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Wella is a German hair care brand that specializes in hair care, styling and colorants sold to individuals as well as hairdressers. It has more than a 140-year legacy of delivering innovations and services that enable hairdressers’ creativity.

The science-based superiority that Wella brought to each of its product portfolio, along with its intensive education led approach totally floored us, and we were super excited to launch this campaign for Wella in communities & take the concept of salon hair colouring to the next level with word-of-mouth advocacy.

Wella’s Objectives

In the aftermath of COVID, the Brand was struggling to get consumers back to salons as well as losing consumers to a host of at-home box colour brands, that promised salon-like results at home 🏠.

Wella had the science to counter such claims, as well as definitive visual evidence of the superiority of salon hair colour with the Wella range. However, using standard social media channels, they struggled to get this message out convincingly to their TG.

Further, they wanted to understand the perceptions, biases & fears of ‘real’ women in terms of adopting salon hair colour solutions, as well as to connect with their audience to create widespread acceptance of the salon hair colour concept.

Our Approach

Through our conversation insights & surveys, we found that:

a) Over 50% of women colored their hair at home, while less than 30% went to specialist salons
b) Almost 20% of women frequented local “beauty parlors” instead of salons
c) Benefits of specialist salon coloring were not understood, with “expensive” being the most common deterrent
d) Hair Colouring itself had multiple fear associated with it as 90% women felt that ammonia damaged their hair. And over 50% women had faced hair damage due to colouring in the past .

The goal of campaign was to focus on creating conversations around the superiority of ✂ Salon Hair Colour and build the superiority narrative with Well as the preferred brand via showcasing the impact with before and after photos.

Further, the intent was to address fears and perceptions around hair colouring through expert led sessions.

To achieve this, we selected the most relevant 19 Communities around Beauty, Women & lifestyle related with over 1M Members that had over indexed affinity for beauty & hair care.

We also conducted a Survey across both exposed & unexposed groups to validate campaign performance.

Campaign Structure


Our Strategy

This campaign was divided into 3 phases that was run across 4 months, with each phase addressing a singular aspect about hair colouring and build relevant conversations about each challenge being faced by the brand.

The 1st 2 phases were tackled via expert sessions with leading hairdressers and colouring specialists to conduct mythbusting sessions for hair colour and explain the superiority of salon format hair colour. This also addressed the fears around ammonia, and the necessity of the compound to create longevity of colour.

The 3rd & last phase was to showcase the entire salon experience with Admins sharing 📹 video grabs of their salon hair colouring process, culminating with a stunning makeover.

This was followed by Admins asking members 👥 to share their own personal experiences & expectations with the brand.

As members started participating with their own stories via User Generated Content (UGCs), we strengthened the association of benefits with the brand, while continuously educating members of the benefits of salon hair colour to further build trust around the brand.

While the theme of the content was consistent across all the communities, the unique experiences & testimonials of thousands of members brought their own personalities and style to each of their posts.

Solution types

Static Posts

Carousel Images

Videos of usage


Results 📈

2700 av.
Brand mentions
(increase from 3)
Increased brand share of
voice from 2.7% before
User generated posts

The Big, Beautiful Highlights

Via Brand Tracks, we established that unaided awareness of Wella was 33% in exposed groups, vs 24% in unexposed groups, while usage for Wella was 31% in Exposed Groups & 22% in unexposed groups.

This was further broken down by 61% usage of Wella in Hair Colour category in Exposed Groups, vs only 40% in unexposed groups, who still associated the brand primarily with shampoo.

Within campaign groups, Wella pref. was 10 pts behind the leader brand L’Oréal, but was 21 points behind in non-campaign groups.

In terms of member participation in campaign, usage related conversations increased by 2X 📈 from Phase 1 to Phase 3, while queries & concerns reduced by 67% in the same period, highlighting greater acceptance of the campaign narrative. 18% of all brand conversations were about purchase and recommendations, indicative of a very strong advocacy leg.

Top Performing Communities 🥇

Real People Real Conversations 💬

Members who already colour with Wella or use any particular Wella product posted about their positive experiences. Women gladly shared their experience with Wella in the live sessions.

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