What Happens When You Pause A Facebook Group?

What Happens When You Pause A Facebook Group?

Longing for a well-deserved time off to finally take that dream vacation or have some other commitment that you can’t leave unattended?

Or you simply wish to take a break because life’s gotten overwhelming lately?

No matter how tempting it might sound, your community’s still been at the top of your mind and you don’t wish to leave your Facebook group members’ requests and posts hanging, isn’t it?

If it sounds like you, then Facebook’s ‘Pause group’ feature is what you should count on.

It’s certainly a great feature that allows you to slow down, take time off your Facebook group, rejuvenate, and pick up things exactly from where you left them off.

In this blog, we have explained in detail – what happens when you pause a Facebook group and the step-wise process to do it. 

But before that, let’s have a clear understanding of:

What does it mean to Pause a Group on Facebook?

Pausing a Facebook group is a great way for Facebook group admins to temporarily suspend a group’s activities and restrict members from participating in the group.

This feature comes handy whenever you need to cater to a personal commitment or simply wish to slow things down for sometime and take a break from the daily hustle.

After all, managing a community is no simple task, man! 

It is crucial to know that pausing a Facebook group is very different from deleting it.

When you pause a Facebook group, you limit and restrict its access for the members for a few hours, days, weeks, post which you can resume easily.

On the other hand, deleting a Facebook group means you’re choosing to finish or get rid of a community you built, forever.

How To Get Detailed Insights of Facebook Group

What happens when you pause a group on Facebook?

When you pause a Facebook group, the members will not be able to do any new posts or comment on existing posts. However, they would still very much be a part of the group and can view old posts and discussion threads.

Additionally, all of the group’s notifications will be turned off.

It’s important to note that when you pause a Facebook group, you can still respond to any existing posts or messages. This means you can remain active in the group if you want and address any issues.

Facebook reminds you 12 hours before your scheduled date of pausing the group, and that’s when you can modify things as desired.

How to Pause a Facebook group?

1. From the options given on the left hand side of your Facebook newsfeed, head to the group that you’d like to pause.

Steps to pause a facebook group?

2. Click on the three dots you see on the top and select ‘pause group.’

Pause Group Option on Facebook

3. Enter your reason to pause the group. Facebook will suggest some of the reasons to choose from. Once done, hit ‘Continue’.

 ‘Pause Group’ Feature

4.  Additionally, you can add a custom announcement stating your reason for pausing the group. It will be reflected on the top of your Facebook group for members to see.

Pause a Facebook group means.

5. Go ahead and set a resume date and time. Hit ‘pause group’ and your group will be paused.

How to set time to pause a Facebook group

Note – Facebook will automatically resume your Facebook group at the scheduled date and time unless you change it to a later date. They would also give you an intimation 12 hours before doing so.

what does it mean to pause a group on Facebook


By now, you must be clear about what does it mean to pause a group on Facebook and how you can do it.

So, go ahead and make the most of it, whenever you feel like.

In case you have any queries or would like to take this discussion forward, you can either drop your comments below or be a part of our community of power admins – Growth and Monetisation for Facebook group admins, where admins of your like are constantly discussing this and so much more. 🙂

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