How to share a post to a group on Facebook?

How To Share A Post To A Group On Facebook?

Whether you’re a Facebook group admin, moderator, or simply a member, you can easily share a post to any Facebook group.

No matter if you’re sharing the post through a laptop/desktop computer or a mobile device, the steps will remain the same. Except that you’ve to open Facebook on the web browser and log in to your account when doing it through a laptop or desktop.

Here’s sharing the step-wise process for:

How to share a post to a group on Facebook mobile?

1. Open Facebook app on your mobile device.

2. From the news feed, choose the post you’d like to share and click on the ‘share’ option given underneath the post.

How to share a post to a group on Facebook?

3. You’ll get multiple options including share to a page, story, or send in messenger. From those, select ‘share to a group’.

How to share a post to a Facebook Group?

4. You’ll see a list of all the Facebook groups you’re a part of. Select the group you’d like to share the post in.

How to Share a Facebook Post on Group

5. The compose post dialogue box will pop up. Please feel free to add text, image/video to your post and finally hit ‘Share now’.

How to share posts on FB

If you’re not sure of what to post in your Facebook group to keep your members engaged, refer to this blog, where we have shared some fantastic engagement strategies👇🏻

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Why can’t I share a post to a group on Facebook? 

It’s primarily because your ability to post in that particular Facebook group has been turned off temporarily. Please connect with the group admin or moderator about the same.

How to share a post from a private Facebook group?

As of now, you cannot share a post from a private Facebook group.

However, sometime back, Facebook rolled out the share option for a while in private Facebook groups and retracted it after testing.

How to share a post to multiple groups on Facebook? 

1. Add Convosight to your Facebook group and login to your Convosight account.

Here are the steps for the same – How to add Convosight to your Facebook group?

2. Navigate to the Post Scheduler

How to share a post to multiple groups on Facebook?

3. Create your post in the ‘Your Post’ box in the center

Post Scheduler

4. Select the groups you wish to publish the post to. Tick the boxes beside the group name from the list’ Select groups to publish’ given on the left side.

How do I post to a Facebook group?

5. Choose from the suggested best times to post and finally hit the schedule button

Sharing on FB group

P.S. To share a post to multiple groups on Facebook, you must use a third-party app. You cannot do it through Facebook.

Convosight’s Post Scheduler allows you to auto-post to multiple Facebook groups simultaneously. Additionally, you also get preset templates to choose from, emoji support, and the ability to add multiple images and videos.

Check out this blog to learn how Convosight’s Post Scheduler makes Facebook group admins’ day-to-day tasks more manageable👇🏻

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That’s all about how to share a post to a group on Facebook.

If you have concerns about this or anything else, please feel free to drop your queries in the comments below. You can also reach out to me or seek help from thousands of other community leaders in our Facebook group. 🙂

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