How To Find Unanswered Posts In Your Group

How To Find Unanswered Posts In Your Group?

It is very essential that a Facebook group administrator has full visibility of the posts that have not been answered in their group.

A post in your group will not be answered for three key reasons;

  • The post is out of context with the group’s theme
  • The post disobeys group rules
  • The post is irrelevant to the group audience
  • The post has a link in it (Facebook’s algorithm tends to bury posts with links deep down in your group feed)

In all the above scenarios, it is important that the group’s admins or moderators attend to the post.

Finding these posts often becomes a challenge for group admins/moderators.

For this reason precisely, Convosight has the Unanswered posts feature. To use it:

1. Go to your group’s dashboard on Convosight

2. In the left panel, find and click on the Unanswered post tab

unanswered posts


3. The feature window will have all the posts that have not been answered in the group

4. You can take the following actions on these posts:

  1. Answer the post
  2. Remove the post
  3. Remove the post and share feedback with the author
  4. Remove the post and mute the author
  5. Remove the post and block the author
  6. Mark as read

Additional Help

If you still need any assistance, kindly go through this video.

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