the snapshot above, members/potential members know what to expect in the group.

  • They can share their experiences, offer suggestions, express their concerns about anything and everything
  • They can promote their products only on Sundays using the #SmallBusinessSunday. Also, own the brand they are promoting
  • Members need to follow the UAE laws and charity laws
  • They must refrain from reaching out to others personally and sharing any other group links.

Just looking at them, one has a clear picture of the functioning of the group and how to conduct themselves.

#5. Hello Gorgeous – Women Health Nutrition Fitness

I’ve been admiring Manisha Nakra Gussain’s Facebook group description from the moment I read it.

She’s laid down the group’s mission (encourage people to practice self care) so beautifully combined with how they do it.

Reading this, who wouldn’t be attracted and motivated to walk on the journey of self care?

hello gorgeous women health fitness group des

Moving on to address…

Facebook Group Description FAQs

Below I have answered all the frequently asked questions concerning description for group on Facebook. Hope these would help!

Que 1. How do I add a description to my Facebook group?

To add a description to your Facebook group, follow these steps:

1. From the left hand corner on your news feed, select the group you’d like to add description for

How to Write Facebook Group Description

2. Choose ‘Settings’ from the options available on the left side


3. Under set up group, you’ll see ‘Name and Description’ – Click on the pen icon beside it

name and description

4. Write your group description in the dialog box given below and hit save

description dave

Que 2. How to change Facebook group description?

To edit / update your Facebook group description in 2021, follow these steps:

1. From the left hand corner on your news feed, select the group you’d like to add description for

choose the group image

2. Choose ‘Settings’ from the options available on the left side

settings description

3. Under set up group, you’ll see ‘Name and Description’ – Click on the pen icon beside it

name and description part

4. In the dialog box, your current group description will be visible. Rectify it and make the changes you’d like to. Hit save.

Edit Facebook Group Description

What is the Facebook group description character limit?

The character limit for group description on Facebook is 3000 characters.

Now that you have all the information regarding Facebook group description, let me share with you some awesome templates and make your task even easier.
facebook group description template

5 Awesome Facebook Group Description Templates

Below are five description templates of Facebook groups belonging to different categories – parenting, cooking, health and fitness, beauty, and buy and sell groups.

You can use the content from here, edit it as per your group culture and functioning, and make it your group description.

With this, it’s a wrap!

Share your thoughts with me on group description in the comments below. Or write to me in our Facebook group. I’ll be more than happy to respond!🙂

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