Facebook Group Features 2020

New Facebook Group Features Update: December 2020

Can’t believe it’s Christmas already!🎄

It has truly been one heck of a year, hasn’t it?

But, one of the best things that happened in 2020 is the rise of communities like never before.💪🏻

Not to forget, the mind-blowing Facebook group features that are being rolled out.💥

With the same spirit, let’s wrap the year and welcome the holidays, experimenting with the latest Facebook group features 2020 while cozying up in our blankets and sipping cappuccinos alongside.☕❄️

In this year’s final edition of the ‘Facebook group features: Sneak peek’, I’m going to shed light on some of the surprising releases made by the platform.

  • 1 exclusive feature that helps admins take some time off and relax
  • 2 features that have made tighter moderation possible in the community
  • 3 features that have made content management easy

Moreover, I’m also going to share with you 2 interesting and extremely helpful observations in Facebook groups that will empower you all the more.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into them!

You can check out the Facebook group features 2020: Sneak peek edition for October and November, in case you missed out.🙂

Take some TIME OFF 🕰️

1. ‘Pause Group’ feature

The name says it all, doesn’t it?

Well, Facebook came up with this feature after it realised the admins’ need to take a break from group moderation.

They understood that admins would like to pause activity in their group temporarily from time to time.

And, here we have it in the admin tools.

pause group Nea Feature of Facebook Group December 2020

Pausing your group (for whatsoever reason) means:

Everything is put on hold temporarily including posting, commenting, reacting, requesting to join.

Basically, your group will become read-only for the members and there will be limited tools available for the admins and moderators.

When you choose to pause your group, you have to select a reason from the ones mentioned below.

pause group feature

Furthermore, you can announce about the same in your Facebook group. So that there are no surprises for your group members and they know what to expect.

pause group 1

You can even schedule a date and time at which you’d like to resume your group.

NOTE: If you specify an ETA for the group to resume, Facebook will do so automatically and you’ll even get a notification for the same.

So, go ahead and enjoy a stress-free weekend. Or simply take some time off (for both you and your team) and come back super refreshed and energised.


1. Block lists available for all groups

Now, this feature is surely an amazing one for all you admins managing multiple groups.

When you choose to block a member, you now see the option:

“Apply these changes to other groups you manage or moderate”

block list for all groups

As you turn it on, the person will be blocked from all the other Facebook groups he/she is a part of.

This means:

End of nuisance from all your groups, once and for all.

2. Decline post and report

Now, when you choose to decline a post (from the list of pending posts in your Facebook group), you even get an option to report it.

decline post and report

You just have to select the problem with the post from the list shared by Facebook. This includes: nudity, violence, harassment, false news among others.

Once you do so, you are able to report the post.

Furthermore, you can take an action on the member by either blocking him/her or hiding all of their posts done in the group, if any.

Content Management made easy

1. Post Topics now available as #hashtags

In order to help group admins organise content even better in their respective groups, Facebook has come up with hashtags for all the topics in groups.

Simply said, your group topics now appear in the form of a hashtag that can be easily pinned at the top of the group and highlighted for everyone to see.

topics in hashtags

It’s a great way to direct people to a conversation and save everyone’s time in case there are repetitive questions asked in the group, which I’m sure is a common scenario.

We love this feature and are making the best use of it in our community of power admins.

As you can see in the above snapshot, we have pinned topics like Facebook features, earn, and Engage more earn more – 30 day challenge.

These are the topics that our group members talk about the most. And we would also like our new members to check them out.

2. ‘Your Content’ feature

In an attempt to simplify managing too many posts day in and day out in groups, Facebook has introduced the ‘your content’ feature, as part of admin tools.

your content

Here, you have a clear categorisation for published post, removed post, and scheduled post and you can see all the related posts under each one of them.

You can further choose to see either the newest or the oldest posts, based on your requirements.

your content feature in fb group

3. Categorisation in pending posts

To ease the lives of group admins, Facebook has introduced categorization in the posts pending for approval.

That said, you can now filter pending posts on the basis of:

  • Time period (newest first)
  • Custom time (select dates)
  • Author
  • Content type

categorisation in pending posts

While this feature is especially useful for large groups where hundreds of posts require approval in a day, it is surely helpful for small groups too.

Like for example, admins can just filter by author name and approve the posts that require immediate attention.

That’s about it for the features.

But, that’s definitely not all. 🙌🏻

As promised, in the final edition of Facebook group features 2020 sneak peek, I’m going to share with you two extremely helpful Facebook group observations too.

So, here goes.

1. No translations in membership questions

Did you know Facebook does not provide any translation for your group’s membership questions?

Even I didn’t until a few days back.

Those of you who have groups whose primary language is different from the one your group questions are in, it’s a good idea to add translations.

For instance, if you are using a secondary language for your group, it’s always a good idea to translate your membership questions in that language for the people who don’t understand the language but are interested to join your Facebook group.

Like this.

translation in groups

2. Exact member count visible in Hindi Facebook groups

I was also amazed by this revelation since I’ve been a part of Facebook groups with English as the primary language.

And we get an approximate member count there.

However, in case of Hindi Facebook groups, one can see the exact number of members who are a part of the group.

Have a look.

member count

I hope this was helpful.✌🏻

I feel so overwhelmed closing this edition of Facebook group features 2020.

But, be rest assured we will be back next year too.🙂

With something even more exciting.

Till then, we wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that it’s an even prosperous one for all the community builders.🎊

Staying connected with each other is the key to learning and growing every single day.👥

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See you in 2021!❤️

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