Introducing Notification Preferences

Introducing Notification Preferences: Now Choose Where You Want Your Group Updates and How

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As you know, we’re continuously enhancing the Convosight platform and making it super-rich with features, we recently added:

The ability to choose the Facebook groups you’d like to be notified about on your desired channels (Email or WhatsApp). 

We call it ‘Notification Preferences’ and have listed it under Settings.

For us, member privacy and personalized user experience holds the topmost priority. Which is why we introduced this feature in addition to providing you daily updates of your Facebook group.

Follow these steps to receive notifications for your desired Facebook groups over your preferred social channel.👇🏻

1. Login to Convosight. On the homepage, you will see all your Facebook groups listed.

Step 1 for Notification Preferences

2. Click on your display picture that appears on the top right corner of the page and select ‘Settings’

Step 2

3. Your account details will appear.

How to add Preferences in Notification

Scroll down and at the bottom, you’ll see ‘Receive Notifications’. Make sure you toggle this button on (in case it is turned off) else you won’t be able to set/receive any notifications.

Receive Notification

4. Under receive notifications, you’ll see ‘Notification Preferences’. Click on the arrow alongside it.

step 4 on notification

5. Now, you need to select:

a. Where to receive the notifications or daily updates (either email or whatsapp or both)

Daily updates



  • By default, you’ll be subscribed to receive notifications for all Facebook groups on all channels.
  • To disable notifications for any channel, you need to toggle the button to the left.
  • In case you have not subscribed to either of the channels, you will see a subscribe button (as shown in the snapshot below).

Notification via whatsapp

b. Which Facebook groups to get notifications for

All your Facebook groups added to Convosight will appear here. You can choose to enable notifications for any or all of them by checking on the box that appears against each option.

where you need notification

Just reiterating: By default, the notifications will be enabled for all your Fb groups for both the channels.

You can uncheck the box for those groups you don’t want to receive notifications (on either email or whatsapp) for.

And, that’s it! You’re done.

You’ll now receive notifications for selected Facebook groups on your preferred social channels.

Let us know if you have any doubts about it or would like to share any feedback. We’re all ears!💛

Write to us in the comments below or in our Facebook group.🙌🏻

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