Complete guide to new Facebook groups features released in Facebook Community Summit 2020

Facebook did its keynote on communities (Facebook groups) on 1st October 2020 🎉

It was a very high profile event with both Mark Zuckerberg and Fidji Simo (Head Facebook Groups) starting the summit, talking about

How the size of Communities globally on Facebook groups has exploded 📈 and How groups enable billions of people to make more meaningful connections, talk about what they love, and learn new things

  • There are over 70 Million Admins and Moderators, managing 🙀
  • Over 1.8 Billion people in Facebook groups… MONTHLY! with 💃
  • 1 Facebook member being a part of 5 groups on an average 🗣
  • In the last 6 months (Post COVID world) 86% of people who asked for help in a community received it !

Facebook announced some really amazing features and ecosystem building efforts for Admins/Moderators, and group members to make communities more safe and more fun for everyone 🌟

We bring you this ultimate guide to help understand all the new feature releases for Facebook groups in detail


Making members ❤️ groups even more

1. Ability to create smaller chat rooms within a Facebook group 💬 for members to discuss issues between smaller groups of people

chats 1

2. More awesome ways to ask questions ❓ where admins can host Q&A sessions where members can easily engage in and answer!

  • Did you see the swipe and stacked cards look 👇


3. Interactive ways to Prompt other members to create collaborative posts in Facebook groups (stack and swipe) 🥞 giving the members a much cooler way to participate 😎 and also check out other members answers


4. A customized profile for every community

  • To be 👩‍🎨 or 👨‍🏭 or 👨‍⚕️ in a community, is now your choice! Customize your bio as per the community so that the members in that community can discover relevant things about you quickly !


Making admins and moderators more powerful 💪

Facebook has put a lot of focus on reducing SPAM and maintaining very high-quality interactions in the community.

Over 1 million groups have been shut down in the last 1 year or policy violations.
The new admin control center (Admin Assist) will help make managing your facebook groups a breeze.



It will allow you to make customizable rules like –

  • Do not approve posts which have some particular keywords or links (reducing your time to manually see each post)
  • Members who have been reported will automatically need post approval
  • Decide that new members joining the community can only see posts and comment in them, in their first 2 weeks > then they will get the auto approval to post

This allows you to spend less time moderating the group and more time connecting people 🤝

Facebook has also collected common requirements from global admins to help everyone prevent SPAM in their Facebook Groups. Now you can easily set these rules for your groups also. You can also share the collections of these criteria with other admins to help them set these rules up.

admin assist

Detailed posts insights which help you understand a lot more about each of your post (Only available for groups with more than 250 members)

Screenshot 2020 10 02 at 12.55.46 PM

In the above image you can see how have my members reacted to a particular post and what are my key stats per post i.e.

Post reach % i.e. Total people reached/total people active – in this case it is 357/679 – 52.5%

Post engagement % Total people engaged/total people reached – in this case it is 126/357 – 35%

Topics for Facebook groups have also been revamped 🆕

Screenshot 2020 10 01 at 9.42.39 PM

Topics in groups help organise content and make discovering content for your members even more easy. Now it has become very easy to tag posts in topics !

  • Add any topic to any post by simply using hashtags
  • Use upto 5 hashtags for every post
  • Pin your choice of topics on the top of the group
  • Members can also now add topics to their posts
  • You as an admin will get to review the topics if the post approval is turned on
  • You can choose to delete the entire post, but not specific topics used by a member

Facebook certified Community Manager Program 🎖

A certified course by Facebook on community building 🔥 where community managers can understand the science behind building transformational communities at scale.

Coupled with their passion ❤️ this we believe will set global standards on Community building and management.

Also we would love to announce 📢 that our founder Tamanna Dhamija was one of the first community leaders who has successfully passed this examination and just got her shiny new badge yesterday 💃🎉

Screenshot 2020 10 02 at 10.34.15 AM

More discoverability 🔥 for public groups

Posts in public groups will get more visibility on and off Facebook, so that more people can participate and engage in those conversations

Popular conversations in public groups will get more visibility and you will be able to participate in them !

public groups visibity

Your newsfeed will start seeing related discussions on the topics that you care about surfacing you to discover these conversations better

related discussions

Anyone will be able to join the public group without approval but admin has FULL CONTROL over who can participate in discussions 

🚨 This is an opt in based feature
If you choose to opt in then you get all the post and commenting approval features to help you manage the new members more effectively ✌️across existing members, new members and non members.

Increased control over first time contributors !! 🎛

It is mostly the first time contributors who end up creating the most amount of SPAM.
Now get complete control and customizability on moderating their posts and comments using the control center.


Enabling Monetization 💰 for public groups aka (Brand collab manager)

The official marketplace of public groups and brands has been launched!

brand collab

Branded Content is defined as “Creator Content that features or is influenced by a business partner for an exchange of value

Admins can create branded content (posts will have a tag of sponsorship) in the group.

Admins and brands can discover each other via the Brand collab marketplace.

It takes less than 5 minutes for an Admin to sign up.

Checkout details here first to know more and see if your group is eligible for Collab manager

Post Signing up the admin can choose to share key group health statistics with the brands so that they can decide which groups they want to partner with

Brands get to reach authentic and engaged audiences and admins get a purpose led and sustainable way to earn from the community and scale it up further ⏫

This content is not one size fits all but completely admin dependent and thus customised for each Facebook group as the values and fundamentals of the community.

Screenshot 2020 10 02 at 1.31.48 PM

Community Ecosystem building

Community labs an initiative by Facebook to bring the most extraordinary community leaders together to learn and grow their communities.

It is an invite only program.

Weekly sessions + personalised support by the Facebook team

Checkout more details here 

Community Accelerator 

Community leaders globally are impacting millions of lives via Facebook Groups. Facebook through its community accelerator wants to help these community leaders grow their communities via –

  • Growth focussed training
  • Mentorship and Partnerships
  • Funding

The Community Accelerator is an evolution of our Fellowship program, which in 2019 supported 115 participating leaders worldwide

To discuss more about Facebook groups new features, What happened in the Community summit or connect with more power admins globally, join our community of power admins where we regularly talk about Growth and Monetisation of Facebook groups! 


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