Top 10 Brand Monitoring Tools

Top 10 Brand Monitoring Tools Every Brand Should Consider In 2024

As a seasoned brand marketer, you probably know that brand monitoring tools are indispensable to track your brand mentions and further manage your brand reputation online.

As is, the several online channels at our disposal and millions of conversations happening across the web every minute of the day make it humanly impossible to track it all manually.

When you leverage these brand mentions tools, you’re armed with actionable insights that will help you devise effective marketing strategies to attract potential customers and supercharge your sales. 🚀

The underlying concern?

There exist a wide range of online brand monitoring tools for social media and other digital channels. And you need to narrow down your search to a select few and ultimately pick the right one!

But how do you do that?

Keep in mind these factors before you consider investing in an online brand monitoring tool 👇🏻

  • Platforms covered

Check the list of social media platforms a particular brand mention tool covers and see if your desired channel falls under it.

  • Features

Carefully go through the features offered by any brand mention tool and understand if it has the required feature to boost your brand monitoring efforts.

  • Budget & Free Trial

Check if a brand mention tool falls within your budget and if you can avail a free trial.

Considering these parameters, we have handpicked the 10 best brand monitoring tools and shared their benefits, features and pricing, along with the social media channels they cover and whether they offer a free trial.

Note – The tools listed below are alphabetically arranged, and no rank is associated with them.

online brand monitoring tools for social media

10 Best Brand Monitoring Tools

1. Awario

Awario is a powerful brand monitoring tool

Features BenefitsPricingFree trial availableSocial media channels covered
– Leverages Boolean search

– Enables Slack integration

– Allows Hashtag tracking

Helps identify potential customers searching for your products$24-$399/monthYesAll
(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, to name a few)

Awario is a powerful brand monitoring tool that crawls more than 13 billion web pages daily to help you identify your brand mentions.

This means you can access all the essential information and use it to identify potential new customers currently searching for products or services you offer and turn these prospects into leads.

What makes Awario stand out is the robust customer service and support it offers.

How? Through email, a help centre, guides, video tutorials, and a dedicated account manager (for higher-level plans).

All this is guaranteed to give you a user experience that’s as smooth as possible!

2. Brand24

Brand24: Brand Reputation Monitoring Tools

Features BenefitsPricing Free trial availableSocial media channels covered
– Access to brand mentions across podcasts, social, blogs, forums, and videos– Segmentation of positive, negative, and neutral reviews

– Instant notifications for negative mentions

Allows you to apply various filters, including geolocalization, post author, number of visits, influence score, or sentiment.$49-$299/monthNoAll

A notable aspect of Brand24 as one of the most renowned brand reputation monitoring tools is its regularly updated list of features and first-class analytics that help improve your marketing and branding strategies.

Brand24 analytics lists your social mentions and helps you make sense of them and their impact by segmenting them as positive, negative, and neutral, along with offering the engagement stats on comments and shares.

Its easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard enables you to apply several filters, including geolocalization, post author, number of visits, influence score, and sentiment.

Moreover, you get instant alerts for negative brand mentions as well.

3. BrandMentions

BrandMentions is a brand monitoring tool

Features BenefitsPricing Free trial availableSocial media channels covered
– Access to latest trends relevant to your industry

– Can track sentiment analysis

– Analysis of your top competitors’ performance

Tracks brand mentions across blogs and review sites as well $99 – $499/ monthYesTwitter, Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, and more

BrandMentions is a one-of-a-kind online brand monitoring tool that offers more than social listening. The tool also monitors brand mentions on blogs, review sites, and other non-social sites.

It has some excellent features that allow you to find out the latest trends in your industry so you can tailor your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Moreover, you get instant alerts when your brand is mentioned across the web, and it also tracks the sentiment of that brand’s mention. You can also monitor your competitor’s social presence which can serve as an excellent yardstick to put your brand’s performance into perspective.

Brand Reputation Monitoring Tool

4. BrandWatch

Brandwatch is one of the oldest brand monitoring tools.

Features BenefitsPricing Free trial availableSocial media channels covered
– Ability to optimize targeted influencers, specified content, and paid social campaigns

– Provides real-time notifications– Categorizing conversations by complaints, feedback, and opinions
Can track 1.7 trillion historical conversations back to 2010$108 onwardsYesAll, but best for Twitter

Brandwatch is one of the oldest brand monitoring tools and a world leader in enterprise social intelligence. Amassing a portfolio of 5,000+ clients, Brandwatch has catered to the requirements of some of the most revered brands and agencies, such as Unilever, Walmart, and Dell, to name a few.

The platform’s features help you discover how millions of online sites share your brand, its logos, and product images.

You can also use it to analyze important trends around your brand. It will give you all the industry insights by scanning through blogs, news sites, regions, and influencers.

5. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo : brand reputation monitoring tool

Features BenefitsPricing Free trial availableSocial media channels covered
– Set up alerts

– Can track the growth of your brand mentions

– Competitor tracking
You can find the most shared content and filter it by type$79-$299/monthNoTwitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

While BuzzSumo is the name you trust when it comes to content marketing, the tool has also built the reputation of a brand reputation monitoring tool. Thanks to its amazing features!

The platform lets you create alerts for mentions of your brand, its products, and other relevant keywords and topics that impact your business.

Alongside this, you can also leverage it for competitor monitoring. For instance, you can set it up to receive real-time notifications when one of your competitors gets mentioned online or create a dashboard for the same.

Buzzsumo also enables you to search for up to 12 months of data, making it easier to determine the content that has helped your brand the most.

6. Convosight

Convosight - Brand Mention Tracking Tool

Features BenefitsPricing Free trial availableSocial media channels covered
– Analyzes mentions across millions of FB communities and sub-reddits

– Analyzes the overall brand sentiment and share of voice

– Tracks category conversations and total engagement across digital communities Reach out to us for further informationNo Facebook Groups, Reddit

If you’re looking to track brand mentions specifically across online communities, Convosight is what you need.

It is the world’s first-ever community marketing platform that helps brands connect with community creators. To date, 160+ brands have partnered with Convosight and leveraged the power of community marketing to engage with their customers meaningfully, thus skyrocketing their brand mentions and improving brand awareness.

You can track millions of anonymized conversations across Facebook groups and sub reddits and understand your customers’ requirements. Our machine learning algorithm analyzes core customer pain points and measures trends relevant to driving consideration and influencing purchases for your brand.

GET IN TOUCH if you’d like to track your brand mentions, understand brand share of voice and analyze user sentiment across millions of conversations happening in thousands of relevant FB groups.

Brand Mention Tracking and Analyze Brand Mentions

7. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is social media management tools.

Features BenefitsPricing Free trial availableSocial media channels covered
– Industry-leading consumer insights

– Add filters such as date, demographics, and location

– Customizable reports
Personal AI analyst to track conversations$49-$739/monthYesAll

Hootsuite is one of the most well-known social media management tools, which allows you to schedule, automate, and track your social media messages across various social profiles.

It can also be considered as a brand mention tool, as it alerts you to what people say about your brand on social media. Thanks to its personal AI analyst named Iris, you can track brand mentions and get consumer insights in just a few clicks.

8. Keyhole


Features BenefitsPricing Free trial availableSocial media channels covered
– Track hashtags and mentions, as well as see the sentiment behind mentions

– In-depth, real-time tracking of user engagement and reach across social platforms

The tool helps predict how hashtags will likely perform over time.Not availableYesTwitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

With Keyhole, you can easily track when the name of your brand, its offerings, or its competitors are mentioned across all the major social media sites and millions of other websites.

Through its intuitive dashboard, you get an overview of post volume, engagement volume, number of impressions, and reach volume.

It further lets you analyze the overall sentiment which helps you understand how your brand is faring to its competitors.

Unlike other brand monitoring tools for social media, Keyhole also offers hashtag analytics which helps curate content and helps it reach more people.

9. LocoBuzz

Locobuzz offers social listening and brand monitoring

Features BenefitsPricing Free trial availableSocial media channels covered
– Offers insights through advanced analytics report

– Instant alerts when your brand is mentioned
Allows you to filter by demographics such as location and languagesStarts at $29/ monthYesFacebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Locobuzz offers social listening and brand monitoring capabilities to improve your brand presence. It provides instant, easily comprehensible analytics for any topic that can be filtered by demography, location, influencers, and languages.

It comes with an interactive dashboard through which you can easily access the advanced analytics reports about your brand mentions analytics, helping your brand understand its strengths and shortcomings.

Locobuzz’s automated alerts feature instantly notifies you when someone is talking about your brand on any social media platform.

How to Monitor Brand Mentions ?

10. TalkWalker

Talkwalker is a stellar online brand monitoring tool

Features BenefitsPricing Free trial availableSocial media channels covered
– Advanced sentiment analysis in 25 languages

– Instant, automated alerts

– Access to historical data of up to 2 years
The only tool that empowers brands to analyze brand exposure in videoStarts at $9,000/ yearFree demo availableAll

Talkwalker is a stellar online brand monitoring tool with comprehensive features that is trusted by brands like Adidas, Duracell, Spotify, Dentsu, to name a few.

It offers the ability to set up instant alerts to track and access brand mentions across 10 social media sites as well as more than 150 million non-social websites like online news sites, blogs, and forums.

You can access historical data up to two years and leverage sentiment analysis across 25 languages as well. It’s also the only tool in the world that enables brands to analyze brand exposure in video.

However, unlike the other tools we have mentioned so far, Talkwalker has a complicated setup process and is far more expensive than its counterparts. Hence, it’s better suited for more prominent brands needing an enterprise-class software solution.

Parting Words

There is an exceedingly large number of brand mention tools out there, each one having its unique features and benefits.

While some brand monitoring tools like Buzzsumo and Keyhole work best for agencies and small businesses, others like Talkwalker and Brandwatch are better suited to large-scale enterprises.

Then there are other brand monitoring tools that are ideal for all business sizes, like Awario and Hootsuite. Hence, it is crucial to understand what features best align with your brand marketing efforts.

Remember that monitoring brand mentions alone won’t suffice. You must also track your brand’s share of voice and analyze the sentiment to understand how customers and potential customers perceive your brand.

That said, brand reputation monitoring tools like Convosight are here to your rescue. It can save you the guesswork by tracking user intent and category conversations, providing a detailed sentiment analysis, giving you an accurate picture of how your brand is faring vs its competition.

Brand Monitoring Tools: Track and Analyze Brand Mentions

If you’d like to get your hands on it or would simply like to know more details, please feel free to REACH OUT TO US. Our community marketing expert will reach out to you and solve all your queries.

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