How to welcome New Member to a facebook group

How To Welcome New Members To A Facebook Group? 

People join a Facebook group because they’re either passionate about a particular topic or looking to solve a problem.

Whatsoever the intent, as a Facebook group admin, you should make it a practice to welcome new members at least once every week, and make them feel acknowledged.

In this article, I’ve shared with you the best ways on how to welcome new members to a Facebook group. 

Let’s dive right into them!

Best Ways to Welcome New Members to a Facebook group

1. Create a welcome post 

This is a no-brainer and the first thing to do when asked how to welcome new members in Facebook group.

It’s a great way to make new members feel a part of the community, and at the same time, convey your group’s purpose, guidelines, and other essential details.

You can easily create a welcome post for all recent members who joined your Facebook group in the last seven days. To know the steps on how to create a welcome post in a Facebook group, please refer to this blog.👇🏻

How to create a welcome post on a Facebook group?

Here’s sharing with you a list of things to keep in mind when creating your welcome post:

a. Use visuals in your welcome post
Images work best and tend to draw the attention of not just newbies but also everyone else.

b. Do include a CTA
A CTA or call to action in your welcome post will guide new members to take the next step.
For instance, in our welcome post, we ask new members to introduce themselves by telling us about the community they are building, any problem we can help solve, and if they have prepared their Admin Bio yet.

welcome new members to a Facebook group

c. Convey all important information
You can use the comments section or visuals to convey important details like your community values, guidelines, things to expect/important discussions/theme days happening in the community.

How do you welcome new members in a group?


2. Encourage existing members to welcome new members 

This will boost your welcome post. When new members see veteran community members welcoming them, they feel more valued and appreciated, hence are more likely to engage with the post.

3. Encourage your team to introduce themselves 

Onboard your team when welcoming new members. Ask them to introduce themselves in the welcome post and tell them about their community roles and responsibilities. This way, new members instantly know who manages what in the team, and can easily reach out to respective people in case of any queries.

4. Initiate discussions and foster member to member connections 

After you’ve successfully greeted the newbies, it’s time to foster meaningful connections among all community members. You can do that by initiating discussions in the community, tagging relevant members to participate in those conversations, or asking active members to do the same. Do thank them for their support in helping you make your community a welcoming space.

That’s all you need to know about welcoming new members to your online community. It’s indeed a great way to increase your Facebook group engagement.

Go ahead and share any other practices you follow or have worked for you while welcoming new community members, in the comments below.

You can also write to me in our Facebook group, where thousands of power admins are constantly discussing this and so much more about how to grow, engage, and monetize their communities.🙂

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