How To View Scheduled Posts On Convosight

How To View Scheduled Posts On Convosight?

It is essential that a Facebook group admin and moderator team have a planned posting calendar.

Refer to this article to know why it is important to plan your content strategy and how to do it. 

Once you have planned your posts for future posting, it is time to schedule them. 

Refer to this article to know how to schedule posts on Convosight. 

Once you and your team have scheduled the posts on Convosight, you can view them by following these steps: 

1. Login to Convosight

2. Click on Create a post in the Post Publisher section

create post

3. To view your scheduled posts chronologically simply start scrolling down

4. You will see all the scheduled posts with the publishing date and time

5. To view scheduled posts for a particular day

6. Simply select the date from the date scroller on to top of the page

7. View the scheduled posts for that particular day

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