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End to End Insights

Textual Insights

  • Tailored analysis at keyword and category levels with ability to deep dive into different audience demographics and conversation types
  • Relevant insights and custom alerts using proprietary AI powered conversation ranking and super fast search algorithms

Visual Insights

  • Unlock valuable insights from words spoken by consumers in Instagram reels, YouTube videos
  • Discover unspoken visual insights from Instagram reels, YouTube shorts for a comprehensive video content strategy

Insights on Shopper Data

  • Analyze high intent e-commerce search trends and estimated sales data to identify consumer demand
  • Leverage insights from shopper reviews to understand consumer preferences and form development strategies.

Data Driven Discovery

Influencer discovery

  • Work with 12K+ influencers in your category across Instagram and YouTube
  • Influencer discovery via 29+ filters including 10 proprietary filters by Convosight on the influencer’s virality, authentic engagement, purchase intent and more

Community Discovery

  • Choose from over 25K+ communities across different categories for your brand campaigns
  • Community discovery via 20+ data points going beyond name, description and demographics to the conversations and engagement within the communities

Cross Platform Campaigns

End to End Automated Execution

  • Campaign execution via a completely automated WhatsApp bot from campaign acceptance to content and link submissions
  • Focus on content quality with integrated feedback mechanism

Automated Reporting

  • Automated reporting to measure the impact of the cross platform campaigns
  • Deep dive into both engagement metrics and qualitative campaign impact with instant and detailed reports

Fair Payment Practices

  • No barter campaigns with creators. Only paid campaigns, aligned with Convosight's vision
  • $3M+ disbursed to creators till date, working with 150+ top global brands across different categories


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