Facebook Group Features 2022

Latest Facebook Group Features 2022 (March & April)

We’re back with another update on the latest features released in communities aka Facebook groups.

In this edition of the Facebook group features 2022 sneak peek, you can expect:

✅Three exciting features that will increase Facebook group engagement

✅Three excellent abilities that improve navigation experience in communities

✅One new update in public Facebook groups

Without further ado, let’s dive right into them!

⚡Increase Facebook group engagement ⚡

1. Add intro message to welcome new members 

You can now set up an intro message to welcome new people to the group.

With this, you won’t have to type your welcome text each time you welcome new people to your community.

Facebook Group Features 2022

Just click on the get started button you see in the snapshot above.

You’ll land at this screen where you can go ahead and write your intro message. ‘

New Facebook Group Features March and pril 2022

Once you save it, new members will see it the first time they visit your Facebook group.

2. Encourage members to comment on group posts 

Remember seeing “Be the first to answer this question” written below any posts in the community?

Encourage members

This message appears automatically when you or any community member posted something, and it remains unanswered for the first few minutes.

The idea is to encourage members to participate in group discussions by interacting with posts.

When they see they even have the opportunity to be the first commentator, it increases the likelihood of them engaging.

3. Award member posts 

In addition to the ability to award member comments, Facebook now allows admins to award member posts as well.

You can see the ‘Award’ option below individual posts in your community.

Award member posts

Click on it, and you’ll be able to award member posts as helpful, uplifting, insightful, entertaining, and thoughtful.

When you reward member posts, they’ll not just feel acknowledged and appreciated but will also be motivated to post more in the community.

P.S. This feature is currently available in public Facebook groups only.

🙌🏻Improved Navigation 

1. The New ‘compose post’ button 

As you access your group on the Facebook app through mobile, you’ll see a pencil icon on the right side.

Improved Navigation in facebook feature

It’s a shortcut for the compose post section you see at the top of your Facebook group.

You can click on it and write a post whenever you wish to, and you don’t have to scroll to the top.

2. Choose what notification you’d like to see 

In an attempt to de-clutter and organize the notification bar for us community leaders, Facebook is trying out a new feature where they encourage you to suggest if a particular notification is relevant for you.

Facebook Group Features - March & April 2022

When you answer, Facebook knows what notifications are essential for you. Hence, they’ll prioritize them and show those notifications only next time onwards.

3. Updated UI for desktop 

Facebook has recently updated the interface for communities for laptop/desktop users, and here’s what it looks like –

Updated UI for desktop

For those of you who’re not sure of what’s changed, let me tell you:

  1. The Facebook group cover photo now appears on the left-hand side
  2. The overview section has vanished

This is slightly complicated as compared to the older version that had a much cleaner UI and one could look through all options quickly.

Facebook Group Features - March & April 2022


Let’s wait and see if Facebook brings out any other updates to the desktop version. 

🚀 Updates in Public Facebook groups 

1. Change public Facebook groups to private 

Now you can change your public Facebook group to private, no matter the group size.

Facebook Group Features April 2022

However, earlier, you could only convert public FB groups to private with less than 5,000 members.

If you’d like to learn about the new public groups experience, please check out this blog.

Facebook’s New Public Groups Experience – Everything you need to know 

That’s all about the latest Facebook group features 2022, released in March and April.🙌🏻

Please don’t worry if you don’t see them in your Facebook groups just yet. Facebook will roll them out sooner or later.

Till then, please make the most of the existing features and tell me in the comments below which new feature you liked the most!

You can also share your thoughts in our Facebook group, where thousands of Facebook group admins discuss this and more about growing, engaging, and monetizing their Facebook groups.🙂

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