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5 Amazing Ways Convosight Can Help Scale Your Facebook Group In No Time!

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Our platform tools have helped 3200+ Facebook group owners already to grow, engage, and monetise their communities effectively.

While our monetisation experts handpick some of the best purpose led marketing campaigns, we’ll help you understand how to use Convosight and get the maximum benefit out of it.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it.

NOTE: If you’d like to see a walkthrough of Convosight’s powerful features, we highly recommend you to check out these videos.

  1. Measure the performance of your community’s posts 
  2. Increase engagement by creating content on what your members are talking about
  3. Using our phenomenal post scheduler to boost post engagement 
  4. Getting rid of SPAM from your community

1. Not sure of your community’s health? Find out today!

The most important step in building your community is to understand its health.

So, check this out by looking at the summary metrics on Convosight’s dashboard and see how your community is doing.

community’s health

It tells about: 

  1. The total number of posts for the month of August
  2. The total number of comments received (or conversations happened) on these posts
  3. Engagement Rate which is the average number of actions (posts, reactions, and comments) taken by a member over one month
  4. Activity Rate which is the average number of comments and reactions on a post over one month

P.S. If you want to know more about any of the above-mentioned metrics, feel free to check out our blog post Top metrics I use to understand the health of my community.

As you scroll down further, you get to know all about:

  1. The % distribution of each post type in your community 
  2. The % engagement each post type attracted
  3. The average number of comments on posts across different weeks
  4. Member growth

community health by convosight tool

These two snapshots are sufficient to show the quality and value your community is creating for its members.

2. Increase your community’s engagement by at least 100%

Thanks to our Conversation Trends feature that tells you what your group members are talking about and their top issues and recommendations.

conversation trends gif updated

You can further use this information to create posts on the topics your members care about. And when you do that, your members are more likely to engage.

If you wish to know how you can create new posts by referring to your members’ previous conversations, check out this blog post on How to come up with more than 5 highly engaging content ideas in less than 5 minutes.

3. Showcase brands the power of doing a single post in your community

The Post Trends feature helps track engagement on each of your posts (categorised as image, video, and plain text posts) and identify the top performing posts of your group.

This is possible as Convosight gives each post an activity score basis the total comments and reactions on it.

activity score updated

Now, when you look at the activity score of any particular post and compare it with the activity rate (i.e. the average activity score across all posts), you’ll know the power of that post. 

For instance, let’s take the first video post in the image above. Its activity score is 4996. When I compare it to the activity rate, i.e. 135 (the one I talked about in the first point, i.e. community health), I can say that this video post attracted 37x higher than average engagement. 

For more details on showcasing the power of your community’s posts, check out our blog Why should brands partner with your Facebook group? Secret Revealed Inside!.

4. Schedule and Publish your posts to multiple Facebook groups at once

Unlike any other community management platform, Convosight proudly boasts of its Schedule Posts feature, which is the most powerful scheduler built for any Facebook group ever. 

It allows you to schedule and publish posts to multiple Facebook groups at once. 

And to ensure maximum engagement, Convosight analyses your group every single day, thereafter suggesting you:

  • The most engaging times to post

Suggested Time by Convosight

  • The content format to post, i.e. images, videos, text etc. 

content format to post

  • Content suggestions like optimum length of posts, tone, category, and emotion

optimum length suggestion by convosight

Next to the Schedule Posts feature, you’ll come across the Post Analytics feature that tells you how a post did in comparison to the other posts.

It lists down all the posts you scheduled and published on your group through Convosight along with the activity score of each one. Furthermore, it tells you about the number of suggestions met for that post and how it performed.

post analytics updated

Now imagine, when you have this level of detailed information about your group and you use it smartly, how your engagement shall skyrocket!

And, when you have higher engagement, your members are definitely going to increase. 🙂

P.S. If you’re looking for ways to increase engagement in your group, do check out our blog 21 actionable tactics to keep your Facebook group active and engaged. Each of the strategies mentioned is handpicked by one of our co-founders, Tamanna Dhamija who herself has over 5 years experience in managing 1.5 million+ member communities (engagement 1300% strong).

5. Always stay on top of SPAM

Use the Urgent Alerts feature and get notified immediately whenever someone posts any spam in your group.

Since the platform analyses the conversation of group members, it is able to pick the words you mark as spam for your group. And, when any of those are used, you instantly receive a notification.

Not just this, you can even take action on that post from Convosight’s dashboard.


How are other group admins using Convosight? 

After walking you through the features of Convosight, we’d love to share with you the first hand experiences of some amazing Facebook group admins below.

You’ll come across their thoughts about the platform and the ways they are using it to scale their respective groups.

1. Akansha Bansal, Admin of Parenting Mom Style, tells about Schedule Posts feature

Akansha Bansal

“I have always looked at the best times and days to post in my group. Earlier, I got this data from Facebook insights but the data seemed hard to comprehend.

However, Convosight has taken my community game a level up. It not only recommends me the best days and times according to my audience’s engagement but also helps me schedule the content.”

2. Vanitha, Admin of Rocking Ladies tells about Schedule Posts feature


“I’ve been using Convosight for quite some time now and I really like using the ‘schedule post’ feature; it’s good. For tracking engagement across different activities in the group, I can do it easily on Convosight.

Besides, I’m also able to see what is being discussed in the group and I post accordingly which helps increase engagement.

3. Praveen Ganesh, Admin of Tamil Doctor tells about Urgent Alerts and Post Analytics feature

Praveen Ganesh

I have used almost every feature on Convosight. The post analytics feature is very important for monitoring my posts. The schedule post option is great as I can easily schedule my post on the best times for increased engagement.

Besides, there is also the option of publishing a particular post in multiple groups at once and I used that too. It provided easy access to all groups, its members and everything else. Additionally, I can easily figure out what are the spams, abusive words, and controversial things. This feature helps me to protect my group and enhance its quality. Lastly, I would say, this tool is 100% helpful and efficient for all Facebook marketers and small businesses.”

You can check out more such admin testimonials here.

If at any time you have any doubts about any of our features or just want to talk to us and give us feedback or meet other community admins who are using Convosight, just join our Facebook community where we love to discuss all about Facebook group’s growth and monetisation strategies.

We are really happy to have you here with us and hope that this relationship is a long one! 🙂💫

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