How To Find Top Posts Published By Group Members_

How To Find Top Posts Published By Group Members?

One of the best things about Convosight is:

It gives complete visibility to the group admins/moderators on the top activity in their group.This allows the managing team to get inspiration for content or reshare posts easily.

To view top user generated posts in your group:

1. Login to Convosight

2. Find the alerts section in the left panel on the group’s dashboard

3. Click on the Reshare posts button

Reshare post

Select the time period for which you want to see the top posts

This window displays the top posts in your group segmented by post type

You can also see the activity on each of these top posts

You can see the activity i.e. number of comments + reactions, right next to the post

Additional Help

If you still need any assistance, kindly go through this video.

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