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How To Create A Killer Pitch Deck For Your Facebook Group In 2024? + 3 Amazing Pitch Deck Templates Free

If you’d like to earn from your Facebook group via brand partnerships and collaborations, having an impressive pitch deck is a key component of your reach out toolkit.

A great pitch deck is the one that gets brands excited about your Facebook group, engages them in a conversation, hopefully leading to a campaign with your group.

Creating such a pitch deck for your Facebook group might seem nerve-wracking.

But let me assure you, it isn’t!

In this article, I’m going to share with you how to create a mind-blowing pitch deck for your Facebook group so that you can entice brands, and make them want to work with you.

Besides, I’m also going to shed light on all the vital information you need to put out, and a list of dos and don’ts on how to create a pitch deck and make it visually appealing.

And not to forget, the 3 best pitch deck templates that I’ve shared in the end.

If you’d like to go a step back and know how you can find brands for your Facebook group and how to reach out to them, I’d suggest you go through this blog👇🏻

How to find brands for your Facebook group?

New Public Facebook Group Experience

Now, let’s dive right into knowing how to create the perfect pitch deck for your Facebook group.

Your pitch deck MUST HAVE these 6 things

1. Overview

Your pitch deck should ideally begin with telling about:

a. The purpose and objective of your community

Explain in brief your reason behind starting the community, what problem you are trying to solve with it, and how you are doing it.

How to Create Pitch Deck

Looking at the first slide of our pitch deck, one can easily tell:

  • The purpose of our Facebook group is to solve the problems of Facebook group admins like you via content, community, and our product Convosight.
  • The objective is to help admins understand the value of Convosight, help them become sustainable, grow faster, and drive installs.
  • How are we doing it? – By empowering admins daily with tips and hacks around community building and Convosight, while driving usage of the product.

b. Community Size

Here’s your chance to brag a little!

Just kidding. Make sure to tell out loud your community size.

Just by looking at that number, brands can easily tell the massive impact you’re creating!

c. Location, High Level Demographics

Tell where you’re based out of and whether your group is national or international.

How to create a pitch deck?

How to create a pitch deck for facebook group?

Then, it’ll only be fair if you reveal the top 10 areas your members are from.

Also tell what’s the average age of your community members. You can define age buckets to make things more clear.

You can easily get this data in Facebook group insights.

Head over to the ‘membership’ tab under insights. You’ll see a list of the top contributors, and as you scroll down, you’ll know about their age, gender, top cities and countries they’re from.

pitch deck for facebook groups

d. Presence on other social channels

Do you have a YouTube channel? Or an Instagram account? Or maybe a community on Reddit?

Mention them all along with the links to each one. You can also talk about the number of followers on each of these channels.

2. Group Growth

In the next slide, showcase your group’s growth. Tell how many people are flocking in continuously.

Include the growth graph you see in Facebook insights.

pitch deck for business

Don’t shy away from including the count of your daily active members.

It actually tells your members love being a part of your community which truly highlights the value you are providing to your members.

3. Group health – Engagement metrics, conversation topics, and more

Go on to give a deeper insight into your Facebook group to the brands by mentioning:

a. Engagement metrics

pitch deck template for facebook group

The snapshot above is that of the Convosight platform.

The engagement rate, activity rate, posts, and conversations give a clear picture of your Facebook group’s health and showcase the true potential of your group.

Engagement Rate refers to the average actions done by a member per month in your Facebook group. An engagement rate of 636% means that on an average, a member does 6.36 actions per month in your FB group.

Activity Rate refers to the average reactions and comments on a post in your Facebook group. An activity rate of 26 means that on an average, a post gets 26 reactions and comments in your Facebook group.

If you’d like to know more about any of these metrics and why they increase/decrease, check out this blog 👇🏻

How well did your Facebook group do with respect to last month?

Posts here refer to the total number of posts done in your Facebook group in the selected time period.

Conversations refer to the total number of conversations done in your Facebook group in the selected time period.

In addition to group health, go on to tell:

b. What your members are talking about

Show the top topics, categories, products, brands discussed in your Facebook group.

How else will the brands know that their product/brand is relevant for your group?

The Conversation Trends feature of Convosight gives you all this information, making things literally a cakewalk.

You can easily tell:

  • The most popular topics in your group

Facebook Pitch Deck

  • The most discussed products, brands and how many times members mentioned them

How to create a pitch deck?

When you show this level of insights to the brands, imagine how surprised they will be!

c. Track brand mentions

And show them how many times they or their competitor brands are spoken of in your community.

It’s a foolproof way to convince brands that your community is highly relevant for them.

Now, how to track that?

You can create a Brand Report in the Keyword Alerts feature of Convosight that lets you track important keywords and notifies instantly whenever any member uses them.

Have a look at how we have created a separate cue called “Brand Name” to keep a tab on member conversations around Facebook and Convosight.

How to Create an Irresistible Pitch Deck for Investors

When we click on this, we can see all the conversations listed that have Facebook and Convosight in it.

Facebook Group Pitch Deck

Pretty simple, right?

Similarly, you can enter brand names as keywords under the cue brand mentions and track all the brands that your community members are talking about.

How to Pitch Deck

d. Make sure with Polls

If you often do polls in your community, it probably won’t be hard for you to find the poll where you asked members ‘what would you like to talk about in this group?’.

Or something else that tells that a particular brand or product category is extremely popular and relevant to your Facebook group.

When you find it, take a snapshot, and include it in your PPT. (Just like we did)

Facebook Pitch Deck with Polls

In case you haven’t done such a poll ever, you know what to do!

4. Examples of other Brand Campaigns

After you’ve told everything about your community – the reason for starting it, the type of members who are a part of it, growth and engagement insights, it’s finally time to reveal your past collaborations.

If you have partnered with any brands in the past, highlight them here. Keep in mind these things when doing that:

  • Explain in not more than 2 lines what the campaign was about
  • Add a snapshot to support it
  • Member engagement and participation
  • How it benefited the brands and members – basically the ROI

In case you are just starting out, and haven’t done any brand campaigns in the past, you can skip this part and focus on showing the type of conversations that happen in your community.

As already mentioned in the above section, show that your group conversations are relevant to the brand or their product category.

5. Expected engagement (ROI) you can deliver

Depending on the type of campaign you want to do, or a campaign you have done in the past, clearly tell brands how well a post does in your Facebook group, and set their expectations from the start.

  • Social media follows
  • Clicks
  • Survey fill ups
  • Reach
  • Avg performance

We referred to the ‘engagement’ tab under Facebook group insights and referred to the top posts.

Looking at them, we derived that great posts reach 50% while good ones reach 30%.

FB group Deck Templates

You can also head to the Reshare Posts section of Convosight where you can see

  • The content types that work best in your group

Facebook Pitch Deck Proposal

  • The top performing posts across each of the post types

Best Pitch Deck Templates for your Facebook Group

As you can see in the snapshot above, each of these posts have an activity rate mentioned against them.

Like, the activity rate of the first post is 234.

When we compare it to the activity rate of the group, i.e. 26, we can easily tell that this post performed 9.5x better than an average post.

Pitch Deck for Facebook Group

Dos and Don’ts of creating a great Pitch Deck

Knowing what story to tell in your pitch deck is one thing, telling it using some great designs is another.

So, here I am, sharing with you some super-important dos and don’ts on how to design a fantastic pitch deck.


  • Use a white or any light color background. This way all the important elements in your presentation continue to stand out.
  • Be consistent with your style. Follow a single pattern /design throughout your presentation
  • One slide = One idea. Abide by this rule and don’t go overboard
  • Make a great first impression by putting your best foot forward. In this case, you can start by telling why you created your community in the first place. Add an emotional touch and hook brands right from the first slide.
  • Use Canva to create some awesome presentations. They offer numerous visual styles to choose from.


  • Keep your presentation short, crisp, and to-the point. Don’t make it lengthy. It’s a deal-breaker.
  • Skip adding too many bullet points
  • Don’t use too small fonts
  • Don’t use too much text. Your pitch deck should be a balance between images and text.

Best Pitch Deck Templates for your Facebook Group

To make things easier for you, we have handpicked some of the best pitch deck templates for your Facebook group.

Have a look and pick the one that matches your style.

  1. Pitch deck TEMPLATE 1 : Perfect for all make up, lifestyle, and baking Facebook groups
  2. Pitch deck TEMPLATE 2 : Perfect for all parenting and general category groups
  3. Pitch deck TEMPLATE 3 : Perfect for all food and fitness related groups

That’s about it. 🙌🏻

Do let me know which one of these you liked the most. And feel free to share your self-pitching success stories with us.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing you guys succeed.😇

Drop them in the comments below or write to us in our Facebook group.

Keep shining!💫

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