Facebook Features of January 2021

New Facebook Group Features Update: January 2021

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Hope 2021 is finding you in good spirits!🎊

As promised, we are back with our latest edition of Facebook group features, the first one for this year.

In this January 2021 sneak peek edition, I’m going to tell you about all the Facebook group features that have been doing the rounds.

  • 2 features that have empowered admins when it comes to group moderation
  • 2 amazing abilities added in Facebook live videos for maximum engagement
  • 1 exclusive feature to give admins the much-deserved recognition
  • 1 awesome feature (insights -related) for new Facebook groups

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into them!

P.S. In case you missed out our Facebook group features final sneak peek edition of 2020, you can check it out here.👇🏻

New Facebook group features update: December 2020

Facebook Features

Group MODERATION tightened⚠️

1. Share link of pending posts with admins/moderator

If you often find yourself wondering whether you should approve or decline a particular post, then this feature is no less than a blessing for you.

Now, you can easily share the link of any pending post with your co-admins/moderators for feedback before its approval.

Pending posts New Facebook Group Features January

One major advantage of this feature is that you don’t have to constantly take screenshots of the pending posts and share them with your team members. That means, no more back and forth!

An interesting use case of this feature:

You can share the link of these pending posts with your teammates who can reach out to the brands for further collaboration. This way you can work on other important stuff while your team members work on meaningful collaborations.

2. Edited posts need approval

All the admins who are tired and frustrated of members editing their posts after approval, this feature is all you’ve ever wanted!

You now get an ‘Approve Edits’ feature as part of the ‘Manage Discussion’ under group settings.

approve edits (1)

Turn it on, post which any edits made to the posts by members after approval will come to your attention.

In fact, you will have to approve the edits made by the members in their respective posts. Only after you do that, will the changes be reflected in the post.

So, no more violations of community standards by the members and a big relief for the admins!

New abilities in Facebook LIVE VIDEOS 📹

1. Schedule live videos and get notified of upcoming events

Live sessions are said to be one of the best engagement drivers in Facebook groups.

And the platform recently added two new abilities to it, which are:

schedule live video (1)

a. Schedule live video event

This ability lets you schedule an event a week in advance. You can choose to broadcast it on your timeline, page, or a Facebook group.

When you schedule a live video broadcast, you automatically create these two posts:

  • Announcement post of your upcoming live video broadcast in the group/page/ profile
  • Live video post that will be published automatically in the group/page/profile at the scheduled date and time

When you go live at the scheduled time, all those who applied for the event will be able to see you live.

b. Upcoming live video events

This serves as a reminder of your scheduled events of the future.

 Facebook group features released in January 2021

ADMINS get the much-deserved recognition😎

1. Group Affiliation feature

Admins are the backbone of Facebook groups. Right from building relationships with members to taking care of chaos and rare disturbances that occur, admins do it all.

But, without any recognition.

(Yes, members now look at the group badges that were introduced some time back to recognise the admins)

When a member wants to reach out to the admin to share something important or report something going on in the Facebook group, he/she goes to the member list to find out about them.

Hence, Facebook came up with the group affiliation feature that allows admin’s name to be highlighted under the Facebook group cover photo.

group affiliation a new Facebook Group Features January 2021

This makes it easier for the members to contact the admin, saving time going to the member list.

Group affiliation feature is available as part of the ‘Customize group’ section under settings.

Group Affiliation Posts

Insights for NEW Facebook groups🚀

1. Seen By feature

If you have created a new Facebook group and have less than 250 members, you will be able to see the ‘seen by’ feature under every post done in the group.

The ‘seen by’ number indicates the total number of people that have seen a particular post in your Facebook group.

Note: The seen by number does not necessarily mean that people who saw the post got a chance to read it carefully.

seen by feature

Important observations about the feature:

  • Anyone who’s able to see the group post can see this ‘seen by’ number. It is not restricted to admins or moderators
  • It is available for both public and private Facebook groups. However, a few years back it was available only in public groups

That’s it for this month’s edition.🙌🏻

Know Facebook group features released in January 2021

We’ll be back with more interesting features the next time. And I promise to share everything about the much-awaited Brand Collab feature next.

So, stay tuned!

Do share your insights or concerns, if any, in regard to these features.

Also, feel free to be a part of our Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins, where thousands of admins are discussing everything about growing, engaging, and monetising their communities.🙂


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6 thoughts on “New Facebook Group Features Update: January 2021”

  1. Oncle

    So, how come I suddenly can’t update the “about” for the group in any of the groups I manage?

    1. Simran Grover

      Most probably, it’s a glitch at Facebook’s end. Please report this and they shall look into it. Let me know if it works for you

  2. heathermares

    I created a school related group last month. I have maybe 30 members. The “seen by” feature is not working for me.

    1. Simran Grover

      Ideally, the ‘seen by’ feature should work if your group ha snot exceeded 250 members. Since you tell it doesn’t, suggest you to report this to Facebook.

  3. Toni Parker

    If you see a post from a group on your newsfeed, but don’t read it in the group, or you haven’t clicked the “Read more” link, so not seen the whole post, does it still mark that you have seen it?
    People are telling me I’ve seen posts from groups I haven’t read, but some have been in my newsfeed as I’ve been scrolling – so when I’ve told people I’ve not seen the posts, they’ve sent me a screenshot showing my name on the seen by list…

  4. Jan Mcrae

    My “seen by” says 23. When I hover, it shows me 20 names and then “and 3 more”. when I CLICK on “seen by”, the larger sized list shows 14 names???? how can I read all 23 names?

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