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New Facebook Group Features 2022 (May And June)

We’re halfway through the year, and I’m thrilled to share with you some exciting Facebook group features that have been doing the rounds for the last two months.

This edition of the Facebook group features sneak peek brings to you:

Without further ado, let’s dive right into new Facebook group features for May and June 2022!

Facebook group features for May and June 2022

āš”Increase Facebook Group EngagementĀ 

1. Use @everyone to notify everyone in the groupĀ 

Did you know that you could get the attention of every single group member just by typing @everyone in the comments section?

When you use this tag, everyone in the group will be sent a notification that the poster has mentioned them.

While this might seem efficient in most cases, like when you’re posting something important, it might not work in the long run simply because not everyone would want to get notified or engage with all posts done in the community.

Also, this might be a bit too noisy and would disturb members if they’re tagged on every post.

So, make sure to use it mindfully!

Learn more about this feature here – Ā How to tag everyone in a FB group?

2. Polls become more engaging

The way polls appear in Facebook groups has now changed. Of course, for the better!

You can now see what percentage of members have voted for a particular option beside each one and the total number of votes for the poll below.

New Facebook Group Features 2022

This is visually so much better than how polls appeared earlier and made them more engaging!

Learn more – How to create a poll on Facebook group?

3. New reactions added to postsĀ 

In addition to like, love, care, wow, sad, and angry reactions on Facebook group posts, admins can add other reactions too.

When they do, members can choose to react with them.

Look at the snapshot below, where you’ll see a shoe reaction and members have reacted to it.

image 2022 06 29T110608.026

P.S. This feature is available only in a few select groups.

āš”ļø Tighten Group ModerationĀ 

1. Potential SpamĀ 

Facebook recently added a new ability to Admin Assist: Potential Spam.

Facebook Group Feature 2022

Based on the criteria you set, Facebook will detect posts as spam and prevent them from being published in your Facebook group unless you choose to do otherwise.

This great feature will keep spammers at bay and help maintain your group quality.

2. Suggestions under pending postsĀ 

If you actively use Admin Assist and have set up any post criteria, you’d see suggestions based on that under pending posts.

Here’s an example.

Latest Facebook group features for May and June 2022

In the image above, you can see Facebook is suggesting posts that you should decline because they’re similar to what you usually decline and/or seem duplicate as they have the same URL.

This feature is handy for admins and moderators who’re new to their role as it’s a huge help.

āœ…A new Admin ChecklistĀ 

Starting a community can seem a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re doing everything all by yourself.

To help you get going, Facebook has come up with the all-new Admin Checklist that lists down all the things you (as a new admin) need to ensure to kickstart your online community.

From mentioning things to do to help you create an excellent first impression to building energy to keep people coming back for more in your community, Facebook lists down everything you need.

New Updates or Facebook group features for May and June 2022


Just go through them, and you’ll be done!

šŸ™ŒšŸ»Add desired features to your Facebook groupĀ 

Yes, you read that right!

Facebook now offers you the ability to add desired features to your group.

On the left-hand side of the desktop, under settings, you’ll get the option to ‘Add features.’

New Group Feature on FB

From post formats and feature sets to badges and other features, you can add them all to your community as needed.

Just click on the ‘add’ button against the feature, and you’ll be done.

For those features that are already added to your community, you’ll see a ‘settings’ button. You can play around with that feature’s settings when you click on it.

a. Post FormatsĀ 

Under this section, you can choose what kind of posts people can create in your community like events, files, gifs, ask for recommendations, music, and more.

Best Type of Content

b. Feature setsĀ 

This section has multiple sets, each of which consists of different features. For example, a Parenting set comprises features like anonymous posting and specific badges.

Similarly, there’s a ‘buy and sell’ feature set with features like sell something tag and badges.

All you need to do is click on ‘add set’ to add the desired features to your community.

Feature Set

c. BadgesĀ 

You can choose to add badges that are not available in your community and allow group members to express themselves better.


Learn more about badges here – The ultimate guide to FB group badgesĀ 

d.Ā Other featuresĀ 

This section lists other features that will help enhance your community’s experience, like guides, game links, fantasy games, and more.

Image based changes happen in facebook communities

Note: Remember to add only the features that align with your community’s purpose and category.

šŸ“±Improved mobile experienceĀ 

1. Add photos/ videos through mobileĀ 

Now you can easily upload photos and videos from your mobile device to your Facebook group, which was possible only through a laptop.

Go to the ‘create post’ section, and when you scroll down, you’ll get the option to “add photos and videos from a mobile device.”

Facebook Community Changes in 2022

That’s all about the latest Facebook group features for May and June 2022. šŸ™ŒšŸ»

Please don’t worry if you haven’t seen them in your Facebook groups yet. Facebook will roll them out sooner or later.

Till then, please make the most of the existing features and tell me in the comments below which new feature you liked the most!

You can also share your thoughts in our Facebook group, where thousands of Facebook group admins discuss this and more about growing, engaging, and monetizing their Facebook groups.šŸ™‚

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