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Revealing The Best Community Marketing Platform For Your Brand + How To Get Started

Community marketing is not merely a buzzword anymore. It’s one of the most preferred ways for brands to reach out to potential consumers.

Brands like Nestle, Veet, ITC, Amazon, Unacademy, Pediasure, and Plum, to name a few, have started investing in community marketing and are looking to include it in their marketing mix in the coming times as well.

But, how did they execute community marketing campaigns in the absence of a dedicated community marketing platform?

I bet this is probably what you’re thinking right now!

With the help of Convosight.

Convosight is the world’s first-ever community marketing platform redefining how brands do marketing.

We’re helping them connect and engage with their audience meaningfully through strategic and impactful community marketing campaigns shaped by data driven insights.

To date, 150+ brands have completed over 1000 community marketing campaigns with Convosight.

This blog focuses on:

  • Why is Convosight the best community marketing platform?
  • How to get started with community marketing through Convosight?

Let’s dive right into understanding everything about this community platform.

Community Marketing Platform

Why is Convosight the best community marketing platform?

Convosight is the world’s first premier community marketing platform that’s working to create an ecosystem where brands and community creators can coexist.

Brands that partner with us can leverage the power of communities by listening to their consumers’ needs and pain points, deriving actionable insights, executing purpose-led campaigns, and measuring their impact.

Here’s everything you need to know that sets us apart from other community platforms that might be there.

1. Custom community marketing strategies and campaigns

Every brand has different goals and objectives that they wish to achieve. And at the same time, they have to cater to different audiences.

We understand that, and hence the fact that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach wouldn’t work.

That being said, we first understand your goals and objectives thoroughly and then build custom campaigns to target specific audiences and achieve specific results.

For instance, a toddler nutrition brand wanted to generate high-quality organic leads for their product. We prepared a community marketing strategy depending on their objectives, category and campaign idea.

At a result, they were able to generate 3700 relevant leads and 32K user-generated posts.

Similarly, a hair care brand that collaborated with us wanted to drive word-of-mouth advocacy for their product. We prepared a community marketing strategy keeping in mind their objectives, category and campaign idea.

Consequently, the brand attracted 58% SOV (share of voice) and 8962 UGCs that were indicative of a strong advocacy leg.

If you’d like to understand in detail as to how we prepare a community marketing strategy for brands, feel free to refer to this blog 👇🏻

Community Marketing Strategy – A complete guide

2. Dedicated pool of community admins who trust us

With access to over 600 million members across 50,000+ Facebook groups, Convosight is the most trusted community management platform.

Over the last two years, we’ve built and nurtured global relationships with Facebook group admins.

We’ve helped them partner with the most relevant brands, run community marketing campaigns at scale, and earn from their Facebook groups.

Alongside, our numerous platform features ( like Keyword Alerts, Conversation Trends, and Post Scheduler) help them manage their communities better.

Admin Bio and Group Profile, our recently released features, provide all the necessary support to these admins in pitching brands themselves and closing partnership deals.

Not to mention, the regular training sessions we conduct to help these community admins understand the execution process and put their best foot forward in campaigns.

You can refer to this blog to understand how we’re enabling Facebook group admins to manage their communities better and become community entrepreneurs 👇🏻

Why do Facebook power admins love Convosight & how do they get the maximum benefit from it?

3. Access to actionable user insights from millions of conversations

Know what users (anonymously) are talking about your brand and category from millions of conversations happening in thousands of communities across Facebook groups and Subreddits and understand things like –

  1. How many conversations are there for your category?
  2. What is the share of voice for your brand across those conversations?
  3. Which products have the highest purchase consideration and advocacy?

and more…

Our AI-powered insights dashboard will enable you to identify core insights relevant to your brand and category.

Best Platform for Community Marketing

4. Measure the impact of your community marketing campaigns across key metrics

Track and monitor the progress of your community marketing campaigns in real time through our report tracking system across the desired key metrics.

You can check the status of your ongoing campaigns or dig deeper into the progress of previous campaigns.

5. A rockstar team that manages things with massive experience and skills

Our team comprises marketing strategists, account managers, social media mavens, data scientists, and content creators who use our proprietary analytics and community marketing platform to build targeted and meaningful community marketing campaigns.

Each campaign has a dedicated account manager who ensures smooth functioning of the campaign, evaluates every post and makes adjustments as needed. They continually collaborate with the community success folks and encourage them to optimize campaigns for better results.

How do things work at Convosight – the first ever community marketing platform?

At Convosight, we help brands execute community marketing campaigns across communities at scale in 7 simple steps.

1. Select the most relevant communities

Brands can select the most relevant communities, i.e., where their target audience spends the maximum time, using our artificial intelligence-based deep learning natural language processing models.

All you need to do is type in the relevant keywords in the search query and hit search.

how convosight helps in community marketing

You’ll see a list of all the communities with those particular keywords.

Community Marketing Platforms available

You can easily filter them based on member demographics, categories, and conversational density.

 member demographics, categories, and conversational density.

2. Check out Group Profile of communities and Admin Bio of their respective admins

Once you’ve identified relevant communities, you can check out their respective Group Profiles.

How to Choose Correct Platform for Community maarketing

They are like a CV of any community that showcases what a particular community is about, member demographics, things members talk about the most, and more.

Simultaneously, you can check out the Admin Bio of the admins of these respective communities and know all about their community-building experience, how they started, and their key achievements, among other things.

Admin Bio of the admins

This will help you zero in on the communities you’d like to work with and get the most relevant conversational insights.

3. See key KPIs and Insights

After you’ve shortlisted communities that seem relevant to you, you can track and understand key KPIs and insights like category conversations, brand mentions, and share of voice, among others.

This will help you gauge current levels of engagement before the campaign.

 See key KPIs and Insights

4. Create your community marketing campaign

Go ahead and fill in all the relevant details of the campaign like:

  1. Campaign brief
  2. Campaign type
  3. Start and end date of the campaign
  4. Campaign objectives
  5. Keywords to track

How to Create your community marketing campaign

These details will be shared with the admins of the selected communities, post which they will choose to work on a particular campaign.

In case you’d like to understand all about the process of doing campaigns through Convosight, please refer to this blog

How to do community marketing campaigns with Convosight?

5. Approve campaign assets submitted by community admins

Once the selected community admins submit the campaign assets, they flow into the content manager, from where you can easily evaluate them.

Approve campaign assets

If the assets are 100% satisfactory, go ahead and approve them instantly, otherwise, reject them along with feedback.

Additionally, you can rate the admins based on the quality of their submissions.

6. Campaign goes live

Once you approve the campaign content and its related assets, community admins will post the campaign content at a pre-decided date and time in their respective communities.

Digital marketing platforms 2022

7. Track campaign performance and measure the impact

After the campaign ends, it’s time to measure the performance of your campaign across different KPIs like category conversations, brand mentions, the share of voice, the number of UGC posts, and more.

Track campaign performance

Success is measured by understanding the change in conversations in the community vs before the campaign.

Alongside this, you can also analyze consumers’ sentiment in all the conversations to understand what they think about your brand and product.

Learn everything about the different metrics you can track to measure the success of your community marketing campaigns in this blog 👇🏻

Top metrics to measure the success of community marketing campaigns in 2022

Inspired much and willing to give community marketing a shot?

GET IN TOUCH with us today and our community marketing expert will help you unlock the potential of communities. 🚀

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