Why Do Power Admins Love Convosight And How They Get The Maximum Benefits of Convosight

Why Do Facebook Power Admins Love Convosight And How They Get The Maximum Benefit From It?

If you own a Facebook group (or two), Convosight is all you need.🚀

It is the superpower that is giving wings to Facebook group admins.⚡

For starters, it helps them grow, engage, and monetise their Facebook groups with ease.

Being the world’s first community management platform, we are on a mission to enable Facebook group admins become Community Entrepreneurs.💪🏻

Currently, over 30K Facebook groups have installed the Convosight app to manage and earn from their Facebook groups.

And, they sure are loving it.

Have a look yourself.

Here’s a tweetstorm of our user love.❤️

Now, you’re probably wondering:

Why is Convosight a big deal and why should you use it?

Aren’t you?

So, here’s the answer to it.

These 8 things have made Power Admins fall in love with Convosight ❤️

1. Ease of partnering with top brands to do community marketing campaigns

Convosight is trusted by Fortune 100 brands to build and engage with communities.

Johnsons, Emami, Nestle, Mankind, Abbott, P&G, among others have collaborated with highly engaged and active communities on Convosight and successfully run purpose-led marketing campaigns.

While the brands have been able to build two-way organic conversational relationships with their customers, the community members are benefited with the products and services.

So, we at Convosight connect you with these brands and enable you to earn in the process.

Happy admins🙂

Convosight Thanks

monetise by Convosight

2. Empowering Facebook group admins to monetise on their own

We conduct Monetisation Masterclass once every two weeks wherein we share all our learnings on:

  1. How to create a pitch deck for your Facebook group?
  2. How to convince brands to work with you?
  3. How to find businesses to pitch? (Both local and national)
  4. How to build a pricing model for your Facebook group?

All of this accompanied with some awesome case studies to inspire admins like you.

Have a look at what the admins who attended the masterclass had to say.

monetisation masterclass 1

monetisation masterclass 3

If you’d like to attend our monetisation workshop, you can click here or login to Convosight, choose a date from the ones available, and register for the next one.

In case you haven’t yet added Convosight to your Facebook group, you can SIGN UP now.

3. Complete control over your Facebook group with daily summary on Email and WhatsApp

In an effort to pump up your mornings, we make sure to tell you all that happened in your Facebook group the previous day, including the things that require your attention.

You get this daily summary on both, Email and WhatsApp.

8 am email by Convosight for Admins

And the admins have loved it.

8 am email feedback by admins

8 am email feedback by Community Admins

Not only do you get to know about all the important activities that happened in your Facebook group like the number of new members added, posts, reactions and comments on those posts, but you’re also notified of unanswered posts, if any.

That said, you can always keep on top of all member posts and respond to them that you might have missed somehow.

And there is so much more.

Check out this blog on Convosight’s 8 AM Email to know every little detail about it.

Or, you can choose to watch this video to see how we are helping Facebook group admins have great mornings!

4. Multi-group management made easy: Get everything on a single platform

Managing multiple Facebook groups was never this easy before, for group admins.

With Convosight, you can:

a. Stay updated with everything that’s going on in all your Facebook groups, at a single place

manage multiple groups


For the same, you must connect all your Facebook groups to Convosight.

b. Post to multiple Facebook groups in a single click

post to multiple groups

P.S. Convosight enables you to post across multiple groups at the same time, that too without being blocked. Check this blog to know how.

5. Ability to stay on top of things that you care about

The Keyword Alerts feature of Convosight is a savior for so many Facebook group admins.

This keyword monitoring tool helps you look out for:

  1. Spam
  2. Brand mentions by members
  3. Call out for admins
  4. Positive words shared by members

We use it to track conversations around growth and engagement alongside brand mentions, admin callouts, and also conversations that are creating a positive impact in our community of power admins.

keyword alerts new by convosight

All you need to do is just mark the keywords that are important or need immediate attention.

new keyword alerts An Benefit of Convosight

Post that whenever any member mentions any of those words, you’re instantly notified and can take an action on that post or comment right away.

If you wish to know more about Keyword Alerts, go through this blog.

Or, you can even check out this video.

6. Get detailed analytics for every post published through Convosight

The Post Analytics feature allows you to analyse the performance of posts that you posted through Convosight.

At the top, you can see the analytics for posts published in the last 30 days (Total posts published, activity rate, and impact).

post analyticssss

As you scroll down, you’ll see the list of all the posts that were done through Convosight along with details like:

  1. If suggested time was met
  2. If content suggestions were met
  3. Activity score and how the post performed in comparison to the activity rate

post analytics feature of Convosight for Admin

Activity Rate is the average number of comments, reactions and shares on a post over a period of 30 days in your group.

An activity rate of 64 means that on an average, a post got 64 actions in our group over the last 30 days.

7. Keep a complete tab on the health of your community

Not sure how to track it?

Convosight helps you understand the health of your community and lets you see how it ranks as compared to the other communities in your niche.

The group health section in Convosight gives you insights on engagement and growth of your Facebook group over different time periods.

group health dashboard of Convosight

It tells you:

a. Engagement Rate: It is the average number of actions done by a member per month in your Facebook group. An engagement rate of 347 means that a member is doing 3.47 actions per month in the Facebook group.

b. Activity Rate: It is the average number of comments, reactions, and shares per post per month in your Facebook group. An activity rate of 73 means that on an average, a post got 73 reactions, comments, and shares in the Facebook group.

c. Posts: It is the total number of posts done in your Facebook group over a period of 30 days.

d. Conversations: It is the total conversations done in your Facebook group over a period of 30 days.

As you scroll down, you’ll be able to see:

group health screen

a. Post type distribution: It tells the percentage of different types of posts (status, link, video, photo, event) that were posted in your group over the last 30 days.

b. Engagement per post: It tells what percentage of engagement every post type garnered over the last 30 days in your group.

c. Comments per post: It gives you week-wise data of the average comments received per post in your Facebook group.

d. Member growth: It gives you a week-wise growth of the number of members in your Facebook group.

To know more details about the same, check out this video.

8. Collaborate with your team easily and free of cost

Apart from all of the aforementioned features, Convosight is also super collaborative.

Simply put, you can invite your team members (admins and moderators) free of cost.

You just need to head to the ‘Add moderators’ section and fill in the required details.

add moderator by Convosight Dashboard

Moreover, the platform allows you to manage all your notifications with ease and prevents you from getting lost in the sea of Facebook notifications.

Additionally, you can schedule a post and publish it across multiple groups. That too without getting blocked.

Yes, you read that right.

When you go on to schedule a post through Convosight’s Smart Scheduling, Convosight adds delay when the number of groups selected is more than that defined by Facebook.

You can go through this blog if you wish to know more about this feature.

Pretty interesting, no?

If you have already signed up for Convosight and are looking for the steps to install it, this will get you started.

Install Convosight in 3 simple steps

First things first.

Installing Convosight can be done only from a laptop or a desktop. Once that’s done, you can easily use it on your mobile device or a laptop, as you prefer.

Here goes.

1. Visit www.convosight.com. Click on login with Facebook post which you need to add your email address and password and login to your Facebook account.

2. Now, click on OK and give permission to Convosight. Select the Facebook group you want to add to Convosight. Click on ‘add’ in the dialog box, ‘add app to group’ and confirm by selecting ‘done’.

3. Go back to the Convosight tab and pick a group category. Select a primary country and hit confirm. Click on view insights button (For larger groups, it may take 24 hours to show)

There you have it, the summary of your Facebook group on Convosight.

Follow this video step by step and you’ll be able to install Convosight without any assistance.🙌🏻

That’s about it.

If you haven’t yet added your Facebook group to Convosight, you can SIGN UP here.

If at any time you have any doubts about any of our features or just want to talk to us and give us feedback or meet other community admins who are using Convosight to become community entrepreneurs just join our Facebook community where we love to discuss all about Facebook Group’s Growth and Monetisation strategies.🙂

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