Most Common Myths About Convosight

11 Most Common Myths About Convosight You Need To Stop Believing

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We are constantly working towards our vision of enabling Facebook group admins like you to become Community Entrepreneurs.  

Till date, we have helped 16000+ Facebook group admins grow, engage, and earn a sustainable income from their communities.🚀

However, unfortunately, there have been instances when Facebook glitches were mistaken for something to do with Convosight. 

Through this article, we are going to clear up the air and set all the confusion aside. 🙌🏻

We’ll shed light on each of such Facebook issues along with the possible reasons/solutions to help you out. 

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into them! 


Myth 1. Member count suddenly dropped after adding Convosight 

Fact. Convosight is a community management platform that helps manage your Facebook groups. Just like other social media platforms out there, Hootsuite or Sprout Social, for instance, Convosight has nothing to do with your group growth.

If you notice your member count suddenly going down from, let’s say 5000 to 2500, that’s most likely a Facebook glitch. We suggest you wait for a day or two and if the issue persists, please reach out to Facebook group support. 

You can find this option on the left hand side in your Facebook group under ‘Support’. 

Busting Convosight Myths

Other than this, please be informed that ‘invited members’ do not add up to the total number of members in your FB group. Only after they have accepted the invite, they become a part of your community and are counted as group members, affecting group growth. 

Myth 2. I am accepting member requests, but the count is not increasing after adding Convosight 

Fact. This is a mere coincidence that after adding Convosight, you cannot see any change in member count upon accepting requests. 

Ideally, it’s a Facebook glitch. Everything here is happening on Facebook – members sending requests, you accepting, and the number changing. Convosight has nothing to do with this. 

We suggest you wait for a day or two for it to be resolved on its own. If it doesn’t, kindly reach out to FB group support. 

Myth 3. Invite member option is not available on Facebook since Convosight is added 

Fact. Facebook and Convosight are separate applications. Any missing features in either of these have nothing to do with each other

Meaning, if a feature is not available on Facebook, it’s because Facebook has either removed it or there’s some technical issue at their end. In this case, you should reach out to their support team. 

Similarly, if a feature is missing on Convosight, it’s because we have either gotten rid of it or are working to fix it. 

That said, please reach out to the support team of that platform where you come across a missing feature. 

Myth 4. Live viewers reach or Post reach has gone down due to Convosight 

Fact. Reach is directly proportional to the number of group members active at the time of your post or live session. 

Meaning, the higher the number of members active at the time of your post, the higher will be the chances of them seeing your post. Which means the reach will be higher. 

And the fact that you host a live session either directly on Facebook or through apps like Streamyard or Zoom, Convosight has no role to play here. 

Sharing a few hacks you can try out to ensure a good reach of your live sessions

  1. Do a poll in your FB group and ask members about the time they’d like you to go live 
  2. Basis the poll result, announce the time you’d host the live session
  3. Create a reminder post in your community (a few hours before going live) about the time you would go live

A few tips to ensure a good post reach

a. Post at the best times of your community 

That is when your members are the most active. Convosight’s Post Scheduler gives you the best times to post for each day (based on your group activity) along with the content format that works best. 

You can check out this article to know all about it👇🏻

How to schedule Facebook group posts? Introducing the best post scheduler

b. Create an engagement pod, i.e. have a close group of family/friends or your team of admins and moderators on some other platform like WhatsApp or Messenger. Whenever you post something, share that post link with them, and they can show some love by engaging with it.

Apparently, as per Facebook’s algorithm, posts that get engagement in the first few minutes of posting tend to get a higher reach. 

c. Don’t shy away from tagging relevant members in your post. This way more members will engage with it, thereby increasing its reach. 

Myth 5. Engagement has dropped on posts after adding Convosight 

Fact. Engagement on your group posts is correlated to how valuable your content is. 

If your content is relatable for your group members and provides value, they will engage with it. If not, they won’t. It’s that simple. 

Give your members what they want. 

Additional Tip- Try experimenting with different things to figure out what works best in your community. If your members are responding well to a content type, use that more often. 

You can refer to this blog to come up with ideas to increase your Fb group engagement.👇🏻

25 highly effective Facebook group engagement ideas

As far as Convosight is concerned, its Post Scheduler helps drive more than average engagement on your posts. It gives you the best times and content formats to post, along with the ease of scheduling your post to multiple groups.  

You can go through this blog to know all about it. 👇🏻

How to schedule Facebook group posts? Introducing the best post scheduler

Myth 6. Group visibility has reduced since adding Convosight

Fact. Group visibility is dependent on Facebook group engagement. As per FB’s algorithm, the higher your group’s engagement, the higher the chances of your group becoming discoverable in the organic search results and vice-versa. 


Myth 7. My group went from Public to Private 

Fact. Group privacy settings change from public to private only when the group admins or moderators do so. In no way, adding Convosight has anything to do with it. 

Additional Info: While you can change your public Facebook group to private, you cannot change your private Facebook group to public. So, if you’ve recently created a new Facebook group, you can refer to this article to know all about public and private Facebook groups. 

Public vs Private Facebook group: Which one to choose? 


Myth 8. We do partiality or give preference to a few groups only for brand campaigns. 

Fact. Campaigns are a direct function of brands we work with and the kind of conversations they want to be a part of.

When a brand approaches us, it tells us what kind of conversations/keywords it is looking for and wants to partner with those groups where those conversations are taking place.

The top categories that we work with today are – Nutrition / Parenting / Beauty / Health and Hygiene / Food and Beverages and Electronics. 

If your group has conversations happening in these segments, the engagement and activity is high, and it has the relevant audience (geography and age group) that the brand wants to speak with, you will be approached by our team for relevant campaigns. 

Please be assured that there is no preferential treatment given to any Facebook groups. 

You can refer to this blog to understand the complete process and all the factors that brands consider for choosing FB groups to partner with.👇🏻

How to get brand campaigns through Convosight and earn?


Myth 9. Group was deleted by Facebook. I think Convosight can help. 

Fact. Facebook deletes a Facebook group only when there have been multiple violations by the Facebook group admins and/or members. 

We request you to tighten your group’s moderation and ensure that there are no posts or comments that go against Facebook’s community guidelines. 

If that happens, Facebook will warn you for the first time, and in case of repeated violations, they are likely to ban or take down your Facebook group. 

Unfortunately, Convosight cannot help here. The only thing you can do is reach out to Facebook via the Help and Support option available in your personal profile. 

 Popular Myths About Convosight


Common Myths About Convosight



To take your Facebook group’s moderation a level up, you can set up keyword alerts, get a notification each time a member uses those, and take action on them instantly. 

Speaking of, this blog shall come handy👇🏻

Introducing Convosight Keyword Alerts: The foolproof way to tackle spam

Myth 10. Engagement or Member Count in Convosight’s daily summary on WhatsApp is different from the engagement on Facebook.  

Fact. This is a scenario that does not occur often. But, there are times when your daily summary report might differ slightly from the engagement you see in your Facebook group insights. 

It’s due to a delay in fetching data from Facebook. 

Myth 11. Sometimes posts scheduled through Convosight are not posted at that time 

Fact. If you schedule a post for a particular time through Convosight, the platform posts it a minute or two later. 

For instance, if you schedule a post for 5:30PM in your community, your post will be posted in your group maximum by 5:32 PM. 

That’s all the time difference that’s there. 

However, if your post was posted at a completely different time than you scheduled it for, please feel free to report it either on Freshchat (the chat you see on the platform and website) or in our Facebook group. We’ll look into the issue and resolve it as soon as possible. 

Parting Words 

Facebook and Convosight are two completely different platforms. 

Convosight sure relies on Facebook to fetch conversation insights to be able to share your group metrics. 

Which implies that Facebook might affect the functioning of Convosight at some point in time. But in no way can Convosight affect Facebook’s operations. 

Whatever happens on Facebook or in your FB group per se, the ownership is entirely that of Facebook. 

Just like so many other platforms out there, Convosight too is a third party platform (but the first one for community management) that we are building to make your lives easier. 🙂

In case you have any further questions, we’d be happy to answer. You can post them anytime in our Facebook group of power admins

Also, if you are new and have recently added Convosight to your Facebook group, we’d love to invite you to our Product Demo where our team will walk you through the platform, explain all its features and tell how it can help to grow, engage, and monetize your Facebook group.

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