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Let’s Hear It Directly From The GROUP ADMINS…

  • by Simran Grover
  • April 30, 2020

1. Praveen Ganesh

Facebook Groups: Tamil Doctor (over 465K members) , Free Doctor (over 63K members), Country Medicine Siddha Medicine (over 677K members), Country Medicine (over 55K members)

Praveen Convosight Happy User

2. Adit Kohli

Facebook Groups: Delhi Foodiez (over 33K members), HealthyDFoodiez (over 1.4K members)

Adit- Convosight User

3. Akansha

Facebook Groups: Parenting Mom Style (over 36K members), Women’s Health and Fitness Tips (over 65K members)

Akanksha- Convosight

4. Vanitha

Facebook Group: Rocking Ladies (over 3.5K members)

Vanitha- Convosight

5. Neha

Facebook Group: Indian WomenEra (over 4K members)

Neha- Convosight

6. Sapna

Facebook Group: Strong Moms (over 6.8K members)

Sapa- Convosight user

There are over 2500 such community admins who use Convosight to manage their online communities better. In fact, most of them monetize and sustain their communities through meaningful partnerships. If you would like to partner and monetize your community, please fill this FORM.

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