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Create A Facebook Group Admin Bio And Increase Your Chances Of Getting Brand Campaigns

Do you wish to work with the brands you love and create a strong partnership with them?

Do you want to build a strong influence in the community building space and establish yourself as a professional community entrepreneur?

While you nodded your head in a yes, at the same time, you thought – only if it were that simple!

What if I told you it is?

We at Convosight have come up with an all-new feature called Facebook Group Admin Bio that will not only accelerate your chances of monetization but also let you showcase your achievements and skills to the world.

The best part is – In just one click, you can share it with anyone (be it brands, group members, or acquaintances) and lay down all your accomplishments of community building to date.

That said, you no more have to feel overwhelmed managing a massive bunch of Facebook group pitch assets and sharing those with the brands.

Not to mention, brands would be super impressed at how all the information they need to see has been laid out so professionally and would instantly want to start a conversation.

In this article, I’m going to share with you all about:

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Create a Facebook Group Admin Bio

What exactly is Facebook Group Admin Bio?

In simple words, it’s your consolidated profile that speaks about what you do, why you started doing it, for how long have you been doing it, how you’re doing it, people you’re impacting, and more.

Think of it as your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or a LinkedIn profile that corporate professionals maintain to showcase their work experience, key responsibilities, and skills. It helps them when they’re job hunting or looking for new opportunities.

Similarly, the Facebook Group Admin Bio on Convosight is your community building CV that speaks volumes about your experience and achievements in building your Facebook group(s).

Here’s how it looks like:

admin bio sample

Seems mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Still looking for a reason to invest some time and prepare such an excellent admin bio? I’ll give you three!

3 major reasons you shouldn’t miss completing your Facebook Group Admin Bio on Convosight

1. It boosts your chances of getting brand campaigns

When you create your admin bio, you’ll be showcasing all important information about yourself and your Facebook group to the brands and everyone else.

Meaning, you’ll be putting your best foot forward and it will create a great first impression in front of the brands. When that happens, they would be more than willing to partner with your group for their marketing campaigns.

However, if your admin bio is not updated, lack of information might be a deal-breaker for the brands and they might reconsider their decision of collaborating with you.

If you’re new to Convosight and would like to understand about all the factors that brands consider when choosing a Facebook group for marketing campaigns, you can refer to this blog👇🏻

How to get brand campaigns through Convosight and earn?

2. It expands your reach in a single click

You can share your admin bio with brands, group members, and anyone you like by just clicking on ‘Share’.

A link will be generated and you just need to copy paste that link.

Simple, yeah?

3. It helps showcase your achievements and increases your credibility

As mentioned above, the Admin Bio on Convosight is just like a CV where you showcase all your community building experience, accomplishments, and more. You can even create a convincing pitch video and upload it alongside the different things you’ve worked upon.

When you share this with brands, half your work of convincing them to work with you is done. (The other half obviously depends on your group’s relevance, conversations, and other similar factors)

When you’re sharing it with your members or friends, you can ask them to show some love by clicking on the hearts button they see!

The more hearts you accumulate, the more credible and visible you and your groups will be to brands.

Now that you’re fully convinced and wish to complete your admin bio, let me share with you how you can do it.

How to add facebook group admin bio

Step-wise process to access Admin Bio

1. Login to Convosight through laptop or open it on your mobile device.

2. On your Convosight home page, you’ll see a banner notification on top that says ‘Complete your Admin Bio’.

admin bio, Facebook group admin,

3. When you click on ‘Complete now’, you’ll come across a popup comprising a short video about admin bio. After you’ve watched it, click on the button ‘Complete your Admin Bio’ and you can get started with updating the details.

admin bio, Facebook group admin

Creating your Facebook Group Admin Bio – Every single thing explained

1. What is your Admin Bio?

It’s a brief introduction of who you are and what you have achieved.

You’ll see your Name, Profile Photo, and Location. All these details will be auto-generated from your Facebook profile.

admin bio, Facebook group admin

You can edit these details if you wish and even change your profile picture by clicking on ‘Change Image’.

Make sure your profile picture is clear and exudes professionalism. A close up is best suited where 60-70% of your face occupies the frame.

Avoid using pictures with family and friends for the simple reason that it doesn’t look professional. Moreover, it is your bio and anyone who comes across it would expect to see your photo.

2. About Me

In this section, explain briefly about who you are as a community leader and about the communities you are managing.

Keep it short, crisp, and effective.

Ideally, your bio should be somewhere between 250-750 words.

Important things to mention: About the community you have created, for over how many years have been managing them, and how you are impacting your community members

You can also include: About your journey as a community builder, why you created your Facebook groups, short description of each group (type of audience and conversations), brands you have worked with, category of brands you’d like to collaborate with, and social impact.

Admin Bio Template: X years of managing communities in category (like parenting, health, food… ) with Y members (total members across all communities)
Being the admin of (Most popular group name) from the last x years, (milestone achieved).

Have a look at the description of Anne Scott’s bio.

admin bio, Facebook group admin

It is succinct and extremely impactful. Anne has clearly explained the scale at which her community is impacting women, her community’s mission, values, and her purpose in life.

3. Pitch Video

In this section, upload a video telling why brands should work with you.

And they’ll be convinced to partner with you when you include these details in your video:

  • Your superpower as a Facebook group admin
  • Your area of expertise/ community (health, technology, parenting, fitness etc.)
  • Your group’s relevance to the brands and what you can offer to them
  • Brands you have worked with and the category of brands you’re willing to partner with
  • Your network of other FB group admins
  • The influence you have managed to create or a recent milestone you achieved
  • What you can offer to the brands or something that makes you unique

Make sure your pitch video is around 1 – 2 minutes long. A video lengthier than that is likely to kill the viewer’s interest.

Akansha Bansal’s pitch video covers almost all of the above points and is the perfect example of a killer video. The best part is that she has prepared it in landscape mode which makes it visually appealing.

pitch video, admin bio, Facebook group admin

You can check out Akansha’s video HERE.

If you haven’t yet uploaded a pitch video, take some inspiration from her, and create yours today!

NOTE – You can easily record a video on your admin bio page and upload it automatically. There’s no need to record a video with your phone first and then save it and upload it to your admin bio. This ensures that your video is in landscape mode and looks appealing.

pitch video, admin bio, facebook group admin

admin bio, facebook group admin bio, pitch video

4. Key Achievements

List down all your notable contributions here. Whether you received an award/recognition, organized a cancer awareness program, were able to hit 100,000 months in 6 months, managed to keep your group’s ER over 500%, or anything else, mention them in this section.

This is your opportunity to showcase your strengths, how dedicated and passionate you are, and ways you are contributing towards society.

Check out the key achievements of Pooja P Sharma, admin of Parenting with food and fitness.

admin bio, key achievements, Facebook group admin

Please note that you can add a maximum of five achievements in your admin bio.

5. Media Coverage

Got covered in a digital publication? Featured on a blog/podcast? Got interviewed? Share links to it all in this section.

Just like Evelyn Shaw Corley, Admin of Mindfulness in Education, has done.

facebook group admin bio, media coverage

Let the brands (or rather anyone who goes through your profile) see your achievements.

After all, this is something that interests everyone!

And moreover, it builds your credibility.

6. Your groups

a. Groups I admin

If you own multiple Facebook groups, you can easily link all of them in this section.

Facebook groups, admin bio, Facebook group admin

b. Groups I support

If there’s a particular group or a few groups that you’re a part of (that may or may not be in your niche) or you strongly connect with, you can link them in this section.

To link groups, just hit the ‘Select groups’ button given below.

Facebook groups, admin bio, Facebook group admin

In case you’re not able to see any of your FB groups you added, hit the ‘Not seeing all your Facebook groups’ button and you’ll be good.

7. Files

In this section, you can add a maximum of five supporting files for your profile.

For instance, you can upload your media kit, Facebook group insights, a pitch deck you have, newspaper clipping, certificate of appreciation, or even a case study for maybe a brand campaign that worked amazingly well.

Samiksha Aggarwal, admin of Moms Magic Cooking, has uploaded several files including a newspaper article in which she was covered, offline events she has hosted, and the events she’s judged.

facebook group admin bio, files section

You can choose to either upload a file or simply add its URL i.e. a Google Drive link, Dropbox link , YouTube link or any other link.

facebook group admin files

8. Social Profiles

Add your other social media handles like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other and let others connect with you.

social profiles, admin bio, Facebook group admin

After you have added all the details, click on ‘Save Changes’.

Once your admin profile is completed, you can either generate a URL of your admin profile and share with others or preview it once, and then do the former.

9. Message Button 

You can choose to enable the ‘Message’ button on your admin bio. When you do, brands will be able to contact you easily.

Facebook group admin bio, message me button

By default, your Facebook registered email address will be shown in the email section. You can choose to edit it and give your business email address.

When any brand chooses to message you, you get an email instantly with all the details they choose to give you.

Hit publish and you will have your all-in-one Admin Bio, which is your own verified page that talks about you as a community entrepreneur.  

Share Admin Bio 

It’s finally time you go ahead and share your admin bio with the world.

facebook group admin bio, share bio

You can share it directly onto (any or all) your social channels or copy and paste the link that’s generated below to share it with brands you want to connect and work with.

Or you can even place your bio link in the ‘about’ section of your Facebook group(s), LinkedIn featured section, add it to your Linktree, Instagram bio, Facebook profile bio, and more.

UPDATE You can edit your admin bio URL as per your choice. Please follow these steps for it:

– Go to edit admin bio
– Scroll down to the edit admin bio URL option and select edit
– You’ll get a popup, select edit anyway
– Update the URL as per your choice and hit done
– Finally select ‘Publish bio’

When you change the URL, both the existing and new URL will be active for the next seven days. However, after seven days, only your new URL will work.

Also, you cannot change your URL more than once in seven days.

Main Facebook group admin bio,

Give and Receive Hearts

You can see the ‘hearts’ button right beside the share option. It validates your admin profile and increases your credibility as people who like your bio will give you a heart.

When you go to the edit bio section on Convosight, you’d be able to see the names and bios (if they have one) of all those people who’ve given you a heart.

edit bio, facebook group admin bio

edit, facebook group admin bio

That’s about it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Go ahead, update your admin bio on Convosight today and start getting seen and paid.🚀

Do share your admin bios with us in the comments below or in our Facebook group. 

If you’re still looking for more inspiration, this list of the top 25 Facebook group admin bios of 2021 is all you need. 🙌🏻

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