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Create Your Facebook Group Profile Page And Pitch To Brands Easily

Do you find it difficult to create pitches for brands?

Are you confused as what metrics to add in your Facebook group pitch deck?

Do you feel overwhelmed managing multiple pitch decks?

If you answered yes to either or all of these questions, we’ve got something very interesting for you!

After the successful release of the Facebook group Admin Bio feature, we at Convosight have come up with the all-new Facebook Group Profile Page.🎊

It’s the easiest way to create a customized pitch for your Facebook groups in just a few clicks that you can share with brands.🚀

In other words, it is your gateway to connecting with more brands by showcasing how relevant your Facebook group is for them.

Please note that the Facebook Group Profile Page feature on Convosight is available for all admins who have their group on Convosight. 

Increase Your Earning

In this article, you’ll learn:

What exactly is a Facebook Group Profile Page? 

Just like the Admin Bio is a reflection of who you are as a community builder, your Group Profile Page mirrors what your Facebook group is all about, how engaged it is, how relevant it is for brands, and more.

More on the individual features as you read ahead! 

The best part – You can create a comprehensive common profile page with all relevant metrics and conversations from the Facebook group.

You can use this common group profile page to create custom profile pages for different category/brands that you want to pitch to.

For example, you own a Parenting Facebook group where mums discuss anything and everything related to kids nutrition, baby care, mom’s health, skin care, and more.

First off, you can go ahead and create a well-detailed primary Facebook group profile page that tells all of this.

Next, you can choose to create an individual Facebook group profile page aka brand pitches for any/all of these categories. Let’s say you created one for kids nutrition. Now, you can use that group profile page with all related brands and pitch your Facebook group to them.

Seeing your group’s key metrics and how relevant your group discussions are, brands would be excited to work with you.

P.S. You can delete these brand pitches at any point in time. Just click on the three dots given against that particular brand pitch and hit delete.

Why should you create a Facebook Group Profile Page? 

To multiply your chances of getting brand campaigns. It’s as simple!

Let me explain how.

When brands come across your profile page, they’d be able to see the most popular topics, most talked about brands, and your group’s key metrics like Engagement Rate, Activity Rate, and more.

When they do, they’d be able to gauge how relevant your Facebook group is for them and that partnering with you would be meaningful, thereby increasing your chances of unlocking brand campaigns.

Facebook Group Profile Page

Steps to access your Facebook Group Profile Page 

1. Login to Convosight via mobile or desktop

2. On the homepage, you’ll see a popup saying ‘Create a group profile page’. Select ‘Create Now’

Facebook group profile page

3. It’ll only take a minute to get the relevant metrics of your community in one place and create your profile page

4. Create a comprehensive common group profile with all possible metrics and conversations from the group.

5. You can further use/copy the common group profile to create custom group profiles personalized for category/brands you want to pitch to.

facebook group profile page

Facebook Group Profile Page – Every single thing explained

1. Overview

It’s a brief introduction of your community and what it’s about.

Make sure it is short (preferably under 250 words), simple, conveys the purpose of your community and highlights your community’s milestones.

Example of a good overview

Group Profile Page - Convosight 2.0

As you can see in the image, underneath the overview, you’ll have your group category and location mentioned.

Please note that the about section and location are editable.

2. Admins 

This is a list of all the admins of your group who are listed on Convosight.

View Bio in new convosight

You can visit each of their individual bios by clicking on ‘View Bio’.

Moreover, you can choose to show/hide any admin as and when needed.

3. Moderators 

This is a list of all the moderators of your group who are listed on Convosight.

You can choose to show/hide any of them as required.

4. Key Stats

This section displays some of the most important information, i.e.

Key Stats

a. Group Members – This is the total number of members who’re a part of your Facebook group

b. Monthly Conversations – This is the total number of conversations that happened in your community in the last month

c. Engagement Rate – This is the average actions done by a member per month in your Facebook group in a month.

d. Activity Rate – This is the average engagement a post gets in your Facebook group in a month.

If you’d like to know more about Engagement Rate, Activity Rate, and understand why they increase/decrease, you can refer to this blogđŸ‘‡đŸ»

How well did your Facebook group perform with respect to last month? 

5. Audience Insights

You can see your audience demographics (age, gender, and city details) in this section.

audience insights group profile oage

Please note that only if you have uploaded your Facebook group insights on Convosight, will you be able to see your audience details.

You can choose to show/hide this section according to your preference.

6. Popular Topics 

From all the conversations happening in your Facebook group, the most popular topics from the last 30 days will be listed here.

Facebook group Popular Topics

You can add/remove a popular topic anytime you like. This makes it easier to showcase to brands that your Facebook group is relevant to them.

7. Most talked about brands 

Basis your group conversations, the brands that are discussed the most appear in this section along with their logos. However, you can choose to edit these brands manually.

Most talked about brands

When you add a brand name manually, and it is already present in Convosight, it will automatically appear, and you can add it easily. However, otherwise, you will have to add the brand name and logo yourself.

Note – You can add up to 15 brands in this section.

Just like other sections, you can edit this one too and can hide any brand’s name when pitching to their competitor.

8. Featured Conversations 

In this section, you can highlight group posts which might be interesting for brands. So, go ahead and add relevant group posts that got some amazing engagement. You can upload post snapshots from your desktop or simply add the post URL.

Facebook group profile page

Please note that you can add up to a maximum of 5 topics with 5 links/screenshots in each topic.

9. Campaigns 

All the brand campaigns you’ve done with Convosight will appear here. And the best part is that this data is verified by Convosight and it builds credibility of your work.

You can even add those campaigns you did by yourself. However, that data won’t be verified by Convosight.

You can choose to show/hide details of any of these campaigns as you like.

Facebook group profile page

10. Files

Lastly, you can upload your Facebook group insights, media kits, case studies of recent brand campaigns under this section and showcase the true value of partnering with your community.

Brand Reports

When brands look at previous work samples, it automatically strengthens their trust and helps set expectations.

11. Reviews 

Share your group profile with your members, friends and family. Encourage them to share their reviews of you and your group. This will help build your credibility as a community entrepreneur.

Facebook group profile page

You can choose to show/hide reviews as you wish.

Quick To-Dos after updating your Facebook Group Profile Page 

1. Navigate to the top and check out your cover image. If it’s satisfactory, well and good. Else feel free to change it by selecting ‘change image’. Then go ahead and upload an image from your device.

Group Profile Page Changes after Convosight 2.0

2. Now that your group profile page is finally complete, it’s ready to be downloaded. You can download it by clicking on the icon. A PDF of the same will be saved on your device. ‘

Save PDF in Convosight Report

3. Or you can share it with anyone by clicking on the share button available. A link will be generated and you can share it with anyone.

Sharing in Convosight 2

That’s all for the Group Profile Page!

To Reiterate: Most of the sections are editable so you can easily show/hide them as you like at any point in time.

Facebook Group Profile Page

Go ahead, create your admin bio and Facebook group profile page on Convosight today and do share it with us in the comments below or in our Facebook group!

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