How To Track Top Posts Published By Admins

How To Track Top Posts Published By Admins/Moderators?

To keep track of how well the admin/moderator created content is performing, one must know the activity on top posts published by the admins/moderators of a group.

To analyse the posts done by admins/moderators though Convosight:

1. Login to Convosight platform

2. Find Post analytics under the Post publisher segment

3. The window will give you an overview of the following metrics:

  1. Percentage of posts published through Convosight vs total posts published
  2. Activity rate of posts published through Convosight vs posts published by members
  3. Engagement gain by posting through Convosight and adhering to time and keyword suggestions

post publisher

4. Next, select the time period for which you want to look at published posts

5. Sort the posts by the following options:

  1. Last Published
  2. Highest Activity
  3. Most reactions
  4. Most Comments.

6. Alongside the post that you are viewing, you will also be able to see who posted it

7. You will be able to see if the post met the suggested time and if it included suggested keywords.

8. You will also be able to view the activity on the post along with increase/decrease in performance as compared to the average activity of your group.

Additional Help

If you still need any assistance, kindly go through this video.

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