Introducing Keyword Alerts: The Foolproof Way To Stop Spam In Facebook Groups

Introducing Keyword Alerts: The Foolproof Way To Stop Spam In Facebook Groups

For just a minute, let’s imagine something. 

Imagine that you don’t have to spend 2-3 hours each day scrutinizing every single post for spam in your Facebook group.

Instead, you could instantly get notified whenever any group member uses spam words. 

You could also be alerted of anything important in your group. Like when a member calls you out to seek help. 

It would simply be awesome! Right? 

But hey… This is neither mere imagination nor just a dream. 

This is the reality of the Keyword Alerts feature of Convosight. Till date, this feature has detected over 433K potential spam in Facebook groups and fake news comments.🙂

I owe it to my team at Convosight who worked relentlessly day in and day out to ensure that none of us community admins have any more sleepless nights thinking about spam.

As you scroll down, you’ll know:

  • How to stop spam in your Facebook group via the Keyword Alerts feature
  • How it is different from Facebook’s Moderation Alerts
  • Different ways you can use Keyword Alerts apart from managing spam in Facebook groups
  • How are some of the most successful community admins using it and what they think of it

So without further ado, let’s dive right into the details of Keyword Alerts.

How to use Keyword Alerts to stop spam in Facebook groups?

As you connect your Facebook group with Convosight, it taps into your group conversations.

No, we don’t use personal data about your members ever or share your group’s data with anyone. So, you can trust us on this just like 5000+ other Facebook group admins who are using Convosight.

Here’s the step-wise process to access it.

1. Login to Convosight with your Facebook group.

keyword alerts (2)

2. On the homescreen, you’ll see all your Facebook groups that have Convosight installed. Click on the one you wish to set keyword alerts for.

Keyword Alerts in Convosight

3. The overview screen of the Facebook group you selected will appear. To go to keyword alerts, click on keyword alerts:

  1. Either under ‘Suggested actions or you’
  2. Or under ‘Alerts’ in the left column

keyword alerts 2

4. You’ll see the different categories/reports of keywords for your group as Keyword Alerts comes pre-loaded with a set of keyword reports for your Facebook group.

new keyword alerts on Convosight

If at any time, you’d like to rename any of these reports, you can follow the steps in this BLOG.

5. Click on the report you wish to see. In the box above, all words and phrases that are spam for your Facebook group are mentioned. You can add/remove any of them anytime just by clicking in the box, editing the keywords list, and finally clicking save.

keyword alerts 4 and 5


6. Below, you can see all the conversations that contain the listed keywords. In fact, you can even take action from then and there on those conversations. You can:

  1. Report comment
  2. Turn off commenting
  3. Mute member
  4. Block member
  5. Remove post
  6. Block user

keyword alerts 6

Isn’t this a great way to stay on top of spam in your Facebook groups and enhance group conversations? 

Since you know how to access it, check out the feature today. If you haven’t yet linked your group to Convosight, SIGN UP here. It’s absolutely free.🙂

Now, I know what most of you are thinking…

How is Convosight’s Keyword Alerts different from Facebook’s Moderation Alerts? 

For starters, the Keyword Alerts offers a very smooth experience. There are separate keyword cues, hence everything appears to be well-organised. (As you can see in the image in the previous section)

Facebook’s Moderation Alerts, on the other hand, offers just a single space to enter all your keywords no matter if they are spam or for lead generation. That said, all keywords tend to mix up that might confuse you.

moderation alerts

NOTE: Facebook recently introduced Engagement Alerts as part of the Moderation alerts feature. Read this blog to know all about it and also get a sneak peek into other latest Facebook group features. 

Secondly, Convosight’s Keyword Alerts sends you a notification over email highlighting the category in which you have new alerts. This certainly makes dealing with that conversation easier.

urgent alerts convosight

However, in case of Facebook’s Moderation Alerts, you receive alerts in the notifications section. And since there are already hundreds of other notifications for you, there is a high probability of missing out on important stuff.

Like this.

moderation alerts

See your important notifications getting lost? (But, not with Convosight’s Keyword Alerts!🙂)

That’s not all.

While tackling spam is one of the most amazing things Convosight’s Keyword Alerts does, it is extremely effective for lead generation, track brand mentions, and much more. 

Let’s see how.

4 ways you can use Keyword Alerts apart from managing spam in Facebook groups

Just so you can stop spam in your Facebook group with Convosight’s Keyword Alerts feature, you can use it for all these things too:

1. Stay on top of member callouts 

You can create a new report and mark admin name(s) in it. This way whenever any member calls you (or any other admins) out personally, you can instantly get notified and help them.

2.Track brand mentions

Depending on the category of your Facebook group, you can add brand names in a new report under Keyword Alerts. Since you’ll get all the conversations that contain those brands, you can easily figure out which brands are the most preferred/liked by your members.

You can further use this information to reach out to those brands and pitch your Facebook group to them.

If you’d like to know how you can pitch your Facebook group to brands and earn, do read this blog.

3. Generate leads 

Let’s say, you deal in baby soaps and simultaneously handle a parenting community. You wish to track all those people who are talking about baby soaps.

All you need to do is add relevant keywords in the report. Whenever any member uses any of those, you’ll be notified.

And there you have it, all the members who are interested in baby soaps. You can create a list of all these members (who are your leads) and pitch them your product.

4. See how positive your group is 

How often do your members thank you or express they are happy to be a part of your Facebook group?

Well, you can track the same through Convosight’s Keyword Alerts. Just create a new report and add keywords like thank you, thanks, good, like, and others such to understand how glad your members are to be a part of your group.

This will motivate you to work even harder!

How are some successful Facebook group admins using Keyword Alerts? 

For my group Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins, we use the Keyword Alerts feature to get notified whenever any member calls out for help. We have added the names of 3 admins in the Admin report. 

So, whenever a group member mentions any of these in their post, we jump in to guide him/her.


Besides, I also use it to track conversations around Facebook group growth and engagement, brand mentions, and positive impact, i.e. how happy the members are.

Sapna Sengar, one of the admins of Kids Nutrition and Recipes, which is one of the largest parenting communities I own, uses Keyword Alerts to tackle any medicinal recommendations in the group.

Since we do not encourage anyone to prescribe any sort of medication in the group, we have marked medicine names as keywords. So, whenever any member uses them, Sapna and all other admins instantly get notified and are able to take action.

sapna keyword alerts

Praveen Ganesh, who manages 12 Tamil communities of over 1.4 million members uses keyword alerts in his groups to tackle unnecessary promotions. 

Talking about this group Country Medicine Siddha Medicine, he has marked keywords like whats app, contact, etc. that are blatant promotion. So, whenever any member uses any of these words, he gets notified and takes an action accordingly. 

urgent alerts praveen ganesh new

Here’s what Facebook group admins have to say about Keyword Alerts

1. Akansha Bansal, Admin of Parenting Mom Style 

Akansha Bansal

“Keyword Alerts has made managing my 2 groups easy. I get an email for resolving any urgent thing in my groups. And since email is one thing we tend to check every 2-3 hours, I’m able to take the necessary action in my groups.”

2. Praveen Ganesh, Admin of Tamil Doctor 

Praveen Ganesh Demo

“I’m mostly concerned about two types of comments, abusive words and contact information shared by small sellers. The keyword alerts feature helps me to easily check and remove them. It points out the exact conversation.”

3. Sheenu Goyal, Admin of Super Indian Women 

Sheenu Goyal

“Ever since Facebook banned the sale of masks and sanitizers, I have been very cautious with these words in my Facebook group. Thanks to Convosight’s Keyword Alerts, I’m notified whenever anybody uses these words in my community further which I delete them immediately. It also helps keep my community spam-free.”

4. Sapna Sengar, Admin of Brain and Physical Development Activities

sapna Senger

“Keyword Alerts feature is definitely time-saving for me. It has also helped reduce negativity in my groups as I track the posts daily and give warning to the members. Besides, I’m able to see any sort of medicine suggestions, spamming, abusive language, as and when they are used.”

5. Mohit  Mahajan, Admin of Plates2Miles 

Mohit Mahajan

“I’m instantly notified of the posts that require quick action or admin intervention. And that’s what I like about it. “

I’m incredibly pleased to share about the Keyword Alerts feature of Convosight with you all. And will be more than happy to know if it makes managing your Facebook group any easier.

So, SIGN UP now, try it out, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

You can also share your feedback in my group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins where thousands of Facebook group admins are talking about it and so much more about managing Facebook groups.🙂

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