How Are Women Using Facebook Groups To Create An Identity & Scale Their Impact?

How Are Women Using Facebook Groups To Create An Identity & Scale Their Impact?

Melinda Gates rightly said – “A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”

This International Women’s Day, we’re super stoked to honor and celebrate 20 incredibly strong women community leaders across the globe who dared to step up, create an identity for themselves, and chose to make a difference in the lives of thousands of others.⚡


Each of these women superheroes used Facebook groups as a tool to voice their concern, share their experiences, and ultimately create change. 🙌🏻

NOTE – The list below is alphabetically arranged and is devoid of any ranking whatsoever. 

Arden Joy Austin

💡Arden is on a mission to make travel sustainable and empowering for women. To know everything about her and what she’s been up to, check out her Admin Bio.

In 2011, Arden created a Facebook group named ‘Girls Who Travel’ to bring together all women who love to travel and empower them with the knowledge to travel educated and safely.

In 2020, she renamed it to ‘Her Adventures‘ to suit the changing needs of 81,000 women, radically redefining travel and making it inclusive, sustainable, and empowering.

“Through the power of community and a team of 40 global volunteers, we have created an extensive network of resources that help women regardless of things like money, race, orientation, identity, or passport power experience the magic of exploring and learning about the world,” says Arden.

From organizing local tours, safety courses, getting expert speakers on board, and hosting local meetups, ‘Her Adventures’ is leaving no stone unturned to support women travelers. They cater to their needs, ensuring that travel is transformed from something for a privileged few to something for everyone.

Facebook acknowledged Arden and her team’s fantastic work and offered them a grant as part of their Community Accelerator Program 2021.

Dawn Cook

💡Dawn’s passion to support fellow pilots is deeply admirable. You can know more about her and what she’s been up to by going through her Admin Bio.

Dawn Cook is a professional pilot with over 20 years of professional experience and co-founder of the Facebook group – Female Aviators Sticking Together (FAST).

Started out of the need of three female pilots who were seeking support for their concerns related to flying, FAST is an incredibly unique community that connects over 13,000 female aviators from around the world.

Dawn and her teammates take immense pride in elevating, encouraging, and empowering female pilots from all walks of life – be it young girls or retired pilots. “We offer tailored scholarships and opportunities for young women to get started in flying with Discovery Flights,” tells Dawn.

She further adds, “It’s been a challenge at times, but those hurdles/barriers have also created a deeper resilience and passion in me to be my best and be an example of what’s possible for young women.”

Delilah Marshall

💡Delilah is determined to create change for the greater good of the Black community. Know what she’s been up to, all her noteworthy achievements, and everything else in her Admin Bio.

Do you know Black women are twice as likely to experience depression than men? However, they are half as likely to seek mental health support, owing to the racial disparities and social stigma around it.

Frustrated with this, many trailblazers came forward, and Delilah Marshall is one of them.

She created the Facebook group Black Girl’s Healing House that helps connect Black women with wellness. In this safe space, Black women share stories of their experiences and seek support from other women who’ve been in the same boat.

Sadly enough, Delilah herself struggled with mental health issues and childhood trauma. She says, “My shadows started to bleed over into my adult life, and I struggled to find something to ‘fix’ me. Then the vision to start this online community came to me.”

Presently, she’s impacting the lives of over 64,000 Black women by:

  • Hosting spaces that fundamentally shift and challenge their relationship with wellness, mental health, and spirituality
  • Help them connect with the most sought-after Black female healers, therapists, herbalists, reiki healers, astrologists, life coaches, and doulas
  • Enable them with self-healing tools like raw crystals, sage, herbs charms, oils, and candles

Admin Bio

Ella Lambert

💡Ella’s a powerhouse who’s committed to eradicate poverty. Learn about all her communities and the work she’s doing by going through her Admin Bio.

This 22-year old British student is on a mission to spread empathy and create a kinder and more sustainable world.

How? For starters, she’s working tirelessly day in and day out to eradicate period poverty and enable easy access to menstrual hygiene products to women and girls who’re deprived of it and have to halt their lives during their period.

During the first national lockdown, Ella learnt how to stitch reusable sanitary napkins via YouTube, launched her Facebook group – The Pachamama Project, and grew a global network of volunteers.

Ella and her team of 1,000 volunteers spread across nine countries have prepared 50,000 reusable sanitary pads and distributed them to 5,000 women in six countries to date.

Additionally, she runs a non-profit organization in Afghanistan to help provide food parcels to all those living in extreme poverty. “My friend Sedighe and I have raised £4000 for families in Afghanistan and have been able to support 26 families with monthly food parcels since August 2021,” tells Ella.

Hannah Hollander

💡Hannah is ensuring people walk about of abusive relationships and get all the emotional support they need. Learn more about her through her Admin Bio. 

Hannah Hollander is one of the strongest, most courageous, and remarkable women I’ve learned about. From being a victim of domestic violence to muffing up the courage to speak up against it to helping others leave abusive relationships, Hannah’s journey is no less than an inspiration.

She created her Facebook group – Speak Your Truth Today – after receiving an overwhelming response on a personal post she did on her 24th birthday three years back. In that post, Hannah shared her experience to bring awareness to domestic violence against women.

She wanted to share all the encouragement and resources (self-care tips, books, counselling service etc.) with those suffering/ recovering from abuse.

Today, her group is a safe haven for over 18,000 adults who are on their journeys out of abusive relationships. “We have been able to help about three people leave abusive relationships every single week since we began in 2019,” says Hannah.

She further adds, “Our goal is to become an essential resource for domestic violence nonprofits nationwide so that survivors everywhere can access the education, resources, and emotional support they need so that they never feel alone again.”

Jessica Ruidiaz

💡Jessica wants to improve the care infrastructure of grief and prevent perinatal deaths. Know more about her in her  Admin Bio.

Perinatal loss is a profound experience, and no one can imagine the pain and hopelessness except for the families (especially mothers) who go through it.

Due to unfortunate circumstances in April 2007, Jessica Ruidiaz lost her first daughter Sofia at two months old.

She had no outlet to express her emotions, process grief, or seek any professional help to overcome her loss. She had to become her own superhero and pledged to become one for others who experienced the same.

Today, Jessica’s Facebook group – Era En Abril (the first-ever in Latin America) – provides the much-needed support to over 27,000 people worldwide who’ve lost their babies during pregnancy, childbirth, or after birth.

Additionally, Jessica’s been a part of various research and International conferences to improve the care infrastructure for grief and prevent perinatal death.

Karen Marie Johnston

💡Karen is on a mission to help people walk on their self-love journey. You can know more about her in her Admin Bio.

Karen’s journey towards self-love and self-care started after she hit an emotional rock-bottom and found herself in the hospital bed for a stress-related illness.

Thereafter, she committed to supporting, encouraging, and comforting herself every day, no matter what. “I took a year out, and I retrained to be a yoga teacher for addiction and mental health, and a coach working specifically with women who were high-achieving but who still have a relentless inner critic,” tells Karen.

Her passion for helping others walk on the self-love journey led her to start her Facebook group. It’s a safe haven that provides inspiration and support to over 2,300 women who are recovering from addiction, alcoholism, any trauma, grief, codependency or mental health issues.

How? By organizing self-love retreats (both online and offline), online workshops, coaching programs, and hosting intensive 1:1 sessions.

“We combine a unique blend of personal development and holistic healing, movement and self-love practices to ensure that lasting change can take place,” says Karen.

8 1

💡Lucretia is ensuring access of all kinds of facilities for the marginalized community. You can check out her Admin Bio to know more about her.

Lucretia Splinters firmly believes ‘be the change you wish to see in the world,’ and she’s working hard towards it every single day.

Founder of a nonprofit organization called See The Change, Lucretia does everything in her capacity that’s focused on community development, women empowerment, and youth upliftment.

She started a discussion forum named ‘The Official Ocean View/Slangkop Group’ on Facebook for the historically marginalized community in the South Point Area of South Africa and has been successfully leading it.

To date, she has managed to create awareness and host activities for over 3,700 people of this community around environment, healthcare, government notices, public transport, security and skills development, to name a few.

Admin Bio

Lyvia Cardoza

Moms of Mangalore is a nationally recognized nonprofit support group that connects over 38,000 women of the Mangalore region in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Lyvia started this group five years ago (when she became a mom) to connect with fellow moms. Today, it’s backed by experts across a variety of fields such as doctors, counsellors, child psychologists, social workers.

And they have helped drive social initiatives in different parts of Mangalore successfully, like cancer awareness drives, menstrual hygiene and sanitary pads distribution campaigns, books and toys donation fests, and food distribution during the pandemic.

“Recently, we did a walkathon and raised 1.10 lakhs for cancer patients. After that, we had a charity boutique drive and collected over 2,000 clothes for the poor children. Next, we’ll have a beach clean up drive on account of women’s day,” tells Lyvia.

Maame Dentaa Amoo

💡Maame is working hard to empower Black females of African descent across Germany and other areas. Learn more about her through her Admin Bio.

With a vision to empower and enable Black women of African descent in Germany and other Dutch-speaking areas in Europe like Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands to achieve their socio-economic goals, Maame Dentaa Amoo created this Facebook group four years ago.

It’s a close-knit community where women share their life struggles and successes and seek/offer suggestions on parenting, career, education, business, relationships, mental health, and personal development.

“We provide over 5.5K women with the resources, tools and skills they need to prosper and succeed,” says Maame.

She further adds, “Over 300 members felt inspired to start language courses and apprenticeships between 2019 and 2021. More than 2,580 members have called on our helpline to receive help and information on matters such as domestic violence, human rights issues, child welfare related issues and Immigration and legal issues etc. In addition to this, 100 members have completed our free online language course. Not to mention that many have been able to take away life-changing information from our social media platforms.”

Maame’s efforts were rewarded by Facebook as she received a grant as part of the Facebook Community Accelerator Program 2021.

Melanie Brummer,

💡Melanie’s is deeply concerned about textile waste and its consequences for the planet. You can learn more about her in her Admin Bio.

Since more than 10% of the world’s waste originates within the textile industry, Melanie Brummer took it upon herself to raise awareness about textile waste and shift people’s behavior on textile use.

Truth be told, she’s been pretty successful at doing this and has managed to inspire behavioral change for around 203,600 members across 86 Facebook groups.

Her largest community is the ‘Up-Cycled Cloth Collective’ with over 98,000 highly engaged members. “We invite members in to relax with us and be inspired by the endless ideas that we share in a friendly way. Our community is focused on co-creating friendly learning experiences for up-cycled textile enthusiasts around the world,” says Melanie.

She further adds, “The planet as we know and love it is in trouble, and I want to believe I have done what I can to slow the tide of waste we are drowning in.”

Missy Coolascanbe

💡Missy is focused on creating a positive impact on parents. Know how she is doing it and everything else about her by visiting her Admin Bio.

Missy started this Facebook group in 2019 to connect parents (moms, soon to be moms, stepparents, and other intricate roles) across the spectrum.

In this safe and trusted space, they can be themselves, share their wins and failures, talk about processes, discuss unique issues, and everything else that will help them become better and raise their kids even better.

To date, she has managed to positively impact the lives of 3,300 parents who engage rather meaningfully.

Nafisa Rahimi

💡Nafisa’s contributions to Muslim Mamas are praiseworthy. You can know about her and all that she’s been up to in her  Admin Bio.

With a mission to help Muslim mothers raise their kids safely and help them navigate through the tough waters of motherhood, Nargis Jahan-Uddin started this Facebook group in 2011, and Nafisa Rahimi joined as Co-founder a few years later, kickstarting their corporate journey.

Muslim mamas is a welcoming and non-judgmental space that connects around 25,000 Muslim moms out there who’re struggling through their babies’ malodourous nappies, teething pains, and runny noses. They can come forward, seek suggestions, and share their words of wisdom on issues relating to motherhood.

But, that’s not at all. Their impact ranges across 2.5 lakh members on all their social channels. From participating in UK government campaigns to launching new businesses to hosting fundraisers for multiple social causes, they do it all.

To date, they have raised around $60,000 for charitable causes. Their recent emergency fundraiser of $3,200 helped vulnerable moms who were stranded during the lockdown and were struggling for food and shelter.

The Muslim Mamas network connects Other Muslim Mamas communities revolve around food, fitness, books, lifestyle, matrimonials, to name a few.

Muslim Mamas even made it to the Facebook Accelerator Program 2021.

Admin Bio

Nicholette Sowder

💡Nicholette’s concept of wildschooling has brough about a global movement. You can learn all about Nicholette and her work in her Admin Bio.

Wildschooling came into existence when Nicholette and her husband realized that their idea of education for their pre-school age daughter was out of the box and deeply rooted with nature.

They went on to pursue it and experienced a significant transformation and wanted to share with others their deep familial bonds with Mother Nature.

Today, wildschooling is not merely a community or a schooling framework. It’s a global movement and over 500,000 diverse people from all over the world (of which 88,000 members are a part of her FB group) ardently support it.

The incredible community of Wildschooling is a space for families, caregivers, and educators to ask questions, share their thoughts, resources, and inspiration, and are dedicated to ensuring kids have a joyful, holistic, and nature-rich childhood.

Facebook even appreciated Nicholette’s inspirational work, and she received a grant to strengthen her community efforts as part of the Facebook Community Accelerator Program 2021.

Priti Rathi Gupta

💡Priti has created a business out of her online community and managed to make her mark in a male-dominated world. To know everything about Priti, check out her Admin Bio.

Whether you are starting your financial planning journey or are already on it, Being LXME is the community you need!

In this women-only private Facebook group, you talk about money, abashed! Voice your thoughts, ask questions, learn from experts, and make informed decisions to make investments. Here women ask questions without the fear of judgment and learn together through expert sessions, boot camps, webinars, meetups, modules, and so much more.

Priti Rathi Gupta started this community a year ago. Today, she’s managed to help over 22,000 women gain all the financial knowledge they need to begin investing better and achieve their money goals.

In addition to this close-knit community on Facebook, Priti has built an entire business off it and the users of the Being LXME app have been increasing every day on both ios and Android devices.

Priti has certainly taken Being LXME, the one of a kind and the first-ever women financial planning venture, to great heights.

Riddhi Doshi

💡Riddhi is a Child Psychologist, Counsellor, TEDx Speaker and founder of Laja who’s working relentlessly to empower women in all aspects. To know more about Riddhi, check out her Admin Bio.

Laja, founded by Riddhi Doshi Patel in 2015, is India’s first forum for women that empowers them socially, emotionally, and economically.

Riddhi, along with her team of 21 compassionate and dedicated professionals, has been working incredibly hard to transform the lives of women who’ve been a victim of domestic abuse or those suffering from severe mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic disorder and substance abuse.

“There were times when women would open about being beaten up and how they needed help. And the very next day, Laja’s team rescued them, made sure they reached a safe place,” tells Riddhi.

As Laja’s tagline says, Behind a veil, there’s a strong woman’, the forum certainly brings that out. It works holistically on women empowerment.

You can read this blog to learn all about Laja and how Riddhi started it👇🏻

This Child Psychologist’s attempt at giving a voice to domestic violence and empowering women will leave you inspired

Sarika Pramod Dhane

💡Sarika is encouraging, educating, and empowering Marathi women from all over the world. Learn more about Sarika by going through her Admin Bio.

Tired of feeling stuck and facing personal household challenges in her life alone, Sarika started LMK, a women-exclusive vernacular Facebook group in 2015.

It’s a space that stands by its unique name – Lek meaning daughter, Mehercha meaning parents’ home, and Katta means a platform to discuss. Today, over 320,000 Marathi women discuss their issues with an open mind and seek favorable solutions.

With her team of moderators, Sarika is leaving no stone unturned to educate, encourage, and empower women and help them become mentally, physically, and financially strong. She does it through different cultural activities, skill competitions, domestic trips and get-togethers, free health consultation, business/personality development seminars, and more initiatives.

Her increasing list of awards and accolades and growing recognition are evidence of her work.

Share Moore

💡Sharae is leaving no stone unturned to put women to the truck driver’s seat. Know everything about Sharae and her work by going through her Admin Bio.

She Trucking is a one of a kind Facebook group and a nonprofit organization that connects women truck drivers. It empowers them in trucking by providing them education, mentorship, and training.

“With S.H.E. Trucking, you will be a part of everlasting relationships, along with a united bond of sisterly trucking love for miles and miles,” says Share.

To date, they have enabled around 30,000 women to get into the truck driver’s seat, sharing with them the safest practices of the trucking industry.

Additionally, Share Moore takes pride in launching She Trucking Apparel, the first-ever clothing brand for professional women truck drivers.

Admin Bio

Suruchi Chopra Bhargava

💡Suruchi is helping mums navigate through pregnancy and parenting. To learn more about Suruchi and her work, you can visit her Admin Bio.

Initially, Suruchi was a member of this community. She started participating in group discussions and supporting fellow moms while pregnant for the third time. It was a very high-risk pregnancy, and Suruchi found herself stressed and overwhelmed.

However, she liked sharing her experiences with other members and supporting them in any way.

Soon after, she became an admin of the community and gave her heart and soul to make the community a safe zone for moms.

“We also shared birth stories so that new moms could get confidence. As the group got older, it went from a pregnancy support group to a moms support group for moms across all age groups. Today, we are 19,000 strong and growing,” smiles Suruchi.

Tina Nafice

💡Tina is ensuring women get access to free and healthy workouts. To learn more about Tina and what she’s been up to, you can visit her Admin Bio.

Healthy Female Fitness is not ‘just another fitness’ community on Facebook. It’s a tribe of 11,500 inspiring and supportive women who encourage others to thrive and become better versions of themselves.

Tina started this Facebook group with the sole purpose of enabling every woman access to free and healthy workouts. But HFF is so much more than that. It’s also about mental health, staying fit via long walks, meditation, yoga, and most of all, loving and accepting yourself.

“We practice what we preach, we are open and honest to our members and have reviewed lots of products and programs along the way,” says Tina.

Wow! These women are doing a fabulous job, and their stories are super inspiring, aren’t they?💜

Go ahead and tell me in the comments below which of these admin stories you liked the most!

If you too share a similar story or know someone who does, please feel free to share it with us in our Facebook group of power admins. We’re all ears! 🙂

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