How To Make Facebook Reels for Group

Everything You Need To Know About Using Facebook Group Reels

Short-form videos have taken the world by storm, and Facebook has joined the bandwagon by launching its most-awaited feature- Facebook Group Reels.

And here we are, unable to contain the excitement to tell you everything about it!

Creating reels in Facebook groups allows members to express themselves through innovative and immersive videos.

According to Meta, the Reel is the “fastest-growing content format” on Facebook, with users spending half their time watching videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Speaking of, we thought of asking the Facebook group admins in our global community of power admins if they have started using reels in their Facebook groups.

Poll on Facebook Group Reel

Here’s what we gathered:

  • Around 37% of Facebook group admins have experimented with Facebook group reels but don’t use it often
  • 21% of the cohort believes it’s an excellent way to boost Facebook group engagement
  • 40% of these admins are yet to try out Facebook group reels and 2% have no clue how they can use it

Surprising, isn’t it?

Hence, it becomes even more crucial to throw light on everything that’s there to know about Facebook group reels.

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about it, including how and why you should start including them in your Facebook group content strategy.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and explore this exciting feature!

Get Detail Insight of a facebook Group

What are Reels in Facebook Groups?

Facebook group reels are engaging, short-form videos, usually under 30 seconds, that come packed with snazzy effects, audio clips, and music.

They’re used by content creators aka Facebook group admins and even group members to express themselves creatively.

For instance, you’re a part of a beauty and lifestyle group on Facebook. You can create reels around skincare, haircare, or makeup, and share your tips and tricks with fellow community members.

Facebook Reel on Fashion and Hair Care

Facebook is certainly a little late to the party as we’re well-aware of TikTok’s meteoric rise to fame and the popularity of Instagram Reels.

And, it’s pretty clear where the social media giant’s inspiration comes from!

Facebook group reels are now available in 150 countries on iOS and Android phones, i.e., it has yet to be a desktop feature. Members can easily post reels if the admins have enabled the option in their groups.

If you post a reel in a private group, only the group members can see and engage with it. However, reels shared in a public Facebook group can be seen by anyone on or off Facebook.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Start Creating Facebook Group Reels Today

1. Increases Group Reach and Discoverability

Open Facebook and you’ll see reels at the top of your news feed – both from the people you follow or not.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for your Facebook group to get discovered by a large audience.

How Facebook reels Looks

Source: Facebook

Increased reach = More people discovering your FB group and joining it

It’s as simple!

2. Boosts Facebook group engagement

You’re bound to like or drop a comment on a video you found insightful or entertaining.

Same goes for others!

When you create something that provides value to others, they’d definitely engage with it.

Posting reels in Facebook groups regularly and encouraging others to do the same will have members interacting with the posts and trying out the feature. This way, you boost the overall engagement of your group.

3.  Opportunity to flex your creative muscles

Talk about creating online content and people will start looking for new and exciting ways to make their work stand out.

And reels are no exception!

Publishing reels in a Facebook group requires members and admins to think outside the box and let their creative juices flow to communicate their message to others – whether it be coming up with new video ideas, experimenting with filters, or choosing the best audio.

Here’s a reel where a member of a food group on Facebook shared a quick and easy breakfast recipe.

Facebook Group Reels Recipe Idea

While this is just one example, below we have shared the different ways Facebook group admins are making the most of reels.

One such is at the time of brand collaboration. Admins have started creating reels to showcase the benefits and efficacy of a product, establishing trust among members for that product and helping brands achieve their objectives.

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Know How you can increase engagement of facebook group

Monetization through Facebook Group Reels

Facebook has introduced various opportunities for creators to earn through reels, and it’s mostly through a part of their Bonus Program, under which they plan to invest over $1 billion.

  • In-reel ads

Members with more than 10,000 followers, at least five videos, and 600,000 minutes of viewership in the past 60 days are eligible to include ads in their reels.

This ability is currently available across 50 countries, including the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

  • Overlay ads

The new Facebook Reels overlay ads allow users to add marketing bumpers directly on their reels, just like stickers. Users can include sticker ads, banner ads, or a semi-transparent overlay at the bottom of a Reel.

  • Fan subscriptions and stars

Facebook is also expanding its range of fan support products like Fan Subscriptions and Stars by making them available to even more creators. These allow viewers to send stars to a content creator while watching their reels. For every star received, the creator gets one cent from Meta.

Through this, fans can support you directly through payments that recur each month. However, you need to have a Facebook page and be over 18 years old to be considered.

Facebook Fan subscriptions

Source: Facebook

How to create a reel in a Facebook group?

Step 1. Open the FB group you’d like to make a reel in and tap on the “Reels” option you see on the top of your Facebook group.

How to make facebook reel

This will display your phone’s gallery and show your phone’s camera roll.

You can choose to add pre-recorded videos or photos from your gallery or create a new reel on the fly.

P.S. If you don’t see the option to create a reel, it might be because either the feature is unavailable in that group yet or the admins don’t allow them.

Step 2.  If you’re recording a new video, you can get inventive and include effects like the green screen. You can even upload one of your pictures and add it as the green screen background.

How to add filters in Facebook Reels

An important point to note: If you decide to use a filter alongside, the green screen will disappear.

Step 3. Navigate to the menu on the right-hand side of the screen and add effects like audio clips, text, stickers, or music (via the audio option) to make your reels even more exciting.

How to add Music in Facebook Reels?

You can even trim your video to the right length.

Step 4. Add text to your video directly, but best is to use it sparingly. You obviously wouldn’t want your viewers’ focus dwindling away from your video!

Facebook: How to Add Text to Facebook Reels

Step 5. Hit ‘save’ if you wish to download the video to your phone.

How to publish Facebook Reels in a group?

Step 1. Navigate to the Facebook group you’d like to publish the reel to and hit the “Reels” button on the top.

How do I create a reel in a Facebook group?

Step 2. This will open your phone’s gallery. From there, add the pre-recorded video or create a new reel.

How to choose pre recorded clips on reels?

Step 3. Go ahead and add a caption for the reel along with relevant hashtags.

Publish Screen of Reels on Communities

Make sure your caption is not more than 2-3 lines and you don’t add over 10-15 hashtags.

Step 4. Hit the “share now” button and your reel will be published in the desired Facebook group.

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11 Best Practices to follow when creating Facebook Group Reels

1. Post high-quality videos

TBH, no one likes to watch a blurry or shaky video and such videos have the maximum drop-off.

Same goes for videos shot in low-light which are grainy and difficult to see. Users are likely to scroll past them.

So, make sure you create reels in Facebook groups that are of excellent quality. It’s ideal to use a good camera and background.

When you publish high-quality reels in Facebook groups, members will stop scrolling and interact with them, thereby boosting the overall engagement.

2. Create content relevant to the Facebook group you’re posting in

The content you publish should be related to the Facebook group you’re posting it in.

For instance, you can’t post a food or makeup reel in a tech community, or a gadget reel in a food community.

Before creating a reel, carefully analyze the message you want to communicate, the tone you want to use, and the result you want to achieve.

Afterall, it’s all about creating content that adds value to the community members!

3. Create vertical videos only

Like Instagram Reels, Facebook group reels have a default vertical video setting. Plus, the Facebook algorithm favors content that follows all the best practices.

So if you want your reels to grab people’s attention, creating vertical videos is the way to go!

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4. Use trending music

Make your reels more fun and entertaining by adding some good music. Keep track of the songs that are trending and use them to enhance your reels’ reach.

Music sets the tone for your video and makes it easier for viewers to remember your content in the ocean of reels out there.

5. Add filters and effects appropriately

Like how too many cooks spoil the broth, too many filters and effects can ruin your videos.

If you are sharing an informational video about childcare or maybe parenting, use a filter that is subtle and at the same time, does not distract viewers from the message you’re communicating through the reel.

6. Incorporate transitions

Just like transition reels are currently “the thing” on Instagram, you can try your hand at them and share in your Facebook group.

As is, transition reels certainly captivate the attention of the viewers and make them visually attractive.

For instance, if you’re creating a  reel around weight loss tips, you can add a transition to showcase your transformation. This would create an impact on people who’re watching the reel, helping them realize that your suggestions are effective, and they would further be encouraged to follow your tips.

The secret sauce is to trim the video and use the align tool. This makes the transition smooth and seamless.

7. Add a relevant caption

Captions are crucial to provide the context that might otherwise be lost in the reel, like its purpose.

So, make it a point to add a relevant caption and tag the people featured in the video, in case there are any!

Let it be concise and intriguing that highlights the key takeaways of the reel, and further entices group members to take the desired action, such as sharing the reel or sharing their views in the comments.

8. Be experimental

When posting Facebook group reels, there’s no cookie-cutter approach you need to follow. The ultimate aim is to be creative, so have fun with it!

Experiment with your reels by adding new filters and different effects. This will ensure the group’s content remains fresh, leaving members engaged and waiting for more.

Keep up with the latest trends to maintain relevance amongst the viewers.

Besides, you never know when you might stumble upon an unexpected and exciting theme or style that resonates with all the members.

9. Keep up with trends

Social media is dynamic, and trends change like the wind. It’s essential to keep an eye on what’s trending and create content that aligns with it.

However, you can only jump on some trends out there; Focus on the ones most aligned with your group members’ interests.

10. Ensure tracking for all your reels

Tracking your reels allows you to understand what’s working and what’s not working, and the kind of reels that best resonate with your audience.

If your account is brand new, you will need more data to analyze what’s working and what’s not. But, if you’ve found success on Instagram or TikTok, use that data to tell you what went well. Then you can try experimenting with whatever worked for you.

11. Collaborate with other group members

One of the core values of Facebook groups is to provide a place to connect with people who share your interests and pain points. Collaborating with fellow group members is a great way to deepen your connection with them.

You can ask members to be a part of your reels, where you all share your thoughts on a particular topic or address a pain point and share the solution.

5 examples of reels in Facebook groups that will leave you inspired

1. Maintaining fitness after a vacation

It’s no secret that everyone feels lazy after a vacation, and you simply don’t want to return to the gym.

Here’s a reel by Manasi Patil, member of Momz and More, which highlights the mistakes you should avoid when working out after a long break.

Reels like these are an excellent way to learn new things, and members can share their tips in the comments section.

Interactive Facebook Group Reel Ideas

2. Tips to stay positive

Everyone goes through bad days, right? Sometimes you feel there’s no way out of a bad situation and need something uplifting.

Akansha Bansal, the admin of Parenting Mom Style, shares her views on maintaining a positive attitude whilst going through tough times.

Amazing Ideas for Engaging Reels

These reels certainly motivate group members and spread positivity in the community.

3. Sharing healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes

Eating right is the cornerstone of maintaining your fitness. “When you eat junk, you feel like junk too”, and that’s precisely what this reel is all about!

Priya Jain, the admin of Beauty, Food, and Parenting Lifestyle, shared some valuable insights on eating well and how it benefits your physical and mental health.

Video Idea for Food Clips

4. Promoting a business

Reels are a brilliant way to promote your business in a Facebook group.

Here is an example of Sagufta Parween from Super Indian Women informing group members about her venture that helps cure different health-related issues of people.

How to promote your business in a Facebook group

5. Changing people’s perspective

One question that every Facebook group admin has encountered in their life is – “What do you do on Facebook all day?”

Well, Gunjan Sachdeva addresses this for once and for all through a light-hearted reel describing the different hats she wears as the admin of We are Super Moms.

Gunjan Sachdeva Facebook Reels

Parting Words

Thanks to Facebook group reels, members can unleash their inner creativity and bring their stories to life.

By leveraging the power of short-form videos and regularly publishing reels in Facebook groups, member interactions will increase, and your community will flourish!

So, do try them out and share your best reels with us in the comments below or in our Facebook group where thousands of community admins are continually discussing this and more about the latest group features, Facebook group engagement, monetization, and more.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to connect and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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