Top 25 Facebook Group Admin Bio Of 2021 Revealed

The Top 25 Facebook Group Admin Bios Of 2021 Revealed

A few weeks back, we announced the launch of Convosight 2.0 (Beta version) and a super awesome feature called Admin Bio as a part of it. 

For those of you who don’t know about the Facebook Group Admin Bio – It’s a space where community creators can list down their accomplishments, showcase their skills, and tell all about their community building experience. 🚀

Simply put, it’s like a CV or a LinkedIn profile for Facebook group admins that will not only give them their share of recognition but also accelerate their chances of monetization.⚡

In case you wish to dive into more details about it, please feel free to refer to this blog👇🏻

Create a Facebook Group Admin Bio & increase your chances of getting brand campaigns 

Ever since this feature came into existence, admins have been going all out creating some top notch bios and sharing them with us. 

Till date, 290 Facebook group admins have published their bios on Convosight, and they have had more than 52,000 visits on them. 

A lot of admins have already started pitching to brands with their admin bios and maximized their earnings. 

image8 1

The best part being brands that earlier used to collaborate with just the flagship communities of admins have now been able to discover their other groups too and collaborate with them. 🙌🏻

To acknowledge the hard work and effort of the admins in creating such fantastic bios, we’ve come up with a list of the Top 25 Facebook Group Admin Bios on Convosight. 🤩

These bios are definitely worth a shout out and we believe that they’ll certainly inspire other Facebook group admins out there. 👏🏻

We have selected these 25 best Facebook group admin bios based on the following criteria: 

  • If Facebook group admins managed to close one or more brand partnership deals with their bios 
  • How well they have presented themselves in their Facebook group admin bios 
  • The number of hearts their bios have got 

 So, without further ado, let’s dive right into the list. 

1. Adit Kohli, Admin of Delhi Foodiez

“I collaborated with a brand previously for my flagship community, but I always wanted them to discover my other Facebook groups too. Soon after I made my bio and shared it with brands including this one, I immediately got a response. It became a conversation starter and they negotiated an annual deal for all my communities,” tells Adit. 

Adit’s admin bio speaks for itself. It’s highly comprehensive, features a detailed ‘About’ section with all the information well laid out about the communities he manages. 

Facebook Admin Bio Adit Kohli

Moreover, the bio is very well-formatted with a highly impactful pitch video and an impressive list of awards and media coverage.

2. Akansha Bansal, Admin of Parenting Mom Style 

“I really like the admin bio feature as everything’s available on a single page and it has made pitching to brands easier. I’m not just able to convey my group’s vision, mission and USP among other things, but the brands are also able to interpret it,” says Akansha. 

She further adds, “I reached out to 2 brands and shared my Admin bio with them, and fortunately both of them converted. We’ll be starting out with their campaigns soon.”

Akansha’s pitch video is like no other. Short, crisp, and highly impactful. 

Not to mention her impressive list of achievements and media coverage. 

Admin Bio of Akanksha Bansal

Media coverage

Create Admin Bio

3. Ayesha Younus, Admin of Super Women

“Admin Bio is a very impactful feature when it comes to brand collaboration. From your group details to achievements and previous brand partnerships, you can showcase it all in a  single space. I have managed to close deals with at least 5 brands with whom I shared my admin bio,” tells Ayesha. 

The best thing about her bio is her pitch video which does not exceed the limit of 30 seconds. Ayesha is conveying her message very well within that time frame. 

Additionally, she has made good use of the ‘Files’ section in her bio by attaching her Facebook group’s health. It’s a great way to communicate that both her Facebook groups are active and engaged. 

Ayesha Younus, Admin of Super Women

4. Bhavya Gandhi, Admin of The Happy Mommie 

“Admin Bio is a great feature that will help admins connect with brands so much more easily,” believes Bhavya. 

Bhavya, who’s also an Instagram Influencer, has created an incredible admin bio, and her pitch video certainly stands out. 

The soft background music, and Bhavya’s words and charming personality will certainly leave you appreciating her video.

Admin Bio of Bhavya Gandhi

An impressive list of key achievements and a strong media coverage section is sure to build trust in brands that would prove beneficial for her. 

“As of now, I’ve added the admin bio link to my Instagram bio as it’ll tell everything about me to those who wish to connect with me,” says Bhavya. 

5. Evelyn Shaw Corley, Admin of Mindfulness In Education 

An admin bio isn’t just your street address or your street cred. Your admin bio is this simple one-stop-shop to ask: do I adore this human? Do I vibe with them? If yes, this is how we connect and move mountains serving with gratitude,” exclaims Evelyn. 

Evelyn’s admin bio has a lovely ‘About me’ section that tells all about the fantastic leader in International education she is, all that she’s been up to, her vision and purpose, and the brands she’d love to collaborate with.  

As you scroll down, her impressive list of media coverage will draw your attention, and you’d want to go through them all. 

Evelyn Shaw Corley Admin Bio

“I am using my admin bio to reach out to brands. Brands that encourage mindfulness, meditation, calming techniques, emotional regulation, health and wellness, including mental health. 

Other than that, I am rocking my admin bio on every profile I have online because I’m a believer in synchronicities. I’m a believer in putting yourself out there, and I’m a believer in the magic of connection and growth,” smiles Evelyn. 

Create Admin Bio on Convosight

6. Jyoti Agarawal, Admin of Maa2Mom 

“Facebook group admin bio – It’s just one link which has everything answered starting from who we are and everything about our communities, and this makes it easier to pitch brands,” says Jyoti. 

Starting from a succinct and on-point ‘About’ section to an impressive pitch video, list of key achievements and media coverage, Jyoti’s bio has it all. Not to forget the ‘Files’ section where she has added the group health of all her communities. 

Hers is also a comprehensive bio that doesn’t fail to create an impact. 

Jyoti Agarawal, Admin of Maa2Mom

“I’ve recently started sharing my admin bio with brands and waiting to hear from them,” tells Jyoti. 

7. Kajal Singh Chauhan, Admin of Innovative Kids at Home

“Not so long ago, I used to attach multiple files while pitching to brands. But ever since I made my admin bio, I share its link along with other imp details and that’s it. Brands can easily know everything about me, my past collaborations, the engagement on them because that’s what they’re most interested in. Seeing the bio, they can make a decision on whether or not to partner with me and I’m saved a lot of initial time and effort,” says Kajal. 

She further adds, “I’ve started to reach out to brands with Admin Bio and I’ve got a positive response from most of them.”

Kajal’s bio is very comprehensive. The best part is her use of the ‘Files’ section wherein she has uploaded a document entailing all her previous brand collaborations and respective engagement. 

Kajal Admin Bio

Kajal is extremely delighted to be able to showcase the power of her community, her vision, her purpose, all through just one link. She believes it’s the best way to convince brands (who’re more inclined to partner with Instagram influencers) that a professional is reaching out to them and that promoting their products in FB communities will be  rewarding. 

8. Lavanya Singla, Admin of Wow Moms 

“The Admin Bio feature is commendable as now we don’t have to share everything separately with brands or anyone else to whom we wish to explain what we’re doing. Everyone can get all the information about us and our community through just one link,” says Lavanya. 

Her admin bio gives a glimpse of all that she has been up to with her women-only community. And her pitch video will leave you wanting to collaborate with her right away. 

Her ‘Files’ section serves as an evidence to the list of achievements she has mentioned in the bio. The certificate she received from Convosight to the recognition and accolades she’s been honored with for her social work, she’s included them all. 

Bio of Lavanya Singla, An Facebook Group Admin

“I’ve not yet started to pitch brands with Admin Bio, but I’ll soon be doing it. As of now, I have added the link of my bio across all social channels,” she says

Create Admin Bio

9. Nazia Parveen, Admin of Jhatpat Recipes 

“From collating all resources (media kit, pitch deck, etc.) to include in my pitch email to just sharing my admin bio link with brands, I’m loving this feature by Convosight. It has certainly made things professional and hassle-free. And I’m happy to share that I’ve managed to close some amazing deals with a few brands,” tells Nazia. 

She further adds, “What I like the most about it is that you can always update your profile as and when needed.” 

Nazia’s bio is definitely an inspiration for other admins out there. Check out her list of key achievements and media coverage, and you’ll know! 

She’s one of the few admins who’s best used the ‘files’ section in her bio. Newspaper clippings, media kit and group insights, she’s added them all. 

Nazia Parveen Admin Bio

10. Neha Garg, Admin of Moms and Tiny Tots 

“The Facebook group admin bio on Convosight is a really wonderful feature as it helps me share all important details about myself and my community in just a single click. This certainly saves a lot of time and effort making things a lot smoother,” says Neha. 

The ‘About’ section in Neha’s Admin Bio speaks for itself. Not only has she covered all details about herself, her communities and brand collaborations, but also formatted the information well so that it becomes visually appealing and easier to skim. 

The ‘Files’ section of her bio is by far the best we came across. From adding a PDF of her primary group’s health to a file containing previous campaign posts (along with engagement on each one) and her Facebook groups insights data, she has uploaded them all. 

Neha Garg

“The day after I made my admin bio, I started sharing its link with brands and I’m awaiting responses from them. I’m hopeful they’d be positive,” smiles Neha.

11. Nehha Attri, Admin of Fearless n Flawless Ladies 

“I reached out to one brand after I made my bio on Convosight, shared its link with them and they instantly agreed to partner with me,” smiles Nehha. 

Her bio is very comprehensive and the pitch video is an absolute killer. 

What’s amazing is how Neha has added the report of her best brand campaigns in the ‘Files’ section. 

Neha Atari

It’s a great way to showcase to potential clients about the value of doing brand campaigns with your community. 

Create Admin Bio on Convosight

12. Pooja P Sharma, Admin of Parenting with Food and Fitness

“After I created my admin bio on Convosight, I started reaching out to brands. For every 5 emails I sent, I got at least 4 positive responses. I’m happy to share that I’ve already closed brand partnership deals with 10+ reputed brands and 4 local brands,” tells Pooja. 

Pooja was one of the first few admins to share her bio and it’s one of the most comprehensive bios we’ve come across. 

From a detailed ‘About’ section that talks about all the communities Pooja manages to a wonderful pitch video and an impressive list of achievements and media coverage, Pooja’s bio is close to perfect. 

Pooja Sharma

She has pinned her Admin Bio in all her Facebook groups as it saves a lot of time. She doesn’t have to convey her groups’ vision, purpose, future plans, and other imp details again and again. Anyone can look at the bio and know it all. 

13. Priya Jain, Admin of Beauty and Health Tips

“I’ve been enjoying using the Facebook group admin bio feature a lot lately. I no longer have to share my group health details, past campaign details, pitch deck with brands separately as everything is there in my admin bio. This one link has made things much easier,” smiles Priya. 

Priya’s admin bio is very detailed and one can see the efforts she has put in collating all the details. Her pitch video is very well done just like the ‘Files’ section of her bio where she has added her group insights and health snapshots. 

Facebook Group Admin Bio of Priya

“A lot of my group members appreciated my admin bio. Soon I will share it in all my groups and add it in the description,” says Priya. 

14. Rashmi Jain, Admin of Marvelous Kidz 

“With Facebook group admin bio, everything about me and my community is at a single place which makes it very easy for us and at the same time for others,” tells Rashmi. 

With an impressive list of achievements, Rashmi’s bio is amazing. 

She’s used the ‘Files’ section beautifully and has uploaded images of the certificates she’s received till date and clippings of her media coverage. 

Facebook Admin Bio of Rashmi

“I’m currently not using the bio to pitch to brands, but I’ll surely do so soon,” says Rashmi. 

Create Admin Bio on Convosight

15. Rivkah Sherr, Admin of Gluten Free Recipes And Support 

“I’ve just started trying out the Admin Bio feature of Convosight, and I can say it gives a format, structure and presence to all community creators,” says Rivkah. 

What we loved the most about her Facebook group admin bio is the media kit she has uploaded in the ‘Files’ section. 

It’s very well structured and comprises all important details like audience demographics, engagement statistics, and her collaboration charges across different post formats. 

Rivakh Admin Bio

Other than that, the ‘About’ section is beautifully written and clearly conveys Rivkah’s mission and vision for her community. 

16. Rob Rutledge, Admin of Film Industry Jobs 

“As a film producer, having a nationwide network of groups helps me locate the many unique items for TV and films. Out of sight, out of mind is definitely a thing, but having a community is a great way to be seen and highlighted.
And the admin bio feature will certainly help here as it gives people a chance to see the person behind the community,” says Rob. 

He manages over a thousand communities on Facebook and that definitely speaks for itself. 

The ‘About’ section of Rob’s bio establishes his experience as a community builder. It also sheds light on the different communities he manages and his vision and mission. 

Scroll down and you’ll appreciate his impressive list of media coverage. 

Rob Rutledge, Admin of Film Industry Jobs

“I have not yet had a chance to delve much into Convosight and their latest Admin Bio feature, but I’m excited about the opportunity ahead,” says Rob. 

17. Ruchi Airen, Admin of Kidz Home Learning 

“I’ve started sharing my Admin Bio with brands and I’m so happy that I’m getting positive responses. Right after I shared my bio link, brands expressed interest in collaborating with me,” smiles Ruchi. 

From all details about Ruchi and the communities she manages to her vision and mission, the ‘About’ section of her bio beautifully conveys everything. Moreover, it is well-formatted, and hence is visually appealing. 

Not to forget her impactful pitch video and remarkable list of achievements and media coverage. 

Also, do take inspiration from the ‘Files’ section where Ruchi has not just uploaded her Facebook group’s insights (a very impactful three-slide deck with all things relevant like brand conversations, keyword, group health and demographics) but also showcased her achievements.

Admin Bio

Create Admin Bio on Convosight

18. Samiksha Aggarwal, Admin of Moms Magic Cooking 

“I shared my admin bio with India Food Tourism Organization, the leading authority for food tourism in India, and they were super impressed. Seeing how professionally all things were laid out, they instantly started a conversation and decided to collaborate with me. Now, they’re supporting us for an upcoming event. 

Additionally, admin bio helped me close 7 other brand partnership deals, and I thank team Convosight for this mind-blowing feature,” says Samiksha. 

Samiksha’s admin bio is stellar and the way she has showcased her best campaigns / events in the files section is commendable. 

Samiksha Aggarwal, Admin of Moms Magic Cooking

Overall, it’s very comprehensive with an amazing list of achievements and media coverage and brands wouldn’t want to miss out on collaborating with her after seeing this. 

A unique way Samiksha is using her Facebook group admin bio and increasing her visibility: 

She’s generated a QR code for her bio and has placed it on e-posters or PDFs. She is sharing this PDF with brands, sponsors and hospitality partners over email for an offline event she’ll be organizing in 20 different cities. 

“All they need to do is open their phone cameras and scan it to know everything about me,” smiles Samiksha. 

19. Sarika Pramod Dhane, Admin of Lek Mahercha Katta 

“With Admin Bio, I’ve been able to introduce myself and my work in a very professional manner,” says Sarika.

Her admin bio is pretty detailed that comprises a well-explained ‘About’ section, an impressive list of key achievements and media coverage.

What stands out in her bio is the ‘Files’ section where Sarika has added everything – about her successful brand collaborations, events she’s been a part of, her group in news, her social contributions and more.

Sarika Facebook group admin bio

“I’ve started using the bio to pitch to local brands and am awaiting their response. I’m also using it on my digital visiting card,” tells Sarika.

20. Shagufta Yasmin Ansari, Admin of Indian Women’s Group 

“I absolutely love the Admin Bio feature of Convosight as it has given an identity to community admins. In a single space we can tell all that we’ve been doing in the community space. Now, if anyone wants to know what I’m doing on my smartphone all day, I can just share my bio link because to make them understand, sometimes words are just not enough,” smiles Shagufta. 

Her bio, although short, is very to-the-point. She has briefly put out there her achievements, experiences and skills in the community building realm. 

The pitch video is what we liked the most. In just one minute, Shagufta tells what her community is about, her vision and the kind of partnerships she’s looking forward to.

Shagufta Admin Bio

In her words, “I haven’t yet used Admin Bio and reached out to brands myself but inshallah, I’ll be doing it soon.”

21. Shalu R Varadkar, Admin of (MW) Mommies World – For U & Me

“Convosight has made things easier now that were not possible earlier. In just one click, you can tell the world about your community, your clients and the passion and zeal that you have,” says Shalu. 

Just go through the ‘About’ section of Shalu’s admin bio and you’ll know all about her – who she is, her reason behind starting her community, her vision, and more. All of this is beautifully laid out. 

Shalu R Varadkar

Not to forget, her impressive list of media coverage that might leave you smiling and feeling inspired. 

“I have not yet started sharing my admin bio with brands but as soon as I created it, I shared it with my community on all platforms and once I started receiving hearts, personalized messages on WhatsApp, I literally felt why this wasn’t available before,” smiles Shalu. 

Create Admin Bio on Convosight

22. Shikha Puri, Admin of Gorgeous Mothers Hub 

“I really like the Admin Bio feature of Convosight and I recently pitched to a few brands with it. Although I’m waiting for their response, I’m hopeful it’ll be a positive one,” smiles Shikha. 

Shikha has created a great bio with a very detailed ‘About me’ section that explains all about her and her three communities. And her pitch video is something to get inspired by! 

Shika Puri

23. Shweta D Agrawal, Admin of MommyWelt 

“With admin bio, content consumption is far better. Pitch video, media coverage, key achievements, all of these together help weave a better story that you can share with everyone,” says Shweta. 

Shweta’s bio is outstanding. From a well-formatted and detailed ‘About’ section to an on-point pitch video, her bio has all that one’s looking for.  

Shweta D Agrawal, Admin of MommyWelt

Although Shweta hasn’t yet started sharing her bio with brands, she’ll be doing it super soon as she’s on the lookout for relevant brands for her community. 

24. Tanu Dubey, Admin of Mothers Express 

“Recently, I shared my Admin Bio in my community. A brand coordinator who’s a member saw that and she contacted me to discuss a collaboration. Apart from that, I also got a positive response from another brand I shared my admin bio’s link with,” smiles Tanu. 

A heartfelt ‘About’ section and an effective pitch video are the two striking features of Tanu’s bio. She has managed to build a good rapport with her community members and that’s evident from her bio. 

Facebook Community Admin Bio

“This feature was needed for a long time. Now, I don’t have to share long paragraphs about myself and my community again and again. Rather, one link does the job,” exclaims Tanu. 

25. Umang Malik, Admin of MommICare 

“I recently posted my Facebook group admin bio on LinkedIn and got two job opportunities. I must say, the Admin Bio is an amazing tool that briefly summarizes my work as a community builder and mentions all the details brands wish to know before finalizing collaboration,” says Umang. 

With a very on point ‘About’ section, impactful pitch video, and an impressive list of achievements, Umang’s bio is certainly very effective. 

Umang Malik, Admin of MommICare

That’s about it! 

I’m sure all of these Facebook group admin bios must have inspired you to create and update your own. 

SIGN UP for the waitlist today to get access and create your own admin bio, if you haven’t already! 

And once you do, share its link with relevant brands and increase your chances of monetization. 

We’re optimistic that you’ll get positive responses from brands and will be able to close some exciting partnership deals with them. 🚀

Do share your admin bios and about your collaborations with us in our Facebook group. We’d be more than happy to know about it! 😊

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