How To Rename Keyword Alerts’ Reports

How To Rename Keyword Alerts Reports?

You know what is amazing about Convosight? Almost everything is customizable to fit your needs.

In the last article, we talked about how Convosight’s Keywords Alerts feature is a step ahead from Facebook’s Keyword Alerts when it comes to keyword segmentation.

Here we will talk about how to update names of the various Keyword reports according to your requirements.

Convosight comes loaded with default names in keyword reports.

But, you can rename them by following these steps:

1. Login to Convosight through Facebook

2. In your group’s main dashboard go to the left panel and find Keyword Alerts under the alerts section

3. Clicking on Keyword alerts will open the feature window

4. Click on the report that you want to rename

5. Find the rename button next to the report’s current name in the main page

6. Rename your report and click save

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