How To Avoid Facebook Jail And Still Post To Multiple Groups On Facebook?

The other day I did a poll in our community of Facebook group admins to see how many of them ever landed in Facebook jail. 😏

Check out the result yourself!

poll Facebook jail

At least 35% of them admitted they landed in Facebook jail for posting to multiple groups on Facebook at the same time.

They even recalled that instance and shared the same in the comments section of this poll.

poll of Facebook jail new

Interesting, right?

Go to their Facebook feeds and you’ll probably come across at least one Facebook jail meme.

Sharing one with you here.😁

facebook jail meme


Those of you (almost) scratching your heads right now, imagining iron bars and what not, let me hold you back a little.

No, it’s not a jail “jail” thingy, but Facebook sure has set some virtual consequences for those defying their rules and guidelines.

But don’t worry and stop assuming answers for, ‘What is Facebook jail?’

I’m going to tell you everything in this blog post about Facebook jail including:

  • How to know if you are in Facebook jail
  • How you can post to multiple groups on Facebook without landing in Facebook jail

Breaking the suspense finally now…

What is Facebook jail?

Facebook jail is a notorious term used to describe the situation where Facebook bans or disables you from liking, commenting, or sharing others’ posts, sending friend requests, or completely barrs you from logging into your account for some time.

The social media giant announced it as an additional measure to combat hate and extremism throughout the Facebook community.

In simple terms, Facebook blocks you from doing anything on the platform.

Understand, there are 2 types of blocking.

1. Temporary Blocking

The one where Facebook suspends your account’s activities for a particular period of time is known as temporary blocking. It can last for a maximum of 21 days.

But after a few days, you get back the access to your account and are able to interact and engage with your friends as before.

2. Permanent Blocking

The one where Facebook deletes your account is called Permanent blocking. In no way does the platform allow you to access it again.

Here’s why Facebook will block your account:

Apart from the one I’ve already mentioned, you can end up in Facebook jail because of either of these reasons:

  1. Using images and videos marked as SPAM by Facebook
  2. Joining too many Facebook groups in a single day
  3. Using automated softwares on Facebook
  4. Sharing or posting explicit content
  5. Acting all ‘Spammy’
  6. Holding a fake account or impersonating someone

So, beware if you’re doing any of this or plan to do so!

How to know if you are in jail?

It’s actually pretty simple.

You get this notification from Facebook

action blocked

This time duration can vary from a single day and can go on till 21 days.

Now that you know what exactly Facebook jail is, reasons you can land there, and how to tell if you have landed there, it’s time I tell you the most important part.

That is:

To avoid Facebook jail and still be able to post to multiple groups on Facebook.

The Foolproof way to post to multiple groups on Facebook at once

Is through Convosight’s Smart Scheduling feature.

Not only are you able to post across all your Facebook groups in just a click but you can do that without getting blocked by Facebook.

schedule post to avoid facebook jail

I’ll tell you how that happens.

When you go on to schedule a post through Convosight’s Smart Scheduling, Convosight adds delay when the number of groups selected is more than that defined by Facebook.

schedule post 1

So technically, you are not pushing out content across multiple groups at the same time.

Easy-peasy, right?

However, there’s one thing that you need to take care of.

Only if you are scheduling your posts through Convosight will you be able to take advantage of this feature.

If additionally, you have scheduled your posts through Facebook or any other platform, then that will certainly hit the limits defined by Facebook.

And, it’s likely that you’ll be blocked by Facebook.

To avoid that, schedule your posts through Convosight’s smart scheduler and sit back while everything else gets taken care of.

That’s all folks!

Do try out this new feature and take maximum advantage of it.

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