Community Manager Appreciation Day 2023

Community Manager Appreciation Day – January 22, 2024

Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day, y’all! 🎉

The day is finally here when community managers across the globe are acknowledged for their hard work, dedication and determination.

It’s time to extend your gratitude and show these important people how much they’re appreciated and valued. (Today and every other day!)

Being a community manager certainly isn’t easy – endless monitoring, tons of notifications, hundreds of conversations, new content creation, collaboration, and so much more.

It’s rather exhausting and can get overwhelming.

The saying “Social media never sleeps and neither do community managers” is very appropriate.

Hence, all the more necessary to value the effort these guys put in their communities, day in and day out.

At Convosight, we’re committed to helping community managers grow, nurture, and monetize their communities. By building their arsenal with the most relevant tool set and features, we’re easing the process of community management for them and even helping them connect with brands and successfully execute community marketing campaigns.

We aim to empower them to become community entrepreneurs.✨

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Why do Facebook power admins love Convosight?

With over 800M members across 100K Facebook groups in our network and having built and scaled communities ourselves, we know the day-to-day grind that community managers go through.

Celebrating Community Manager Appreciation Day CMAD 2023

We recently asked the admins in our community about the one thing they feel they’re unappreciated for, as a community manager.

Community Manager Appreciation Day

And, here are a few responses:

What is Community Manager Appreciation Day

What are main duties of Community Manager in Facebook Group

What Community Manager Do


That’s exactly why we wanted to take this opportunity to give a shoutout to all the community managers out there, shed some love, highlight what they do, and look deeper into community management’s history so that more people can appreciate our beloved community leaders.

So, let’s dive right in!

What are the responsibilities of a Community Manager?

A community manager is someone who builds, manages and creates online communities around a cause, pain point, interest, or a brand across channels like Facebook groups, WhatsApp, Reddit, Discord, Telegram to name a few.

Sadly, some people confuse community managers with social media managers (and vice versa). Though there are some similarities, community managers have a more specific scope and different objectives.

Community Managers are the lifeblood of communities because, without them, a community will go nowhere.

Here are some of the day-to-day responsibilities of a Community Manager:

  • Creating a positive and welcoming environment inside the community
  • Approving new members and rejecting troll accounts
  • Organizing activities and events inside the community (webinars, live meetups, fireside chats, giveaways, etc.)
  • Responding to inquiries and comments from community members
  • Collaborating with other communities, key opinion leaders, and influencers to create engaging content for members
  • Monitoring online community sentiments and reviews through analytics
  • Promoting a brand’s relevant promos, new product launches, and executing purpose-led marketing campaigns

A community manager does all these and more. It’s a role that requires skills, commitment, dedication, and a genuine desire and enthusiasm to serve others.

How did Community Manager Appreciation Day come into being?

Jeremiah Owyang, a Technology Industry Analyst, originally introduced the concept of community manager appreciation day in 2010 to celebrate community managers all over the world and highlight how they’re the backbone of an active community.

Now, it’s celebrated on the fourth Monday of January every year.

Community Manager Appreciation Day 2023

How to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day?

Those who spend a lot of time online or whose businesses or work involve an online community should take a special interest in observing Community Manager Appreciation Day.

You can get started with some of these ideas to mark the occasion:

  • Say “thank you” to a Community Manager

The easiest way to begin enjoying Community Manager Appreciation Day is by saying thank you to your favourite community manager who keeps the community thriving.

It can be a community manager of your own community or a fellow community manager.

Thank them by making a post on social media, tagging them in a comment, mentioning them in a blog, or sending a short email or whatsapp message to tell them how grateful and inspired you are for all that they do.

  • Host a Community Manager Appreciation Day Event

What better way to celebrate community managers than by dedicating an event just for them? It shows how much you value their contributions.

Whether it’s an in-person meet-up in your city or a virtual coffee chat with other community managers, fostering meaningful connections with them is undoubtedly worth the opportunity.

Throughout January, there are usually events, webinars, and other talks and content, dedicated to the world of digital marketing and focused mainly on the figure of the community manager.

If you are leaning toward building a career in community management or you already are an established community manager, take advantage of this month to catch up with new trends and tag your experiences with the hashtag #CMAD in our community of power admins.

It brings together thousands of community managers across the globe who’re constantly sharing their success stories, getting inspired by one another and constantly seeking suggestions and sharing recommendations about community management with one another. 🙂

Let’s celebrate Community Managers everyday! 🌟

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