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Facebook Communities Summit 2022 – The Top Facebook Group Updates Revealed

The social media giant – Facebook, popularly known by the name Meta now, recently hosted its sixth annual Facebook Communities Summit 2022.

This much-awaited virtual event brought internal experts and group administrators together to discuss the new features, tools, and updates.

Maria Smith, VP of Communities at Facebook, unveiled all the exciting new features for Facebook groups that Meta plans to roll out in the coming months. We’ve explained each of them in this article.

According to Meta, these new updates and features will help group admins boost engagement opportunities and entice new members.

In addition, they announced the participants for Facebook’s Community Accelerator Program.
For those who don’t know – Facebook Community Accelerator is an initiative to help group admins advance their leadership skills and utilize Facebook tools to strengthen their community’s impact.

Here’s a sneak peek into the features that were announced in the Communities Summit:

  • Four notable features that’ll encourage member participation
  • Three helpful features that will help manage your community better
  • Four new features that’ll strengthen your community’s culture

Without further ado, let’s understand about them in detail:

😍Encourage Member Participation

1. Reels

After an overwhelming response on Instagram, Facebook has started to roll out reels in communities.

This exciting feature allows community members to share information, tell stories, and connect with others on a deeper level with creative videos.
Members can now unleash their inner creativity and bring their stories to life with creative elements in reels like audio, text overlay, and filters.

Keynote of Facebook Communities Summit 2022

Source: Facebook

Learn more – Everything you should know about using FB group reels

2. Community Contributions

As the name suggests, this new feature will let admins highlight and reward the most contributing members of the community.

When they do, the selected members will get points and badges that they can further feature in their respective group profiles.

Facebook Communities Summit 2022 FCS

Source: Adweek

3. Socializer Role

Facebook is testing a new socializer role for admins to recognize active members who help others feel welcome, connected, and motivated to contribute to a community.

This will let you assign a member as a socializer based on their positive contributions to the group.

For instance, Socializers in beauty communities can be recognized by sharing beauty tips and encouraging group members to do the same by sharing pictures and videos.

FCS 2022

4. Share Facebook community events to Instagram

Whether it is to celebrate a community milestone or something else, whatever exciting event you plan to host in your Facebook group, you will soon be able to share its details on your Instagram story.

This will certainly help spread the word about your event and community, ensuring maximum attendance.

facebook communities summit keynote invite

👥Foster deeper connections

1. Updates to Group Profile

Your group profile should reflect who you are, right?

Going forward, you’ll be able to customize the information in the “about me” section in your group profile and highlight the details you want to share with your community.

Customize Facebook Group Profile

Plus, you’ll be able to add an “open to messaging” indicator to your profile so that like-minded members know you’d like to connect further.

open to messaging

2. Channels

Facebook launched the “channels” feature, where admins can connect with their group members in smaller, more casual settings.

It allows members to have in-depth conversations about their interests and pain points. You can interact with members via text, audio, and video channels.

How to Create Audio Channel in Facebook Group

This feature is now available in more than 140 countries globally and Facebook has started to roll it out in groups, so keep a lookout for this one!

Check out this blog from our Facebook group features edition to learn more about this interactive feature.

3. Event Chats

Whenever you host an event, the group members will now get an opportunity to discuss things before, during, and after the event with the new event chat feature.


🙌🏻Manage your community better

1. Create “View-Only” chats

This feature will allow admins to send one-way communication to all the group members without having to actively maintain or respond to chats individually.

This will ensure group members get notified of all the announcements timely and stay up-to-date with all the important information.

Chat only Option in Facebook Communities

2. New treatment for false information

You can automatically move posts containing information marked as ‘false’ by third-party fact-checkers to the pending posts section and review them before deleting.

This helps build trust and credibility in the content shared within the group.

Facebook Group False News

3. Daily Digest

Managing a group is certainly not a cakewalk. However, this new feature does make things easier!

The new daily digest feature under Admin Assist will give admins a daily summary of the actions taken in their community according to the set criteria.

This would help you save time, protect your community, and accomplish more with automated actions.

Admin Assist feature in FB

Source: Facebook

4. Flagged by Facebook

Facebook is testing an extension within Flagged by Facebook that allows admins of eligible groups to use additional context and allow certain content that was accidentally get flagged by Facebook for bullying and harassment.

Flagged by Facebook

That’s all about the latest updates and features announced in the Facebook Communities Summit Keynote 2022. 🙌🏻

Which feature are you excited about the most? Share it in the comments below or you can also reach out to me in our Facebook group, where thousands of community admins are constantly discussing this and so much more about Facebook group features, engagement, monetization, and more.

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