What's new on Convosight for March 2021

What’s New On Convosight For March 2021?

We at Convosight strive to ensure that your experience with the platform is smooth and hassle-free.🙌🏻

That said, we are constantly on our feet, making some amazing additions to the Convosight platform, fixing bugs, and adding enhancements.

Scroll down to know what we were up to this March to make your experience better than ever!

Feel free to reach out to us in case of any questions or suggestions. We’d be more than help to help! 😇

New Features 

1. Notification Preferences

Now you can choose for which groups you wish to receive notifications and on which channel (Email or Whatsapp).

Read more about this feature HERE

receive notification

New Convosight Feature

2. One-click Installation 
Now you can access your group dashboard immediately after install. No more waiting! ⌚


  1. We added a refreshed 404 error page. In case you get lost, we’ll make sure that you get a ride back home, to us. 👪
  2. We updated the website FAQs and modal screen with an improved explainer on ‘How to add Convosight’. 🍃
  3. Updated the website copy with our latest stats a.k.a achievement – ‘6000+ communities managing over 170M+ members on Convosight ‘ 🏆
  4. FASTER > FAST – Improved page speed for better community management experience💨
  5. Easier group installation with improved redirection from Facebook Apps page to Convosight Dashboard

Issues Fixed

  1. Fixed issue with scheduling image posts from Post publisher
  2. Fixed multiple copy and UI bugs in Keyword Alert reports
  3. Fixed an issue where in the Post Analytics tab the ‘View Post Link’ was not working
  4. Fixed errors in Whatsapp subscription
  5. Fixed issue with group analysis not getting completed
  6. Fixed issue of “Total Conversations” metric not getting updated in dashboard

What’s Next?

  1. Brand Campaign notifications on Whatsapp🔔
  2. Access conversation trends for all type of groups (not just Parenting)🥳

That’s about it.
Check them out today and let us know your thoughts!
Write to us in our Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins, where thousands of Facebook group admins are discussing this and so much more about managing communities.🙂

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