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How Are Women Community Leaders Using Financial Independence To Scale Their Impact? #ForWomenByWomen

Every day is a great day to acknowledge and celebrate the success of women you’re surrounded by, who go the extra mile, work hard constantly, and persevere.🙌🏻

However, March 08, i.e. International Women’s Day gives another reason to do it.🎊

So, here I am, calling each one of you out to tell,

You are awesome. More power to you!💛

As Serena Williams once said,

“Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.”

Over 200 women-focused Facebook groups with over 10 million women have started their journey of becoming independent, doing brand partnerships, and brand collaborations with Convosight.

In this article, I’m going to shed light on a few of them. My teammates and I spoke with some of the women leaders to understand how they have used their financial independence to empower and impact other women in their communities.


So, here goes!

pradeepthi 1

Back in the day, Pradeepthi, a former event planner, realized that Telugu-speaking women of different generations (who did not know Hindi and were still learning English) could not participate in the discussions of other mom-only Facebook groups and were left stranded.

Hence, she created Telugu Moms Network, the first-ever Facebook group connecting over 13,100 Telugu-speaking moms from all over the world.

No matter what generation the mom belongs to, they can easily take part in discussions here. The ‘anonymous posting’ option has helped thousands of moms share their hearts out and seek advice from their counterparts.

During the pandemic-induced lockdown, when everyone was shattered and hopeless, Pradeepthi organized a virtual market for the entrepreneurs. They would go live in the Fb group and showcase their products and services to the members.

It got a tremendous response. Pradeepthi charged INR 300 per month from the sellers, and every week the slots would be full.

This way, she has been able to help hundreds of small business owners (be it home bakers, pickle makers, or any other) and simultaneously earns from her Facebook group.

Apart from this, she gets experts on board and hosts live sessions from time to time. They cover almost everything – from topics like menstruation to how to prepare for jobs and more. These have helped hundreds of moms get jobs and much-deserved recognition.

Lyvia, Facebook group admin

Lyvia (who won the title of Mrs Mangaluru 2018) created the Facebook group Moms of Mangalore when she became a mom. She wanted to seek support and guidance from other moms out there.

Today, this Facebook group unites over 37,000 women of Mangalore. Lyvia, who always desired to do something different, started to bring in the group experts from various fields like Psychiatrists, Gynaecologists, Child Psychologists, Dieticians, and Nutritionists.

She used to go live with them and educate moms about crucial topics like cancer, the importance of breastfeeding, etc.

Moms of Mangalore is a non-profit Facebook group. Meaning, all the money earned from the group is used for social welfare. “We believe in giving more and taking less,” tells Lyvia.

Some of her fantastic works include:

  • Collaborating with numerous NGOs and organizing a lot of books and toys donation fests
  • Organizing offline cancer awareness drives
  • Planning a menstrual hygiene awareness and sanitary napkins distribution drive
  • Collected INR 1.5 lakhs and fed food to 150 homeless people five days a week for two months during the lockdown
  • Organizing hair donation drives to help people with cancer
  • Donating INR 35,000 (earned through brand partnerships via Convosight) to 7 bright students who did not have access to adequate living conditions

If you’d like to connect with brands and earn from your Facebook group, SIGN UP for Convosight today.

Akansha, Facebook group admin

Parenting Mom Style is a tight-knit, meaningful community that connects over 46,000 moms and to-be moms from all walks of life. They discuss everything about baby, health, and parenting.

Day in and day out, Akansha provides immense value to her members by reaching out to relevant brands and collaborating with them for purpose-led marketing campaigns.

She has partnered with brands like Dettol, Pediasure, Veet, Nestle, to name a few. She is grateful to Convosight for helping her partner with brands and earns.

Akansha is very hard-working and makes sure to help her community members as well as she can.

Since the lockdown took a toll on everyone, Akansha came up with the initiative “PMS Community Support”. She allows mompreneurs and small business owners to promote themselves/their channels in the community twice a week.

One of the YouTubers who started her channel in the lockdown told me that it is because of PMS community support that she was able to monetize her channel,” smiles Akansha.

She further adds,

I make sure to pin their post to the top for one day and also upload them as a group cover photo for a week. I’ve helped 60 mompreneurs this way.

Apart from that, Akansha conducts blogging and SEO workshops regularly. Although these are paid, she either gives a hefty discount to the members or makes them free of cost.

Check out this BLOG to read her entire story.

Raman, Facebook group admin

Since her childhood, Raman has been humble, generous, and considerate towards society’s economically weaker section.

When she was in class 5th, she used to teach the children (of lower classes) of the workers of her father’s furniture store, free of cost. After she got married, she taught her house help’s children as they cannot afford any tuition fees.

After her little girl was born, she thought of creating a Facebook group to connect with other moms and socialize.

On February 12, 2020, Nikita from Convosight approached me for a brand campaign. After that, I realized the power of communities and how I can utilize it to help others,” tells Raman.

Fast forward to today, Raman has been earning well from her Facebook group by collaborating with brands via Convosight and self pitching to them.

She is using all the money earned to:

  1. Create employment opportunities – Has appointed moderators and pays them
  2. Pay the school fee of two needy students in Ghaziabad
  3. Distribute blankets among the homeless people – she did it on account of Lohri

Apart from this, Raman:

  • Offers her Facebook group as a platform to sellers (who are single mothers) to showcase their products, completely free
  • Collaborates with job portals and shares job openings in the group

Samiksha, Facebook group admin

Samiksha has always been passionate about cooking, and she loved to watch cooking videos on Facebook. One fine day, Apeksha Haldia, the admin of Zayka ka Tadka (a popular food group Samiksha was a part of), reached out to her and encouraged her to showcase her cooking skills by going live in that community.

Little did she know, it was the beginning of Samiksha’s journey to becoming a community entrepreneur. And most of all, pursue her passion for cooking, just like her late mum had dreamt for her.

In 2018, Samiksha created her own Facebook page and group. Till date, her group has been female-only, where only vegetarian recipes are shared.

A lot of celebrity chefs, professional chefs, and home chefs are a part of her group. Members share their recipes, concerns and continuously learn from each other.

Samiksha organizes live cooking contests from time to time and rewards the winners. The home chefs do not only get to showcase their skills but also get much-deserved recognition.

Once, she announced ‘Desh ka Gaurav’, a live cooking contest with 3-4 celebrity chefs. Several members refused to participate, telling they felt nervous and that their family won’t allow it.

One of the participants took part from her storeroom and didn’t reveal her identity. She won the first prize. A month later, she called to thank me and shared that her husband opened a new bakery for her,” smiles Samiksha.

It is things like these that make it all worth it,” she adds.

Samiksha has organized various offline contests and conducts cooking masterclasses, workshops for members from time to time. She allows members to advertise their products/services in return for a nominal cost (earlier, it was free).

Lastly, Samiksha is grateful to Convosight for helping her connect with brands for purpose-led marketing campaigns. Till now, she has worked with hundreds of brands like Dettol, Dhampure, ITC Masterchef, Reliance Fresh, to name a few.

Lavanya, Facebook group admin

Started her Facebook group in November 2020 with a few close friends, Lavanya has managed to grow Wow Moms to 31,000 in just four months.

This former teacher has always wanted to indulge in social welfare and earn a name of her own.

Both Facebook group and Convosight have helped me achieve my dreams. Through Convosight, I have partnered with some good brands and earn. I’m using all that money to shape the lives of people,” says Lavanya.

Recently, she donated the money for the marriage of a few girls. She even gifted a television to a woman.

Moms are delighted to be a part of this community. One of them told me that she was depressed earlier. But now, she is enjoying the contests, participating in the conversations, and keeping her mind off of negative thoughts,” tells Lavanya.

Besides, Lavanya allows sellers to promote their products and services in the group in return for a minimal price. However, she has also created a new group, Moms to Mompreneurs, where sellers can advertise their products free of cost.

Melissa, Facebook group admin

Based out of the Philippines, Melissa has had her struggles for independence, both personal and financial. She managed to become her own best friend and support herself.

Hence, she also thought of supporting others of her like, mainly because there was no group in the Philippines where women could openly talk about themselves, be vulnerable, and share the concerns of their personal or professional lives, which is why she started the community, Hifi.

Through this community, Melissa has been supporting and equipping over 2500 female entrepreneurs with tools, best practices, and both live and offline events to build their respective business empires without compromising their mental and emotional health.

We are mental health advocates in general. And we visualize a world where beautiful and smart women live the life of a queen,” tells Melissa.

She publishes stories in the community that a lot of women can resonate with. Since those stories are based on her personal experience, many women have managed to heal and learn. It’s helped them transform their emotional state.

Besides, Melissa and other admins create solutions to specific problems expressed by the members and share them with the community. In the long run, they’re planning to develop an app where women can share things anonymously and get in touch with a personal coach.

And at the same time, she is also planning to host different offline events right after the pandemic to foster offline connections and make the interactions more meaningful.

MK, Facebook group admin

Started in 2017, Filipina Home-Based Moms is the first and the largest parenting, freelancing and entrepreneurship group for Pinay moms in the Philippines.

MK and her team of admins and moderators are dedicated to helping over 327,000 women (and counting) who are aspiring to work from home to land an online job or start a digital business.

They are doing this through events, regular training sessions, and 1-1 consultations with experts.

Apart from that, they launched a ‘Rent to Own Computer program’ for women who want to get started but can’t afford a computer or laptop.

It was an honesty based program where MK and her team were unsure whether the moms would pay in full or not disappear once they got the computer. It observed a 100% success rate—all 100+ moms who were a part of this program paid in full and landed in online jobs.

Another amazing story shared by MK: One of the moms, who has a prosthetic leg, is a single mom and an ex overseas worker, landed a job, and now she’s earning between Rs 50,000 to 100,000 per month. She was able to take care of herself and her home.

Other members of her community are also killing it. Some have been promoted as the director or the CEO of the company. Others have become capable of buying what they wanted, such as houses, cars, etc. Keeping aside the material things, the moms in this community are happy to share that they spend more quality time now with their family.

Bindu, Facebook group admin

As a homemaker, Bindu always wanted to do something on an individual level without disturbing her family routine.

And that’s where this Facebook group comes in. She is connecting buyers and sellers from different parts of the nation and helping everyone stay updated with the latest fashion trends and learning new things.

I have learnt a lot about community building and online marketing through this group. Thanks to Convosight as they have helped increase my Facebook group’s reach and my income,” tells Bindu.

Shipra, Facebook group admin

Shipra, a mass communication graduate, was a government servant in the past. She had to leave her job because of family obligations, which, a few years down the line, pulled her down and made her wonder that she has missed out on so much.

So, she created a Facebook group to help other women who were going through the same. It’s the first Marathi buy and sell group connecting the largest number of buyers and sellers from all over.

By means of this group, Shipra and her friends, Damyanti, Ashlesha, and Prajakta, have empowered thousands of women entrepreneurs. Alongside, this has made each one of them financially independent.

Most of all, it has helped Shipra gain her lost confidence, motivation to achieve her dreams, and willingness to learn.

Convosight serves an icing on the cake as it has helped me partner with brands, earn, and learn a lot about community building“, says Shipra.

Nazia, Facebook group admin

Started out of her love for food and willingness to learn more, Nazia’s Jhatpat Recipes, Today brings together over 489,000 homemakers, professional chefs, bachelors, and all those who like to cook.

This Facebook group offers jhatpat (meaning instant) solutions to your cooking fixes. And not to forget the hacks and mouth-watering recipes members regularly share.

Nazia believes that this Facebook group has helped turn her life around. From being a school teacher and a community manager for Cookpad, she has managed to become a Community Entrepreneur.

All thanks to this Facebook group and Convosight. I didn’t know we could collaborate with brands and earn until some time back. Today, I’m successfully earning and using that money to organize contests and offer giveaways to my members, who are no less than my family,” tells Nazia.

She further adds,

Today, I approach brands myself and pitch my Facebook group to them. I owe it to Convosight for helping me get started, featuring my story on their platform, and becoming a successful community entrepreneur. My dreams have got wings, and now I’m flying high.

Check out this BLOG to read Nazia’s entire story.

Siddhi, Facebook group admin

From joining this Facebook group to managing it, Siddhi has undoubtedly come a long way.

She joined Moms Lifestyle, Beauty, and Health Tips in June 2019 to seek help from others for skin and hair issues. Little did she know, she would become the admin of it based on her contributions.

This group has made me financially independent. I proudly call myself a working woman now. This new year I gifted myself a two-wheeler, which I purchased from my earnings. Thanks a lot to Tamanna mam for being so supportive and Sapna mam for being my inspiration,” says Siddhi.

Rakhi, Facebook group admin

Starting her own Facebook group was one of the best things that ever happened to Rakhi. She managed to create her own identity and earn through it, which she had never imagined.

She says,

Every day is like a new learning experience. This Facebook group and Convosight have helped enhance my knowledge and achieve my dreams of becoming independent.”

Jaya, Facebook group admin

Jaya had a lot going on in her life. From moving to an entirely new city to leaving her coaching classes after delivering a premature baby, things were taking a toll on this assistant professor.

Then, Home Remedies for Babies and Moms proved to be the light at the end of the tunnel. Jaya joined this group to share her recipes and home remedies with other mommies and seek their valuable suggestions. Because of her tireless contributions, Sapna, one of the admins, reached out to her and offered her the role of moderator.

Today, Jaya is the admin of this Facebook group. Alongside managing the group, she is also a part of the partnership team at Convosight. She is supporting other Facebook group admins in their journey.

I have become independent, have learned a lot, and am still learning new things every single day. Thanks a lot to Tamanna for giving me this opportunity,” tells Jaya.

Shikha, Facebook group admin

Her Facebook group, Gorgeous Mothers Hub, gave Shikha her own identity. She became “Shikha Puri, the Community Entrepreneur” from being just a homemaker and a mom of two daughters.

She created this space to bring together women from different walks of life to share their ideas, suggestions and inspire each other.

Convosight made me realize how I can connect with brands and monetize my group. I couldn’t imagine working with any national or international brand, but Convosight made this possible. I have learnt a lot about self-pitching to brands and Facebook groups too,” smiles Shikha.

Simran, Facebook group admin

Back in the day, Simran’s life used to revolve around her kids, her husband, and her family. She was known as someone’s wife, mom, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, and more.

Today, she has managed to carve her own identity and pursue what her heart desires because of this Facebook group. Moms Lifestyle, Beauty, and Health Tips has made her independent in all aspects.

Thanks to the entire team of Baby Destination and Convosight. I managed to purchase my own home with my earnings, and I could not be happier,” shares Simran.

Nisha, Facebook group admin

After successfully completing her Masters in History, Nisha got married and soon became a mother of three little munchkins.

Nonetheless, her aspiration to learn something new and earn from the comfort of her home was always pushing her. And that’s when this Facebook group came as a blessing.

From being an active member who replied to moms’ queries with patience and personal experience, she got an opportunity to manage and grow Kids Nutrition and Recipes, which is India’s largest parenting community on Facebook.

I have grown the group like my baby, and it is no less than a family to me. I am learning new things everyday and sharing my experiences with other mommies. I feel extremely proud of my work and the fact that I am earning without compromising with my convenience,” tells Nisha.

Dolly, Facebook group admin

Dolly did not know much about social media until she started exploring the different channels. Some time into it, she created the Facebook group Kota Women Entrepreneur.

It’s a space where women can share their experiences, advertise their products, and earn.

Today, Dolly manages a Facebook group, Facebook page, runs a hotel business, and proudly calls herself an ‘Entrepreneur’.

Undoubtedly, Facebook has helped me become independent, and I am proud of myself,” tells Dolly.

Puja, Facebook group admin

Puja’s story is just like every mom who is struggling with different challenges every day. One of these being the title of ‘just a housewife and a mom’.

“Facebook has given me what I have always wanted, i.e. my own identity. I enjoy managing my group and am nurturing it. Every day, I feel more powerful by spreading immense positivity and hope in the lives of other women I’m connected to,” shares Puja.

That said, Convosight also played a role in helping her become financially independent. “I was able to get my first brand campaign through Convosight, and it has also helped improve my group health,” tells Puja.

Lakshmi, Facebook group admin

Lakshmi successfully manages an art and craft community of over 10.8K members where all art and craft enthusiasts can promote their work, share their ideas, discuss, teach and learn together.

All those who are a part of the community learn a lot about Indian traditional art and craft and get inspiration from fellow crafters.

Besides, this community facilitates buying and selling handmade items, due to which numerous sellers have benefited.

Ankita, Facebook group admin

What started as a hobby has turned into Ankita’s passion today. Her group Food-oo-holics aims to connect all the food lovers out there, giving them a space to share their kitchen experiences, expertise, and hacks.

In Ankita’s words,

My group has helped me become independent and come closer to my dream. I always wanted to support homemakers and boost their confidence, and make them realize their worth. Through my group, day after day, many women can achieve this, which is extremely satisfying for me.

Apart from that, Convosight has helped to monetize her group. All the money she earns, she invests in organizing contests and giveaways for the members. It boosts the confidence of community members, and they love to be a part of it.

Shagufta, Facebook group admin

The Alchemist possesses the art of gilding, but only a goldsmith can scratch gold from the darkest mines.” – This is how Shagufta resonates with Convosight.

Being a housewife, she was unaware of the true potential of Facebook groups. Sure, she created one to socialize, engage, and form meaningful connections with other women out there. But, she did not know that she could earn from them until the team of Convosight contacted her.

Convosight has helped me collaborate with brands and earn. I have become financially independent and now am aware of the abilities I possess,” tells Shagufta.

Shruti, Facebook group admin

For someone who thought Facebook is a great platform to connect with friends and family, Shruti could explore so much more.

She joined the Facebook group, Weight loss post pregnancy, and helped a lot of mums. She herself reduced 7-8 kgs by following the group posts and activities.

Her efforts were rewarded when she was chosen as a moderator for the group. In fact, her cooking skills came to light soon after which Baby Destination formed the group Weightloss Recipes and asked Shruti to manage it.

This was a huge turning point in my life after the journey of motherhood. In 1.5 years, the group grew from 0 to 88,000. Besides, I had started earning too. So, I do believe where there’s a will, there’s a way,” smiles Shruti.

Ayesha, Facebook group admin

Belonging to a conservative household and religion, Ayesha has managed to break the shackles that stopped her from accomplishing her dreams.

Her Facebook group intends to bring together women, help them sell their products, and promote their services.

In her words,

Since I started my Facebook group, people are getting to know me as admin Ayesha. I love where I am in my life right now. I would like to thank Convosight for helping me grow and engage my Facebook group. I have also been able to monetize after attending their monetization masterclass.

Neelu, Facebook group admin

Neelu strongly believes that one doesn’t have to buy expensive fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy diet.

Hence, she started this Facebook group to help people maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Members discuss healthy living, share their homemade food recipes along with photographs, and continuously learn from one another.

Convosight is a great platform that helps Facebook group admin become community entrepreneurs. Their community helps us connect with other admins and learn from their journeys,” says Neelu.

Parul, Facebook group admin

Education starts at home, and parents are indeed the mentor of their kids. To make this journey easy for parents, Parul created the Facebook group Kids Activities and Learning.

It is a space that encourages children’s learning through home-based learning via a playful method.

Convosight has helped me become financially independent, as I can earn from my group. This way, I don’t feel that I am wasting my time on Facebook.

Super-inspiring, aren’t they?

If you too have such a motivational story of a woman community leader impacting the lives of their community members, please share it with us in our Facebook group, Growth and Monetisation for Facebook Group Admins. We would love to hear about it!🙂

I wish each one of you reading this a very Happy Women’s Day. May we be stronger than ever! 💙💪🏻

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